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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Herkimer Diamonds

Triple Herkimer Diamond cluster
collection of E A Kaufman

There are suggestions that this stone, the Herkimer Diamond, NOT be worn for any long length of time. I, and a few others I know, will dispute this. Personally, I have three small Herkimer diamonds wrapped together as well as a single Herkimer - I wear one or the other EVERY day without any adverse effect. Many of the other stones I wear have a Herkimer included in the wrap, a trademark of the artist who does the wrapping. I wear a number of different stones daily, but one in particular, besides the Herkimers, is a rainbow quartz with a magicians cut and black tourmaline - I always wear these three stones so I'm not sure if these other stones balance the energies of the Herkimers, but I don't really think so. I received my first Herkimer from a neighbor, a herpetologist, who went to Herkimer, NY on a snake hunt. He knew that I collected stones so he brought me one as a gift. Perhaps all these years of being connected to Herkimers enhances my ability to work with them - not sure. Of course, I am an experienced practitioner of the artes magickal, shamanic, and healing, with a strong connection to crystals and stones, I'm sure that helps too.
Single Herkimer Diamon with baby penetrator
Three Herkimers wrapped in gold
collection of E A Kaufman

This is a stone of attunement, allowing us to tune in or link to higher spiritual beings and their realms, as well as other folks while we work magick or healing. While it will clear chakras and allow energy to flow in the body, this does not happen without intent and work. I personally feel energy move and shift easily,  I attribute some of this to the assistance of my Herkimers. I have read that these beautiful stones enhance creativity, telepathy and allow one to access past life information so one can release blockages related to those lives. This release is gentle and activates the light body.

Labradorite with Herkimer dangle, various Tourmalines with Herkimer,
Lemurian Seed with Herkimer, Sugilite, Herkimer, and Amethyst.
collection of E A Kaufman 

For healing, Herkimers make excellent elixirs - used to spray rooms or people, it purifies and detoxifies. Melody, in her book, Love Is In The Earth, suggests that Herkimers can be used for dispersal of toxins in the body, correcting imbalances in RNA/DNA as well as the metabolic rate. Most of you are aware that detox can sometimes be unpleasant and uncomfortable depending upon the issues. Although Herkimers allow for a more gentle detox, it still can be uncomfortable. Calming and stress relieving to all bodies, physical to etheric, Herkimers release tensions in muscles and other body tissues.

Magickally, circles, compasses, and sacred space can be gridded with Herkimers, although personally I find the Herkimer Diamond to be more  effective when used in the center of a gridded circle, the circle itself being gridded with selenite points at each of the four directions and, for me, the cross directions (NW, SW, SE and NE. A very powerful energy realm can be manifested in this way. Be warned that some may react to this intense energy, being effected very strongly, resulting in sleepiness, slower reaction time and thought processes, a sense of out of body-ness as well as encounters one may consider to be hallucinations - they likely are not hallucinations. This compass is truly in another place. The feeling of the energy can be likened to walking through water. This being said, the resulting magick/manifestation/healing when gridding with Herkimers alone can be powerful indeed. The psychic centers of participants are opened, and connection and communication with other realms can be intense - for witches, this is a whole other ball of wax. All of this can only manifest if the correct procedures and intent are used - otherwise, chaos along with the shit hitting the fan can be the result - no kidding!!! It has taken me some time to properly control a Herkimer gridded circle and I don't do so lightly - my butt has been kicked more than once - but no pain no gain, I always say, LOL! Seriously, it isn't a joke, use cautiously and wisely. Gridding your bed or room is fine, gridding a magickal circle or compass is another thing altogether.

Herkimers are really the witch's or magician's stone, enhancing the power of spells and other magickal workings. It is definitely an excellent aid to have at hand. 

I have encountered folks who get nothing from Herkimers or, for that matter, any other stone. They consider it "new agey" - not correct considering how old the use of stones in healing and ritual is. I feel this is because they just do not connect to the mineral realm, let alone this particular powerful stone. That's ok, not everyone does, others just need to work a bit to make the connection. I feel very lucky indeed to have such a strong connection to realms of Nature. As always, when asking for assistance, call the spirits of all stones, crystals, and minerals, with respect, love and integrity.

Blessings nine!

copyright 2010, E A Kaufman


  1. Interesting views on the Herkimer. I have never availed myself of the opportunity. Now I am wondering if I should. You always spark interest in me and it usually leads me to a new adventure that enhances my path. Thanks, Oma Linda

  2. I have been wearing my Herkimer pendant for four days now. Last night I begin to feel lightheaded relaxed and happy, like a high. Went to bed still feeling it and woke up 'walking on air' is this normal? I have been down the past few weeks & last night was 'euphoric'!!

  3. It is a high vibration stone, Jenny. The third eye and crown are probably opening up. Carry a grounding stone, such as hematite. This will ease the symptoms a bit.

  4. Thank you. It's odd but I had on a hematite bracelet earlier during the day yesterday. I took it off once I got home...and nut long after that I noticed the 'light feeling'.
    Thank you for I would but have pieced that together!!