Webs of Woven Words, Threads, Stitches and Enchantments

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekly Affirmation

New fields of resources and support now open up to me.
I am unconditionally supported in living out my Heart's Desires.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekly Oracle

The Messenger
from The Magdalene Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

This card has presented itself today because there is an energetic shift taking place. Those of us who are sensitive to these energies are already aware of what is happening. My discussions and requests for assistance in dealing with the feelings that are the result of these changes, tell me there are still many who don't understand what this shift is.

The Messenger appears to give us the encouragement we need, the loving voice that tells us we are not alone, and most of all, we are the inspiration and the light for others.

This energetic shift is absolutely in our best interest. We will see changes, perhaps travel to different places. We will meet new people and become channels of information for others. We must open ourselves without fear, for new experiences and accomplishments that lay ahead. We may very well be the beacons of light that assist others to open spiritually and emotionally, changing their lives. We must remain grateful for this opportunity to share. 

We will be a great source of inspiration for those we encounter; we must go forth in love and light.

Blessings nine.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekly Affirmation

I am open to awakening and healing for my highest good.
copyright 2011, E A Kaufman

Most of us just assume that we are open to whatever is for our highest good. Have you ever considered what "highest good" means? Have you considered that "highest good" is not always in line with what we want or desire? When you think about, it can be pretty complex.

When I use that term, "highest good," I always have a pinch of hesitation, because I am completely aware of the meaning. I may need to be ripped apart and sewn back together to achieve it, not a pleasant experience, but it will serve me. I know it might not be fun, in fact it could be really a difficult process. I have to consider if I really am open to it.

So... before you use this one, think about what you may go through to get to that highest good (whatever that may be) and whether or not you are ready, willing, and able. Then,, make an adjustment, if necessary. I am open to awakening and healing for my highest good, but slowly and easily. Then again, some of us just want to do this; for those, the addition of, fastening my seat belt and ready for the wild ride, would be appropriate. ; )

The bottom line, though, is that our highest good really is what we need to achieve, what really is worth the struggle.

Blessings nice!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekly Oracle

23 - Deer
South/East, Feminine - Water
Shaman Wisdom Cards by Leita Richesson

I am Deer, quietly, gently, walking through my forest, wide-eyed with wonder at the beauty and magick that surrounds me. I listen and I watch, aware of both danger and good. I am unseen, part of what surrounds me, this is what protects me.

I am always aware of the pain of others. I feel sorrow for them, but my healing energy is all that is needed to heal others. I grow in leaps and bounds, I am free and joyful. 

Deer has come today to walk with us on our path, bringing us the message that we, each of us, are dear and need to treat ourselves as such. We need to treat ourselves with kindness, tenderness, especially in times of stress. Let go of fear and those around us will let go of their fear.

Deer medicine is about staying out of other people's business, staying out of their drama. Many times, by trying to help, to fix, we end up making matters worse. When we are kind, we can melt hearts of stone, allowing others to find their own way, healing themselves. This is what each of us must do. We are our own saviors.

I am Deer, I am warmth, I am beauty, I am gentleness itself. 

Blessings nine!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Weekly Oracle

Ariadne - Soul Made
Ancient Feminine Wisdom
of Goddesses & Heroines
by Kay Steventon & Brian Clark

Ariadne, she who betrayed her family, according to mythology, to help her lover. He then abandoned her. However, this devastating outcome of her passions brings her to the very edge of a precipice, in fact, renewal. 

When we receive this card, we are in that place, the edge of renewal, being awakened to the truth of ourselves. Is it others who have betrayed us or ourselves? We have all been betrayed, but we need to consider how often we do just the thing we'd really rather not, to please someone else. This is betraying ourselves. We are abandoned by others who force us to do so, and therefore abandon our true selves as well.

Ariadne comes to us as a reminder that betrayal and abandonment strip away the illusions, awaking us to our authentic selves and divine truths. She embodies the soul's journey through the labyrinth of our lives and the arrival at a genuine relationship with ourselves.

Blessings nine!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekly Affirmation

I look at my whole self, seeing and gathering all the patchwork pieces that make me who I am and embrace them with love and acceptance. I stitch them together into a beautiful whole being.

Affirmations are like planting seeds of reassurance, allowing us to speak to ourselves with love, turning the "Other" that lives inside us, she who doesn't support us, off. When we use positive affirmations it will begin a rewiring, so to speak. This rewiring quiets the "Other" and gives her what will bring her together with us as a supportive and loving part of our being. We need to love ourselves, we need to support and encourage ourselves, we need to be whole. No one can do this for us, we must do it, and we can. As Mary Marzo says, we are the ones we have been waiting for. 

Blessings nine!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekly Oracle

1 - The Sun
Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Ann Taylor

The Sun nurtures, brings blessings, and new life is born in the spring. This week is a time of a new beginning, a new light in our lives, a time to nurture and restore ourselves. Creative energy runs rampant, let them come into being, let yourself give birth to them, large or small, artist or otherwise. They may only be thoughts, inspirations, let them come, let them be.

Visualize the radiant Sun's golden rays shining, pouring down over you, settling into your sacral and throat chakras; from these two energy centers your creation will come into being and then be expressed. 

Inspiration, abundant growth and blessings - all from within. See that which you wish to bring into being. Allow the birth. The Sn, She shines upon you and your intentions.

Blessings nine!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekly Affirmation

I take my power and reach, with joy and self-knowledge, for my highest purpose. 
- E A Kaufman

State this affirmation at least nine times once a day, more if you feel so inclined. The purpose of stating it repeatedly is to allow it to become part of your core belief system. 

In your heart, at its deepest center, you know what you want, what is healthy for you. This affirmation may vey well be the assistance to bring that desire into being. You have the ability to make it so.

Blessings nine!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

To Banish the Pain of Unrequited Love

Elizabeth Pepper was the creator and publisher, beginning in 1971, of The Witches Almanac. The almanac continues, since her passing, to be a interesting, educational, and helpful  little book for many witches. She also published a number of small books of various lore and magick, "Love Charms" being one of  them. 

With Valentine's Day in the very near future, but a waning moon upon us, I thought this little spell, one of Elizabeth's creations, would be appropriate as not everyone enjoys this holiday of romance and love. Some are dealing with break ups, divorce, or just caring for someone who doesn't return their feelings. This simple, but powerful spell can assist one in moving on. She advised that this spell be performed during the waning moon. 

To Banish the Pain of Unrequited Love

Make a fire on a hearth or in a brazier. 
Crumble dried leaves of vervain in your major (dominant) 
hand as you concentrate upon your intention. 
Toss the herb, all at once, on the fire and say:

“Here is my pain,
Take it and soar,
Depart from me now
Offend me no more.”

from ‘Love Charms’ by Elizabeth Pepper  
(published by The Witches Almanac LTD.)

Blessings nine!