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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Witch's New Year Blessing!

A Witch's New Year Blessing

I weave for you a magick charm,
That this new year brings you no harm.
Love, good health, and an abundance of money,
Happiness, joy, and laughter a-plenty.
Peace in the world,
Time to do what you love,
All that you need, may it rain down from above.
These wishes I send with the best intentions,
Happy New Year, my dears, and the Goddesses' blessings!

(copyright 2014 E A Kaufman)

  The Witch of Stitches


  1. as you have written it so mote it be...........to you as well. Oma Linda

  2. Beautiful, we wish the best for you too!

  3. The best wishes to you as well sister.