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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Four Am and I am wide awake!!!! Why, you may ask? Because I was so tired so early and went to sleep instead of trying to stay awake until a reasonable bed time. It was a trying day though, a roller set, a man's haircut and a haircut on long hair at school. Now, yesterday when I was cutting, I snipped my finger - my index finger. OK, not too bad, everyone cuts themselves and I just offer it as a blood sacrifice, LOL. But today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I snipped the tip of my middle finger right off. One of the teachers startled me as I was cutting and ..... ouch! Bled like crazy and the weird thing is, the client was the daughter of yesterday's client. They must think I'm an idiot. Oh well.
Moving right along, I have a lovely four day weekend ahead of me, which I plan to enjoy fully by relaxing, stitching, reading and relaxing. I'm not even cooking Thanksgiving dinner, we are joining relatives. The only cooking-oriented mission is the Christmas pudding which I always make on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It is steamed in the mold, cooled, wrapped and doused with rum every Sunday until Christmas Eve. We have a gathering of Jews and Pagans on Christmas Eve - a wild time I assure you!

So back to Thanksgiving, the ultimate time of year to be grateful. Actually, I am grateful every day for my wonderful life, but today I try to make it a little special and make sure everyone knows how much they mean to me. I will light a candle and say a special blessing for all the treasures in my life. Here are a few things:

I am grateful for my family and friends who love me and keep me going through life, happily and enthusiastically, even when I am a curmudgeon.
I am grateful for the freedom to follow my spiritual path openly and without fear.
I am grateful for all I have materially, Toadstool Condo, my books, my plants, my crystals & stones, my wonderful comfy chair, everything that makes my home a sanctuary.
I am grateful for my mother, who, among other things, instilled a love of reading in me at an early age - it has brought the universe to my doorstep.
I am grateful for nimble fingers that can stitch, paint, write and play music, among other things.
I am grateful for my little cat, Stirling B, a wise little kittle who gives love and joy everyday.
I am grateful for my husband, who loves and supports me in all I do, who thinks, in fact, that I am the most wonderful person he has ever met!

The list could go on and on and on - I have so much in my life, but suffice to say, I am grateful for every fabulous day and all the blessings that have been and continue to be bestowed upon me.

May your Thanksgiving bring you joy! Blessings nine!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Recollections of Hekate's Night

On this, Hekate's night, I began my evening of ritual by preparing the libation for Her; apple cider, Strega Liquor, cinnamon & clove, a splash of very fine olive oil and, unplanned, a bit of my blood. For the offering, a bit of apple cake made yesterday evening, an egg, cloves, barley, olives and mushrooms. I rarely plan the offerings in advance. Oh, I know what is acceptable, but always, I allow intuition to guide my selection. Tonight, I included mushrooms. Why? I cannot say anything other than I felt guided to do so. After preparing myself and washing my hands, I lit the fire in the hearth, candles and incense. I then honored my Lady with recitations of many hymns, prayers and poems. I spoke with Her, blessed the libation and offerings, then made my way outside. The air was cool and the wind gentle but constant. I stood for a bit before greeting the spirits of my land. When I was sure of their attention, I made my way to the hedge circle, walking widdershins as I wished to process towards the deeper realms. Inside the hedge, I made my offering and tipped the cup with my libation while reciting a prayer for this purpose. I stood a while listening, being heard and then began my procession back, deosil. Walking towards Toadstool Condo, I did not look back.

Inside, the fire crackled and the candles flickered. I sat down preparing to journey as the clock struck eleven. I focused upon the fire and candles so that when I closed my eyes, I would be aware of the flickering light which helped me toward trance. I focused only upon the darkness and the occasional flicker of light. My breathing slowed and I lost touch with the room, still aware of the movement of light which was no longer a flicker, but more like a dark mirror with cracks radiating from the center. Next, I was aware that I had begun to swim, undulating, slowly then quickly then slowly again. The water was crystal green and long strands of seaweed danced slowly, touching me softly. I was aware that I was not alone, but could not see anyone or anything else. I continued swimming, aware only of the pleasure of movement, lightness, the quiet.

The clock striking the half hour brought me back to my home rather abruptly. I was once more aware of the fire crackling loudly as if in protest of being forgotten. The light of the candles were still and silent, the scent of the now extinguished incense, lingering. Without thinking I rose from my chair and realized my mistake immediately - dizziness! I got my bearings and then grounded myself, reconnecting deeply with the earth, feeling its pull upon my body. The dizziness passed. After reaffirming my dedication to Her, I asked for Her blessings upon those who are ill and one person that had passed yesterday. I then made my farewells to Hekate.

Incredibly thirsty, I poured myself some ice water and ate a small bit of the apple cake - all to bring me back to the mundane world, giving me further grounding. I felt quiet, peaceful and, once again, filled with gratitude that I had found this path, as my own, among so many.

Blessings nine!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hekate's Night is November 16

artist: Eric Taco Hurtado

"The Earth began to bellow, trees to dance

And howling dogs in glimmering light advance,
Ere Hekate came."

