Webs of Woven Words, Threads, Stitches and Enchantments

Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekly Oracle

Faith 6 - Adoration from The Wisdom of Mary Magdalene by Sharon Hooper
Major Arcana 24 Purpose - Empylios from The Hekate Tarot by T Bebout & H. Ezerins

Mary Magdalene and Hekate. What am I doing, you may ask. I don't know, but was inspired to choose a card from each of these decks and so here we are. I will explain the cards and what they mean for me, what I think they mean for anyone who is brought here today or any other day. You decide if the messages resonate for you.

Adoration - being in the presence of a guru or teacher, a wise one; searching for the wisdom, for that  ecstatic place of the Divine. Most people become caught up in finding "THE" teacher who will give them all they are looking for. As it is written in the Charge of the Goddess, If that which you seek you find not within yourself, you will never find it without - an important message to always hold on to. From the lore we have, Mary thought she had found her guru in Jesus, but perhaps she was the wise one? I certainly believe she was and still is. I think Mary Magdalene came to that realization too and that is why she is still with us in divine form today.

So who/what is the teacher for us? Who or what will assist us in reaching that place of ecstasy? It could be an Ancestor, the forest, anyplace that makes one feel their bliss, their ecstasy. Where is our bliss, our ecstasy? That ecstasy is in the pursuit of our spiritual journey, and the guide, be it a person, Ancestor, place, ourselves, will assist us if we open to that influence, if we can believe that it may very well be within. 

Caution when dealing with someone who labels themselves guru or teacher. Make sure you give offerings and gratitude to the spiritual beings that may be your teachers. Treat yourself well, you are the wise woman. And who deserves your adoration? These are important questions to explore when searching for the next step of our journey... and we are being directed to step off the current path and delve into another place. That is why the card of Adoration and all it symbolizes has presented itself.

A more perfect card could not have been chosen from The Hekate Tarot if I had gone through the deck looking. I simply asked for a message from each deck. Hekate presents Her Major Arcana card, number 24 - Purpose. 

Her message is that She is calling us to Her temple and the Divine within us. Her torches shining, showing the way to our own light in the darkness. Our psychic abilities are being enhanced as we choose to give ourselves over to divine service. This is our purpose. We must finally see the wisdom within, the Divine within, the torch within; we are ready for all of it to awaken. Are we ready to step through the gates of that temple?

Blessings nine!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hag Stone Lore

I stumbled upon this blog post about hag stones. Interesting post so I thought I would share:

What is a Hag Stone?

A Hag Stone is simply a stone with a natural hole through it.  In folk magic systems, these are often believed to ward off the dead, curses, witches, sickness, and nightmares. They are also used as windows or doorways to see 'otherworlds', invisible spirits, or how a being 'really' looks beyond their glamour.

Blessings nine!