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Monday, August 22, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 22

Day 22 - A quote, a poem, or piece of writing that you think Hekate resonates strongly with.

This invocation by Emily Carding is so beautiful, and while I have many invocation and poems that I love and feel Hekate resonates strongly with, this is a favorite.

Invocation to Hekate

Hekate, this name we gift you,
You who are older than names,
We visit you, in your deep places,
Your roots in the stars,
And ruddy feetIn the blood and bones 
of the primal surging Earth and waters,
The brilliance of a star, Veiled in darkness,
And once more robed in light,You are the maiden Mother,
And know our needs and our not-needs,
Which are stripped away
In the craggy rebirth of rock and bloody tears.

You are the many layered apple-seed that dwells within,
And the warm light without, containing too all the darkness,
It needs to grow into the tree of knowledge.
With your torch you guide us,
With your key you give us the power to choose,
To unlock, Or simply bear the symbol
Of a path that is walked towards a gate unopened.
The third hand cuts away, With sharpened knife, All that holds us back.

We are left undone, unmade, unfinished,
With the knowledge of incompleteness,
We are given choice, We are given voice,
And with the voice of choice, We are given power.

Horse hooves lead us on a path of movement true and strong,
Serpentine stealth may teach us ways into hidden places,
And secret knowledge, Dog-Wolf protector is ever loyal and full of instinct,
Not to be betrayed.

You give us choice,
And in the storm-filled darkness, you light the way,
Great Goddess, Dark Mother, shining Hekate!

- Emily Carding - 

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