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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back Home At the Toadstool

Well, I am finally back home at Toadstool Condo after almost a month away. My mother is having terrible back problems and will be having surgery on the 23rd. She was barely able to move until a new pain management specialist gave her new meds and injections that have seemed to help. Of course, she won't be turning cart wheels anytime soon, but then she wasn't  before either! However, she did have a rather active life which has come to a screeching halt. My aunt has taken over her care to give me a break. The old man and I haven't ever been away from each other for more than a few days so we're happy and cozy once again. Gods, I did miss him and the Schmoodle terribly! We'll head back up to my mom's next week to be there for the surgery, staying a few days - Wendy Rule and Hecate's Wheel just happen to  be in concert there the day after her surgery - talk about luck!

And speaking of that concert, it will take place at a wonderful witch shop in Dunedin, Enchanted Earth. The owner, Kim, a most delightful witch, recently acquired a cauldron-load of used metaphysical books. I acquired about... I am almost, but not quite embarrassed to say, approximately fifty-five books! More about those as I wade through them, but one that I did read already, King of the Witches, a biography of Alex Sanders was pretty interesting even if much of it may be BS!

I attended a beautiful healing circle at the shop with Alania, a healer and angel messenger reader. Interesting and darling gal. We had some great discussions and I look forward to seeing her again. The circle was beautiful, ringed with chunks of rose quartz and pots of pink and white flowers. I helped by giving Reiki to about twenty five women. I happened, by chance, to be wearing pink and white that day. Some of the women told me I looked like an angel across the circle. Well, it's back to the black for me!!!!!!!! I'm about as angelic as Medusa - alright well maybe not Medusa, but angelic??? Me??? Please!

I celebrated Hekate's Night last evening with Raven, a wonder ritual. I will post a photo of the altar soon. Right now, the Toadstool requires dusting and tidying. I think I'll leave the cobwebs in the corners, they are a delightful addition to my Victorian Witch decor!

Blessings nine! 

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