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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Road Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucky and I were off to Palm Beach Gardens yesterday, to visit Always In Stitches, a needlework shop. I hadn't been there in many, many years and was delighted with our visit. We had a lovely browse, chose a number of items we couldn't live without - I know, I know, we both have enough stitching supplies, charts and other accoutrements to last several lifetimes if we did nothing else but stitch! However, those stitchers among my gentle readers will understand perfectly. But I promise - no more stash for a while. (Fingers crossed!)

Here are the obtained goods:

Beautiful Finishing from Victoria Sampler, finishing biscornus, including the amazingly lovely 15 sided biscornu! Also the chart, Laura's Embroideries, by Coeur de Lin (Marie Suarez) which I have seen on line and really wanted. It's an enchanting little stitcher surrounded by her sewing supplies and an alphabet. And yes! Yet another TWO!!! pair of scissors; the red handled pair look like a green man image of sorts with a nifty little leather case. The other pair, preemies, those tiny scissors I adore, with a very pretty handle - entwined roses - called Eizabeth 1 Scissors! How could I resist, especially when Lucky brought them to my attention - after I had already paid for my purchases. 

 Browsing the wonderful selection of threads!

Beautiful 40 count linen which I have been waiting to find, because my stash of that count is low. I've been stitching on 40 count as much as possible - don't know when the old eyes will say "enough!!!"  LOL. My favorite, Vintage Autumn Gold, an overdyed, which I have used on a few pieces previously; Vintage River Willow (oooh!) along with Park City Blend - both also overdyed; and finally, Lambswool (not overdyed) but another favorite which I haven't found before in 40 count. Two kits, a little witch at her cauldron with everything needed to make an ornament and The Sweetheart Tree's Blackberries on Gingham Biscournu Pincushion - love the beaded blackberries and can't wait to stitch them. I also bought the chart for the matching scissor fob, of course, which came with the beads!

We were then off, chattering all the way, for a quick bite to restore us, a visit to the shop owned by a friend, Nature's Emporium, a metaphysical shop extraordinaire in Coral Springs, where we sat and chatted with the owner, a very good friend, Sandy. She and her husband, Frank, joined us for dinner, our usual Flo's Filet, at Longhorne.

Later, a little magick, iced coffee and more laughing and chatter! A truly fun and wonderful day!

Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life!

Blessings nine!


  1. What fun! Fabric stores, book stores, and (yes) office supply stores can all raise that lust for acquisition in me.

  2. Don't get me started on office supply store, LOL, I know what you mean. For the needlework, there are just SO many wonderful designs out there! Book stores, well, as you know, there's nothing like a book. XO