The Night of Hecate is November 16. If you honor Hekate on no other night, this is the one I would suggest. This is Her night and She is closer to us than on any other.

Hekate is seen in many ways. In ancient Greek myth, She is called a maiden. Medieval and modern times portray Her as a crone. The Goddess Hecate is a goddess of the night, the full and dark moons, crossroads, life and death, transformation and transitions. She is a Keeper of wisdom, the unconscious mind and is considered to be the queen goddess of magic. Hekate holds the keys to the Gates of the Underworld and to all mysteries. Ancient Greeks placed statues of Her at the doorways for protection. For those who honor Her, She will bestow many gifts, including magical abilities and prosperity.

For me, Hekate is ageless; She is maiden, mother and crone, all at the same time. When first drawn to Her, many years ago, I had very few resources from which to study. The only information available to me (no internet at that time) was that of Her aspect as crone; I saw Her as part of the maiden, mother, crone myth. However, it never seemed quite right, other images, those of a younger, stronger goddess came to me. Eventually over years of study, I found the Hekate I knew was the one who called to me, the Hekate of classical Greece, of pre-classical Greece and Asia Minor and as part of the triplet Artemis, Selene and Hekate.

However She presents Herself to you, give honor to Her by sitting in some quiet place, lighting candles, invoking Her and then leaving offerings of any of the following or combination: garlic, eggs, almonds, barley, pomegranate and/or seeds, figs, dates, apples and olives as well as the wood and/or leaves of willow and yew. I also offer dark sweet spices such as cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. A libation can also made to Hekate. Spiced wine or cider laced with honey should be placed in an offering cup or chalice, placed on the ground and gently tipped over to flow into the earth. The offerings should be placed directly on the ground as well. The offerings and libations can be left at a place you find sacred. A crossroads is an especially powerful place to leave the offerings - any quiet intersection where you can place them safely will do. When you have placed the offerings and made your libation, walk away and do not look back, especially if you have made some petition. This is a very good time to dedicate yourself to Hekate if you are so inclined and have been feeling yourself drawn to Her.

Titles & Other Names:

Chthonian/Khthoniai (Of the Earth/Underworld Goddess)

Propylaia (The One Before the Gates)

Enodia (Of the Paths)

Propolos (The Attendant Who Leads)

Soteira (Savior)

Trivia (Of the Three Roads)

Kleidouchos (Keeper of the Keys)

The Distant One

Queen of Night

Night Mother

Queen of the Ghosts

Queen of the Witches

Mother of Witches

Mistress of Magic

Most Lovely One

Prytania "The Invincible Queen Of The Dead

Nyktipolis Khthonie (Night Wanderer of the Underworld)

Antaia (Sender of Nocturnal Visions)

Brimo (Terrifying, also meaning the crackling of fire)

Tomorrow night will find me at our hearth where my altar is located, lighting candles, making invocations and prayers, then casting myself beyond the hedge into some journey work. I will finish with a little magic. When my workings are complete, I will make my libation and offerings at the hedge circle outside Toadstool Condo.


I invoke You, Beloved Hekate of the Crossroads and the Three Ways.

Saffron-cloaked Goddess of the Heavens, the Underworld and the Sea.

She who guides the souls of the dead, She who lights the Path.

Nightgoing One, Unconquerable Queen, Tauropolos,

Keyholding Mistress, Ruler, Nymph, Maiden.

Come, be present at these, my sacred rites.

(adaptation of the Homeric Hymn to Hekate by EAK)

Hail, mighty Hekate of the Threshold,

Keeper of the Keys to all Mysteries,

Mother of Magic, Mother of Night,

Guide me with Thy luminous light

And make it laden with good things.

Drive from me those things that do not serve my highest good

And when my soul rages about worldly things,

Deliver me purified by Your soul-stirring rituals.

Reveal to me the pathways of divine guidance that I long for,

Then shall I gaze upon Your precious light.

Give me Your hand and when I am weary

Bring me to the haven of Your cave with Your winds.

Hail, many-named Mother, Hekate of the Threshold!

(adapted by EAK from Proclus Diadochus' Hymn VI To Hekate & Janus)

May all of you who take time to celebrate Hekate on Her night, receive Her blessings and magic!

Blessings nine!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jane Austen, the Goddess Pages & the weekend!

Well, another busy week. Took my pre-salon final and have now moved on to the next level at school. I even have two customers booked for next week!

Too busy to stitch, but I did manage to finish Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters and move on to Pride & Prejudice & Zombies which is even more of a hoot! Really enjoying it. And if you think that should be enough Jane Austen for me, you would be wrong! Thanks to Netflix, tonight I watched Northanger Abbey, Masterpiece 2007 version, which was just great. Looking forward to Becoming Jane as well as Miss Austen regrets.

Now, that should have been enough excitement for a week, but there was more! I will have an article in the winter issue of Goddess Pages. This is both a paper and on line magazine. My article is an account of my Nine Nights of the Winter Solstice Hallowing in 2007 which includes the ritual and some magical work. I am honored and pleased. You can find out more info at http://www.goddess-pages.co.uk/

I am off to the Inner Mysteries Intensive workshop with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone in Miami this weekend. I attended last year in May and enjoyed meeting them both so I'm looking forward to this year's event.

