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Sunday, August 7, 2016

30 Days of Devotion - 7

Day 7 - Names and Epithets

Portrait of Hekate by Carolina Gonzalez

The various epithets which Hekate bears :

The Distant One 
The Far Darter 
Queen of Night 
Night Mother 
Queen of the Ghosts 
Queen of the Witches
Mother of Witches 
Mistress of Magic 
Most Lovely One 

Adonaea - Lady of the Underworld
Agrotera - Huntress
Anassa - QueenAntania - Enemy of mankind
Anassa eneroi - Queen of Those Below
Antaia - The one in front
Antaia - Sender of Nocturnal Visions
Atalos - Tender One
Brimo - Angry One,  “Angry" or "Terrifying", also meaning the crackling of a fire (as in Hekate's torches)
"Despoina - Mistress, Lady
Drakaina - She-snake
Dadophoros - Torch Bearer
Einalia - of the sea
Enodia - Of the Paths
Epephanestate Thea - Most Manifest Goddess
Kleidophoros - Key bearer (Also a title used by High Priestesses)
Kleidoukhos - Keeper of the Keys
Koure Mounogene - Only Begotten Maiden
Krataiis - Strong One or Crataris - The Mighty One
Khthonia - Of the Underworld, Of the Earth
Krokopeplos - Robed in Saffron (Red)
Kurotrophos - Nurse of children, Child-Nurse
Lampadephoros - Lamp-bearer, Torchbearer, Who warns of Night Attack
Liparokredmnos - with bright headband, Bright Coffed
Monogenes - Only child
Nykteria - She of the Night (nocturnal)
Nyktipolos - Night wandering
Nyktipolis Khthonie "Night-Wanderer Of The Underworld"
Perseis - Daughter of Peses
Phileremos - lover of solitude
Phosphoros - the Light Bearer, Light-Bringer
Propolos - She who attends or leads (Guide)
Propylaia - One before the Gate (Guarding)
Prytania - Invincible Queen of the dead
Skylakagetis - Leader of Hounds/Mistress of the Hell Hounds
Soteira - Savior
Trikephalos - Triple headed
Trimorphis  - Three-formed
Trioditis  - of three roads
Trivia - of the three ways
Tymbidia - Sepulchral

Blessings Nine!

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