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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Charm For Travel

A Charm For Travel

Here I am and forth I must:
In the Lady is all my trust.
No wicked thing do me a spite,
Here nor elsewhere, day or night.
Maiden, Mother, Crone, all Three,
Come betwixt any evil and me! *

Take a stone with you from the land where you live when traveling. Ask the spirit of the stone to return you safely home after your journey. Chant the verse above three times. Do not cleanse the stone in any way, just carry it with you as you travel. It can be placed in your car, carried in your suit case or handbag, wherever is most convenient. When you return home, give thanks to the spirit of the stone and the Lady, then place the stone where you originally found it. A little offering and/or libation would be well to do. **

Blessings nine!

* adapted from an anonymous source by E A Kaufman
** copyright 2010 E A Kaufman

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