Blessings nine!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One of those things!

Snagged this from another blog. Love these things!

1 Where is your cell phone? next to me on the charger
2 Your hair? Medium brown, level 4
3 Your mother? 4 hours away
4 Your father? passed through the veil
5 Your Favorite food? Italian
6 Your dream last night? I left my husband for his friend (he was quite amused this morning when I told him - he SO sure of himself!)
7 Your favorite drink? Hot Tea
8 Your dream/goal? Lots! At the moment, finish school and get back to work!
9 What room are you in? Kitchen
10 Your hobby? Stitching
11 Your fear? losing those I love
12 Where do you want to be in six years? happy & healthy
13 Where were you last night? Home
14 Something that you aren't? A gentle soul
15 Muffins? Ice cream
16 Wish list item? A puppy
17 Where did you grow up? New York
18 Last thing you did? Spoke to a friend
19 What are you wearing? Night gown
20 Your Tv? Off
21 Your pets? 1 kitty
22 Friends? Many, more than I realized
23 Your life? Great
24 Your mood? Contemplative, happy
25 Missing someone? Yes
26 Vehicle? PT Cruiser
27 Something your not wearing? A bra!
28 Your favorite store? Nature's Emporium
29 Your favorite color? Black
30 When was the last time you laughed? A few minutes ago
31 Last time you cried? A couple of weeks ago
32 Your best friend? Husband
33 One place that I go over and over? School
34 One person who Emails you regularly? Lucky
35 Favorite place to eat? Home!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Unfortunately, Elizabeth...

A silly, but fun and interesting meme to try: go to google.com, type in Unfortunately, (your name) then read what comes up and laugh!

Here are 10 of mine:

Unfortunately, Elizabeth also has some detecting to do, as a dead body is found, and none of the wedding party is above suspicion....

Unfortunately Elizabeth (who looks not unlike Bettie Page) was wearing a very elegant Chinese dress with the absolute last shoes you would want to be wearing if you were going to be walking clear across Rome on New Years Eve.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth's frequent protestations against marriage didn't stop these horny pervs from trying it on with her.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth didn't wait for me to agree or disagree.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth makes a fatal mistake and tries to "fix" her unsuspecting husband.

Unfortunately Elizabeth may have felt compelled to remain a virgin "bartered" bride.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth found out the truth and Maxie was forced to confess everything to Lucky before Elizabeth told him the truth.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth failed to persuade her lover to sign a reciprocal contract, which he kept to himself, unsigned until he died.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth was not eaten.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth is nowhere to be found.

I was utterly fascinated by this little exercise and could have kept gong on and on and on, however, unfortunately for me, Elizabeth, I have a few little errands and chores to attend to before the weekend is upon me. One of which, not unfortunately... I think, is finishing that most unusual novel, Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters by Jane Austen & Ben H. Winters. A most peculiar novel that compels one to continue reading as well as write and speak in the manner of Jane Austen - which, I might add, causes Michael, my husband, to give me strange looks whilst walking into the other room mumbling about living with a witch. Well, that in itself is not unusual and he is very used to strange occurrences living with me at Toadstool Condo. In any event, I will then begin Pride & Prejudice & Zombies by Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith. Of course there is stitching to be done, tarot cards to be read, a spell or two to cast and potions to be brewed. Ah well, nothing very out of the ordinary after all! Do have a delightful weekend.

Blessings nine!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Fabled Hare

Be sure to turn off my playlist to enjoy this.
Blessings nine!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallows at Toadstool Condo!

I began my Hallows weekend on Friday the thirtieth, with a trip to the home of my magical partner of many years, Ruby, in Miami. I brought another friend, Susan, from my neck of the woods along. We had a lovely and moving Hallows rite which lasted until after three AM, when the fire finally died out. As usual, we chanted, danced the compass round, made our Hallows charms and had wonderful conversation. We finished by taking offerings of cheese, apples and bread to the garden and making a libation of apple cider. Like-minded, supportive and loving women in circle, there is nothing like it.
And here is my Hallows altar at Toadstool Condo! There has been a great deal of activity here all week and will continue on through November 16,Hekate'sNight.
My darling friend Lucky joined me on Hallows. We built our ancestor altar and sat around it remembering, sharing stories, laughing, crying a bit and celebrating those whom we've loved and lost. It was very moving and touched our hearts deeply.
We divined with tarot and amulets, made more Hallows charms and then went to the hedge circle to leave offerings of barley, seeds, almonds, garlic and an egg with a libation of sweet cream well laced with honey, Strega liquor and cloves.

This was a special Hallows as it marked the first years anniversary of my father's death. It was also one of the most memorable for its intense energy and the sincere specialness of being with such beloved friends, sharing the magic and sacredness.

Hallows marks the turning inward, the descent into the healing darkness of Hekate's realm. May we all find our own sacredness deep within ourselves.

Lastly, here is the Witch of Stitches at her hedge on Hallows!

Blessings nine!