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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 30

Day 30 - Any suggestions for others just starting to learn about Hekate?

For anyone who Hekate calls or who finds themselves drawn to Her, read all you can find, even the stuff that may seem too rigid; best to know all you can. Work with Her, call upon Her, be respectful. Allow yourself to learn what She expects from you and follow through. Don't make promises to Her that you will not or cannot keep. This will be a devotional practice in itself. You are the best judge of your own experiences, so don't doubt what you truly experience, but be honest and examine what you experience. 

Go to the crossroads, honor Her at Her Deipnon and any other days you feel are Hers.  Just make the time for Hekate, open yourself to Her. She will come.

Blessings nine!

Monday, August 29, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 29

Day 29 - Any unusual or interesting UPG to share?

(Love this, but don't know the artist's name, if anyone does, please let me know.)

Yes, I have had interesting experiences with Hekate. The first time I encountered Her, which I shared previously, was so strong, She stood behind and just to the side of me. There was no doubt that "someone" was there with Her hand on my shoulder, there was no doubt who it was. And I remember longing for that feeling, that experience, again. It was a great ache.

Many times, during rituals or intense magickal workings, during meditative work with others who have a great deal of experience, those with me will see someone/something, a shadow, standing behind me. More recently, a couple of my apprentices have noticed something.

I have received thoughts, insights, wisdom, from Hekate during trance work and ritual. That is where my experiences which I have written about come from. The time that I felt I had lost Her, left me empty. It also validated, for me, those experiences I have had. I knew what I had to do to connect once again with Her... I assume She was letting me know. Although this was a few years ago, I am still more careful about who I share my workings and devotional times with.

Blessings Nine!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 28

Day 28 - Something I Wish I Knew About Hekate But Currently Do Not.

Artist: Victoria Francis

There are a couple of things I would really wish to know about Hekate: Her true origins, the myths untainted by patriarchy. Was She originally, as many goddesses, a great mother goddess Herself? Was She originally as involved in magic and witchcraft as She is thought to be today?

While these things matter to me in some ways, in others they ultimately don't. Hekate is, to each of us, whoever She chooses to be. There is no way I will ever know the answers in my lifetime. Certainly, I think about these questions now and then, but less than I once did. The reason for this is simple; I know who She is to me and that's all that matters.  If that sounds somewhat arrogant, I don't mean it to, it's just how it is. Again I say, to each their own.

It would be wonderful if there was absolute evidence about the goddesses' true origins, all of Them. But would it really matter for women? Personally, yes, universally, no. Patriarchy would still exist, denying the importance of the goddesses, as well as women, in history, in the creation of this world. And really, whatever Hekate's true origins, I am still Hers, I will always be.

Blessings Nine!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 27

Day 27 - My Thoughts About Who and What Hekate Is To Me.

The original challenge question was listed twice, for the 9th and the 27th,  Misconceptions About Hekate, so while I addressed that previously, I think, for today, I'll address how I see Her from personal experience, just because I have been thinking about it a great deal. Sometimes one just wants to think, analyze, cogitate, even if it doesn't lead anywhere in particular. Those who are very tied to a particular goddess or god will get this feeling too, I think. 

I consider myself to be a Polytheist, as mentioned before, and see the goddesses and gods individually. I can see that, through adoption, some viewed the goddesses and gods by different names, yet They were the same. I don't personally believe this is the case with Hekate, although She does have similar aspects to other goddesses, as discussed on the post for Day 6.  I feel, and again, this is through my personal experience, that Hekate is truly far from the realms of other goddesses. The idea that She is the Cosmic Soul or that the Cosmic Soul emanates from Her, is one that I think a great deal about. Her torches show me She is a guiding light in many ways. She is the Psychopomp, guiding the dead to the afterlife. She is the nurse of souls, bringing them back to a new journey. She is an intermediary between those of us seeking communion with the goddesses and gods and those goddesses and gods. She is the Keeper of Mysteries, holding the key to the realms of Wisdom and Knowledge. 

I think of Hekate as that original Divine Spark that gave birth to everything... the goddesses and gods, the Universe and all the planets, us. I'm obviously not interested in recreating an ancient traditional religion for the goddesses I revere, although I am interested in celebrating old ways of expressing the honor I feel for Them.

So there I am, just about finished with this challenge. I did not post every day due to my schedule, but played catch up - as I am doing today. I feel I received a lot from this challenge and I hope the way I approached it was helpful to someone.

Blessings Nine!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 26

Day 26 -How has my relationship with Hekate changed over time?

Hecate's Dream by Emily Chaison

In the beginning of my relationship with Hekate, I was wary, afraid, unsure how I should honor Her, how often. I was like a child adopted by a stranger, not knowing who this was. I made mistakes and misinterpreted very clear messages. I followed the trends of the times about Her, seeing Her as a Crone, although that never felt right. There was no internet then and so I had difficulty pursuing my studies of Her, let alone connecting with others who were more familiar with Her.

