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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Judy Hall, the author of The Crystal Bible and other books about crystals, has a lovely little ritual in the back of her book for invoking love. Here, I offer a spell based on her ritual, but with a more goddess and witchy orientation.

Gather together four pieces of rose quartz (no, size doesn't  matter) as well as an amethyst. You will also need three pink candles with holders, some rose incense and an image or statue of Aphrodite, Freya or Venus - or any other goddess of love that you like; rose petals, some ground allspice and a pinch of yarrow,  a piece of chocolate will do for an offering, some red or blush wine sweetened with honey and spiced with allspice; a small pink pouch or a piece of pink fabric and some red yarn or ribbon.

Place the candles in a triangle - one at the top of your triangle, the other two at the lower points. Focus your energy and take a few deep breaths. When ready, light the incense and say:

To you, Aphrodite ( or whichever Goddess you are invoking), I make this offering of sweet smoke. May it bring you pleasure!

Scatter some of the rose petals, allspice and yarrow about the area.

Light your pink candles, one by one, beginning at the top of your pyramid. As you light each one say:

The light in my heart shines brightly for all to see!
Love, most perfect, I draw to me.

When the candles are lit, place the amethyst in the center - focus on its energies as a master healing crystal, healing your heart and all issues that may block love being a strong and healthy force in your life. Now take the rose quartz, one at a time and place at the top of the pyramid, then to the candle in the lower right hand corner, then the left hand corner, and finally, between the two lower candles.

                            Rose Quartz


  X                                                             X
RQ                              RQ                          RQ

(X - candles)

Focus upon the stones and candles, intone this chant three times:

The love in my heart shines brightly,
Healthy and whole, it draws to me
Love that is perfect and nourishing,
For myself and for my good!

Visualize a swirling mist gathering around you, filling and healing you and your heart. Take the chocolate and some of the herbs, place them outside as an offering; take a sip of the wine and pour the remainder on the ground as a libation. As you place your offering on the ground and pour your libation, say the following:

Aphrodite, here I make an offering of chocolate and sweet wine to you. May it please you.

The remaining herbs should be placed in a pink pouch or piece of fabric tied with red yarn or ribbon - carry this in your handbag or pocket. Allow the crystals to remain in their grid and the candles to burn out. The crystals may then be placed on your altar or next to your bed. Whenever you have need, hold them, invoking their healing, loving energies.

(adaptation copyright 2012, E A Kaufman)

May love fill your life!

Blessings nine!



  1. This a great ritual which I intend to make use of,
    sometimes we need to draw a little love to ourselves.
    We forget to and seem to need permission to love ourselves as well as others.
    Thanks for sharing this E.

  2. Exactly, Paulette. Love of self should be primary - without it we are unable to love others. XO