Webs of Woven Words, Threads, Stitches and Enchantments

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dark Moon & The Coming of the First Crescent!

Ah, the Dark of the Moon, a very favorite time of mine. I like to wander around the lakes and by my hedges, speaking to the Spirits of my land, gathering whatever they offer me and making offerings to Them as well. The darkness envelopes me, a spiritual cloak that has become part of me.

This is a time when I renew certain wards; it has always seemed, to me, just the right time. Near our front door hangs a cauldron of fairly good size. Within this cauldron are various items of magick, one of which is a bowl filled with herbs, barley, pasta (dry!), three garlic cloves, a few worn, well-used needles and some pins, bits of thread, as well as coins. This is for protection of our home and it is renewed every third dark moon. I also offer devotions to the Spirits of our home, the Goddesses appropriate to this time, especially Hekate, and make offerings to Them.

Performing these devotions is something I do without exception each month at this time, but it is not the only time. Once the first crescent shows itself in the sky, my altar is cleansed spiritually and physically. I wipe it with pure water to which I have added rosewater and a few drops of myrrh essential oil. My Goddess statutes also receive this little bath. All of this is followed by fumigation with an herbal incense. Also at this time, I add any seasonal items and change other items, depending upon mood, planned workings and inspiration. Our crystals and stones, of which we have many, also receive a special cleansing and blessing. Of course, they are cleansed often, but at this time, there is a special blessing I like to do. I just made major changes to my altar and the various shrines throughout the Toadstool, so at this first crescent, I will be busy!

Not to be forgotten, the hearth and stove receive their special cleansings and blessings too. These are important places in our home; one for magickal purposes, the other because it so central to our lives - the preparation of that which nourishes us physically. Our entire home is sacred, but there are places which are especially so.

The First Crescent, what I consider the true, for me, New Moon, generally has a number of additional magickal tasks that need to be done. Other wards are best renewed with this energy, so that is on the agenda each cycle. The preparation of potions, powders and other blends of ingredients for workings throughout the month, as well as the blessing of our home. This is the time to call in all of the goodness we want to be blessed with, not just for our home, but for ourselves and those we love.

These tasks are labors of love. I perform them almost in a state of trance, with very focused intent. Just as my daily devotions bring a sense of peace and communion with my Goddesses and Spirits, so too, do these. What I am given by these devotions is a deep sense of spiritual connection that instills a feeling that I never alone, never without purpose. It is the life of a witch, sorceress, healer and priestess. It is my life.

Blessings nine!