Through the years, I have become settled, confident, and very much Her priestess. I know what is necessary in my devotional practices to Her and what, most of the time, She requires of me. I also have less tendency to fear those times when Hekate feels the need to shake up my world. As rough as it can sometimes be, I flow with it, picking myself up, dusting off, and moving on with my work.

I am comfortable with being Her priestess, Hekate is the most important being in my world; being claimed by Her, my most treasured accolade.

Blessings Nine!

30 Days of Devotion - 25

Day 25 -A time when Hekate has refused to help me.

copyright 2007 E A Kaufman

The time I feel most comfortable sharing regarding Hekate refusing to help me was several years ago when a worldwide group, dedicated to Hekate, came into being. A friend who also was and still is dedicated to Her and I joined this group and were very excited to be part of it. We truly felt that joining with others from around the world, celebrating and honoring together could only result in great things. But... no, definitely no.

Hekate stopped speaking to us, zero interaction, zero communion, just nothing. Dead space in ritual, confusion and mess in divination. This was experienced by both of us. We were bewildered, but finally figured out what was happening, divination confirming it. We left the group and I did a great deal of purification work as well as making many offerings, increased daily devotions, worked very hard to be very sure that Hekate knew we had gotten Her message. For some reason, She had decided we were not to be part of this group. And one night, Hekate let us know all was well. We both had felt that pieces of our hearts had been ripped out, so great was the pain of not having that connection with Her.

I make sure, when becoming involved with other groups - much smaller - that they are acceptable to Her for me. This wasn't the experience for everyone who belonged to the group, just us as far as I know. 

Blessings Nine! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 24

Day 24 -A time when Hekate has helped me.

photograph copyright E A Kaufman 2016.

Where does one start with this? First of all, the times when Hekate assists me, with a few exceptions, are very private. However, I will share that during times of anxiety and fear, She is always there for me, helping me get through. The only time when this may not be the case, is when She is testing me or has decided to rearrange parts of me and let me put myself together. So fear is where Hekate has assisted me most.

Another area where Hekate has helped me is in my healing practice. I was and still am amazed that She always is with me during these works, and most especially during my Reiki healing work. This may seem too new agey to  many devotees, but She is always with me when I give Reiki. Hekate is most especially around with healing work for children and women, but She always answers my call for assistance in this important area of my practice.

  Blessings Nine!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 23

Day 23 - My Own Composition for Hekate

Hekate's Offering

I am the Darkness,
Waiting, silent in stygian stillness.
I am the Silent Stillness,
Waiting, full, ripe with knowing, bliss.
I am the Amorphous Knowing,
Waiting, bringing truth, healing.
 From Beneath, within the rich, redolent Earth,
I wait.
From Beneath, within the crystal, renewing Waters,
I wait.
From Above, within the Winds that Whisper and take,
I wait.
 The Darkness holds and heals.
The Water blesses and heals.
The Wind cleanses and heals
These are My offerings. Will you accept them?
 Here is My torch, I hold it for you,
Opening the Path.
Light within Darkness.
Here from Beyond.
Wisdom from Knowledge.
 As you have offered to Me time and again,
Blood and honeyed wine, herb and egg,
Garlic and almond, fig and date,
Now, I offer to you.
From the Three Realms I come
To the Crossroads where you have called to Me.
Will you join Me there?
Will you journey with Me
To My Caverns of darkness and light, soft and still,
Mother's embrace?
Will you accept My gifts: visions, dreams,
Let your Spirit fill and flow?
 Will you come, O Priestess of Hekate,
Priestess of Mine?
Come, be with Me, I am waiting. 

copyright 2007 E A Kaufman
Published in "Bearing Torches, A Devotional Anthology for Hekate"
Published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina


Monday, August 22, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 22

Day 22 - A quote, a poem, or piece of writing that you think Hekate resonates strongly with.

This invocation by Emily Carding is so beautiful, and while I have many invocation and poems that I love and feel Hekate resonates strongly with, this is a favorite.

Invocation to Hekate

Hekate, this name we gift you,
You who are older than names,
We visit you, in your deep places,
Your roots in the stars,
And ruddy feetIn the blood and bones 
of the primal surging Earth and waters,
The brilliance of a star, Veiled in darkness,
And once more robed in light,You are the maiden Mother,
And know our needs and our not-needs,
Which are stripped away
In the craggy rebirth of rock and bloody tears.

You are the many layered apple-seed that dwells within,
And the warm light without, containing too all the darkness,
It needs to grow into the tree of knowledge.
With your torch you guide us,
With your key you give us the power to choose,
To unlock, Or simply bear the symbol
Of a path that is walked towards a gate unopened.
The third hand cuts away, With sharpened knife, All that holds us back.

We are left undone, unmade, unfinished,
With the knowledge of incompleteness,
We are given choice, We are given voice,
And with the voice of choice, We are given power.

Horse hooves lead us on a path of movement true and strong,
Serpentine stealth may teach us ways into hidden places,
And secret knowledge, Dog-Wolf protector is ever loyal and full of instinct,
Not to be betrayed.

You give us choice,
And in the storm-filled darkness, you light the way,
Great Goddess, Dark Mother, shining Hekate!

- Emily Carding -