Webs of Woven Words, Threads, Stitches and Enchantments

Monday, September 24, 2012

Time of Change

The season marches on and we enter that time where we walk between the worlds more than usual, without conscious intent to do so. We are carried away, not against our wills, but perhaps without consent. Visions, dreams, the gathering of the harvest of wisdom, these things are more fully realized now, during this season. That is the way of the witch, the sorceress, the priestess.

I am experiencing changes beyond what I had thought possible. While I have always considered myself to be a Dianic/Feminist witch - when I have had to label myself - I find now that this label may not be an accurate one.

Apollon, who has always maintained a presence, be it distant, in my life, has stepped forward, no longer willing to remain in the background of my spiritual practice. Along with Him, Ares and Hades, have reached out, into my mind, making Themselves known. And those Goddesses I am dedicated to, They are there, beckoning more strongly than ever.

A spontaneous journey brought all of this to my attention. Hekate, standing there, nodding Her head, speaking without words, telling me this is my path now, a branch from the old tree, a way through the forest that I must take. Hestia has given me a new flame to merge with the old, I cannot turn away from it, refuse it. It is not in my nature to refuse the gifts of these Artes.

All of this is causing change in the mundane world. Old acquaintances are becoming new friends; old friendships that have grown stale are drifting away like crumbs in the wind, without regret. Ideas are forming, coming together into creation; thoughts run madly all the time while sleep evades me. Of course, I know that things will fall into place, smooth out. I also know this is what must be endured if I am to make progress. I must let myself be taken, it is the way of the priestess.

Tis the time of the Season.

Blessings nine.  


  1. lovely and powerful thoughts written here. thank you for the reminders of this season. Oma Linda

  2. This is a time of transformation on many levels...for sure! Thank you for sharing your experiences, I am having similar ones.