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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goddess Days for Celebration

Some dates for honoring various Goddesses, rites, celebrations and moon phases.

Goddess Days and  Celebrations for March and April

March 15   
Roman Festival of Cybele, the Hilaria, a festival of fertility and birth.
Feast of Anna Perenna, very ancient Roman Crone Goddess of abundance, life cycles and renewal. She has a special fondness for lovers as well. 

March 16     
Goddesses of Fire - honor any Goddesses of hearth, fire and flame  such as Hestia, Vesta,  Brighid, Lucia, Perchta.

March 17   -   
Feast of Astarte - transformation, sexual magick & mysteries; wear red.
Feast of Roman Goddess, Libera, a women's festival of Bacchus dedicated to the Maenads. 

March 18
Sheela-Na-Gig - opening the way, the Crone & sexuality.

March 19
Full Moon
Day of Mari, Goddess of the Sea. Make offerings of sea salt, water & shells.
The Lesser Panathenaea, honoring Athena or Minerva.

March 20 
Spring Equinox, The Khloeia, The Return of Persephone.
Also dedicated to the Norns, the Fates and  the Morrigan

March 21   
Dedicated to Sun Goddesses and Their role in Spring's rebirthing energies.

March 23
Birthday of Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom.                                                                                                              
4th Day of Lesser Panathenaea

March 24
Festival of Ishtar, Lunar Goddess of Cycles

March 26 
Day of Seeds, plant seeds of any kind - flower, vegetable, creativity.
Mata Syra Smelja, Slavic Moist Earth Mother.

March 28
Birthday of Kuan Yin (Taiwanese) a day to celebrate peace & compassion.

March 29
Day of Artemis Soteira, the Delphinia, make offerings of honey & barley, spend the day in a forest or outdoors.

March 30
Day of Primavera, Roman Goddess of Spring.

March 31
Feast of the Moon Goddess, end of the Roman Hilaria

April 1
Veneralia, Feast of Venus.

April 3
Dark of the Moon 

April 4
Greek Festival of the Great Mother, Megalesia of Cybele,

April 5
Feast of Kwan Yin (China) a day of peace & compassion

April 7 
Blajini, Rumanian Feast of Kindly Spirits. Make offerings and ask for Their protection for your home and family.

April 8
Day of Mooncakes, honoring Moon Goddesses.

April 9
Hocktide (England) In 1002 CE, Saxon women defeated invading Danes after their men failed to turn them away. Hail  the Amazons!

April 10
Day of Bau, Babylonian Mother of the Earth. Make offerings at dawn & midnight.

April 11
Day of Anahit, Armenian Moon & Love Goddess. Cast your love spells.

April 12
Day of Ceres, Roman Goddess of Grain, Seeds - bless your seeds and plants. Cerealia, time of seeds.

April 15
Fordicalia, Roman Festival for Tellus Mater, the Earth Mother

April 17
Full Moon

April 22
Plenteria, Roman, the clothes washing of Athena, If you have a statue of Athena, wash or dust and rededicate.

April 23
Day of Venus of the Vine - Make offerings and partake of wine.

April 26
Ceremony of Yemaya, Goddess of the Sea, ask Her blessings for psychic abilities and prophetic dreams.

April 28
Floralia, Roman Feast of Flora, Goddess of Sexuality & Spring flowers.

April 29
Birthday of Artemis

April 30
Night of the Witches, Walpurgis Nacht, Beltane Eve,  a night dedicated to Baubo, Greece.

(compiled from various sources including Diane Stein's The Goddess Book of Days and The Reformed Congregation of the Goddess calendar calendar created by DeAnna Alba)

As the pantheon I am dedicated to is Greco-Roman, it is a busy time for my priestess duties!

Blessings nine!

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