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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hallows Everyday 10

Actually, that time of the year is here!!!
And who better to welcome it than three wicked witches!

I love this time of the year, as I have only mentioned hundreds of times. It inspires me to go outside in the darkness of night and sit by the lake, waiting for a spirit of this land, the water, my Matron goddesses, to make Themselves known to me. I like to walk out by my hedge and feel the energy pulsing, thick with magick, making me feel as if I am walking through water, cloaked in that magick.

Yesterday was the day sacred to Felicitas, goddess of good luck and good fortune, protectress of our peace and prosperity. I spent the afternoon attending to the mundane, then returned home, reading the cards for a friend. Later, in the evening, I had a bit of magick that needed doing and so I attended to that. Still later, after my magick was set, I lit a candle for Felicitas, saying a prayer that we continue to be blessed with Her protection, good fortune, and prosperity. When all was done, an offering and libation were made to Hekate and Felicita - a nice bit of homemade fudge-rich brownie and some Strega Liqueur. I took a bit myself too, sharing in the little feast.

The 11th marks the Meditrinalia, honoring Meditrina, Roman goddess of health, longevity, medicinal herbs and wine; another day to Hallow. The Romans made a libation to Her, mixing old wine with new. I have saved some old wine for just this occasion and into which I shall add a few sprigs of herbs to steep, finally stirring in a bit of honey. This I will mix with some new wine, to be opened at another little feast I shall make. As recommended by Nova Roma, a modern religious organization that recreates ancient Roman religion, I will mix the wines at my altar, sip them, then make my prayer. The first two lines of this prayer are from Nova Roma, the rest, my own addition.

Wine, new and old, I drink,
Of illness new and old I am cured!
Herbs, ancient, blessed by Her hand,
Meditrina relieves all ills.
To Her I give my thanks,
Hail, Meditrina, She who bestows health and long life!

Just a bit of the wine will be spilled upon my altar, while the rest will remain in the cup, sitting on the altar until the following day when I will take it outside and pour a libation. I will also make an offering of bread, herbs, and meat.

This is what being a priestess and witch is about, at least for me; honoring the goddesses, keeping holy the sacred days, assisting those who require my magickal help, being an oracle, lighting the flames that honor the Deathless Ones. How lucky I am to have been chosen to follow this path.

Blessings nine!  


  1. And how lucky I am to have found you in this world. I love your blog. I always come away with inspiration, information and the feeling that all is right and good.
    Blessings, Oma Linda

  2. Hey lady, the feeling is mutual! Love your blog too! XO