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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

21 Days of the Winter Solstice 6

Saule by Lisa Hunt

There are many sun goddesses to call upon, Saule is a Latvian goddess of the sun and fertility and is one who speaks to me. Her name translates to "sun." 

A devotional practice that I maintain through December is to invoke a sun goddess once a week, beginning in early December. I like this invocation which I adapted for the Winter Solstice. The original is from Stephanie Woodfield's book, Drawing Down the Sun.

I begin by lighting a yellow, orange, or gold candle.

Hail O Mother Sun! (or deity's name)
Help my inner light to burn in these days
of the waning Sun.
In the Underworld, Your golden rays 
bring warmth to the dead.
Shine upon me in the darkest hours of Winter.
Instill me, Mother Sun, with Your wisdom
And fill me with Your radiant healing.
Let me shine as does Your light.

I now burn incense as an offering. Use whatever you think is suitable. I like this recipe from "Pagan Christmas, The Plants, Spirits, and Rituals at the Origins of Yuletide" by Christian Ratsch and Claudia Muller-Ebeling, it smells divine!

Sun Incense

3 parts Frankincense
1 part cinnamon bark or cassia
1 part cardamon seed

Grind ingredients in a mortar and pestle. Place by spoonfuls on a hot charcoal disk.

(Based on a recipe from Seidir - the pseudonym of Yvon de Loup, 1871-1926, a French occultist of the Martinist Order.. The recipe comes from his studies of occult botany (Belledame 1990, 117).

If you are invoking Saule, pronounced Sow-lay, this incense adapted from Drawing Down the Moon is lovely.

Saule Incense

2 tbsp amber resin
1 tbsp myrrh
1 tbsp dried apple bits, finely minced
1 tbsp rose petals

This incense can be mixed together and placed onto the hot coal.

Beginning on the day after the Winter Solstice, I recite this invocation, also from Drawing Down the Sun:

Hail to the dawning sun,
Sun Maiden of new life and healing.
Hail to the noon day sun,
Mother of all life,
All seeing immortal eye.
Hail to the setting sun,
Lady who journeys through
the realm of shades and spirits.
You who overcome every darkness,
Radiant goddess of rebirth.

During the recitation of this prayer, you can anoint yourself with an appropriate solar oil, beginning with the forehead for the Maiden, the heart for the Mother, and the feet for the Dark Goddess. Oils that I like to use: pomegranate, frankincense, and Dragon's Blood.*

Blessings dark and deep!

* Do a patch test after diluting oils for use on the skin.

Follow proper safety precautions when using candles, fire, and charcoal. Open a window to insure that there is proper ventilation. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

21 Days of the Winter Solstice 5


White are the far-off fields, 
and white The fading forests grow;

The wind dies out along the heights, 
And denser still the snow
A gathering weight on roof and tree, 
Falls down scarce audibly
The meadows and far-sheeted streams 
Lie still without a sound;

Like some soft minister of dreams 
The snow-fall hoods me around;
In wood and water, earth and air 
Silence is everywhere
Save when at lonely spells

Some farmer's sleigh, urged on,

With rustling runners and sharp bells 
Swings by me and is gone;

From the empty space I hear

A sound remote and clear

The barking of a dog,

To cattle, is sharply pealed,

Borne echoing from some wayside stall 
Or barnyard far afield;

Then all is silent and the snow falls 
Settling soft and slow
The evening deepens and the grey 
Folds closer round the sky

The world seems so shrouded,
 so far away.
Its noises sleep, and I as secret as 
Yon buried stream plod dumbly on and dream.
I dream....

Lyric: Archibald Lampman (1861-1899)
Music: Loreena McKennitt

Blessings dark and deep!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

21 Days of the Winter Solstice 4

An Appeal For Protection
Through Winter's Long Nights

As you prepare for bed, turn off all the lights in your home
except the one in your bedroom. Alternatively, you can light 
a white candle, then proceed with extinguishing the other 
lights. Relax and release all cares of the day, then say:

As we approach the year's longest night,
I ask you, Great Mother Goddesses,
to be with me and my loved ones
and safeguard us through the hours
from dusk until dawn.
May you bless us with an abundance
of all good things: love and happiness,
loving family and good friends,
good heath and prosperity,
as we welcome the return of the light.
So mote it be!

Extinguish your candle or shut off the light.
Sweet dreams and restoring rest.

adapted from
"Yule, Rituals, Recipes, and Lore for
the Winter Solstice"
by Susan Pesznicker, Llewellyn Publications 

Blessings dark and deep!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

21 Days of the Winter Solstice 3

Here is a freebie ornament cross stitch design that will stitch up quickly and look lovely on your Solstice tree or siting with other holiday decor. It was designed by a favorite designer, The Primitive Hare ( theprimitivehare.com ). Simply click on this link to get the design.

Isobel designs a lot of witchy designs which I adore. Visit her site and become a stitching witch that stitches witches! ;)

Here are a few favorites.

Blessings dark and deep!

Friday, December 2, 2016

21 Days of the Winter Solstice 2

O! Mighty Goddess, in silvery ice,
watching over us as we sleep, 
a layer of shining white,
covering the earth each night,
frost on the world and in the soul,
we thank You for visiting us.
Because of You, 
we seek warmth
in the comfort of our homes and hearths.

Patti Wigington

Blessings dark and deep!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

21 Days of the Winter Solstice 1

Winter Solstice Tree Blessing

Holy Lady, Creator of Trees,
bestow Your abundant blessings upon 
this our Solstice tree, a symbol of joy.
May its evergreen branches be a sign
of your never-fading love & wisdom.
May its colorful lights and ornaments
 decorate our home and our world with love & peace.
May the gifts that surround this tree
be symbols of the gifts we have received
from the beautiful Earth Herself.
Blessed Winter Solstice tree within our home,
may Joy and Peace, wisdom and abundance,
compassion & love come and nest 
in your branches and in our hearts.
So mote it be.

  a Christian prayer for blessing the Christmas tree,

found at beliefnet.com & re-worded by E A Kaufman

Blessings dark and deep!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Moon Moon

Hecate's Dream by Emily Chaison

Moon Moon

She is the egg and the seed of the world...
She is darkness as well as light.
Her cycles encompass all moods and all phases.
She is Queen of the Bright Night and of the Darkness,
Guide to the lost traveler and pathway to the Underworld.
She brings creativity and visions;
She also brings sleep, darkness, and death...
She is the home of the souls of the unborn
and of the dead waiting for rebirth.

Anne Kent Rush

Blessings dark and deep!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

I See The Wise Woman

(unknown artist)

I See The Wise Woman

She carries a blanket of compassion.
She wears a robe of wisdom.
Around her throat flutters
a veil of shifting shapes.
From her shoulders, a mantle of power flows.
A storyband encircles her forehead.
She stitches a quilt;
She spins fiber into yarn;
She knits, she sews, she weaves.
She ties the threads of our lives together.
She forms a web of spiraling threads.

by Susan Weed, from Healing Wise

Blessings dark and deep!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

When God Was A Woman

The Venus of Willendorf

In the beginning, people prayed to the Creatress of Life,
the Mistress of Heaven. At the very dawn of religion,
God was a woman. Do you remember?

Merlin Stone, When God Was A Woman

Blessings dark and deep!