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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Spell For the Home

A Spell For Protecting Your Home

This is a sort of an ongoing spell that you continue adding the ingredients to. It brings protection for your home and family. Keep it where it can be seen. If you use a decorative jar it will look pretty in a window or on a shelf.

a glass jar with a lid - a canning jar, decorative jar or old jar from food is fine.
snips of thread from each family member's clothing
if you have pets, add a bit of their fur or feathers
a bit of dried rosemary, rue and cinnamon

Wash and dry the jar and lid. Smudge with sage or your favorite incense. Add the bits of threads from your family's clothing while asking the Goddesses and the spirits of your home for protection, good health and happiness for them and yourself. Keep the jar where it can be seen. Whenever you sew a button or repair a seam, embroider, etc. add the left over bits of thread to the jar. When sewing needles wear out, add those as well. Every so often add a very small pinch of the herbs and ask again for blessings and protection.

Blessings nine!

(adapted from my book Enchanted, Poems, Spells & Other Enchantments, available for $12.00 + $2.50 postage) 
copyright E A Kaufman 1996-2010


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  1. Hi and How are you,
    I'd love to purchase one of your Enchanted Poems, Spells & Other Enchantments book. Please tell me how you would prefer me to handle the transaction.
    I have aquired the book When God was a Woman and am reading it now. It is addressing a lot of questions I had growing up concerning women and their role in the church and home. I grew up in a very strict Protestant home where a daily dose of quilt along with the fear of the Lord was taught.
    I am so glad to be on the path.