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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 24

Day 24 -A time when Hekate has helped me.

photograph copyright E A Kaufman 2016.

Where does one start with this? First of all, the times when Hekate assists me, with a few exceptions, are very private. However, I will share that during times of anxiety and fear, She is always there for me, helping me get through. The only time when this may not be the case, is when She is testing me or has decided to rearrange parts of me and let me put myself together. So fear is where Hekate has assisted me most.

Another area where Hekate has helped me is in my healing practice. I was and still am amazed that She always is with me during these works, and most especially during my Reiki healing work. This may seem too new agey to  many devotees, but She is always with me when I give Reiki. Hekate is most especially around with healing work for children and women, but She always answers my call for assistance in this important area of my practice.

  Blessings Nine!

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