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Monday, June 9, 2014

Bits of Faerie Lore

I found this bit of faery lore while going through some old articles of mine and thought, since MidSummer is almost upon us, a time when the faery world seems to be more open to us, I would share it. The information is gleaned from various sources, some unknown,  and my personal experiences. 

Come faeries, take me out of this dull world,
for I would rife with you upon the wind and dance
upon the mountains like a flame..    
- W. B. Yeats -

Faeries have their own honor and ethics, therefore, when asking the assistance of the Fae, be sure you work within a sacred circle for protection, or wear a protective charm to keep yourself safe. Be sure to bring them offerings and give thanks appropriately to avoid insults. Be sure to use tools and wear charms made of silver, copper, iron, or wood held sacred by the Fae; Oak is a good choice; flint a protective stone. Not all faerie beings are friendly, some seriously dislike humans. Think carefully before calling them.


How to meet faeries:

Sit beside a pond or stream where the water is still and clear, or anywhere else you sense them. Be quiet and patient. Look for faery rings, sit and wait, but never step within. Tinkle small bells or wind chimes; play a wind instrument such as a recorder, flute or penny whistle while in a meditative state. Anoint your eyelids with a bit of an infusion of elderberries, elecampane (AKA elfwort), and thyme, again, you must wait patiently. 


Faery Healing:

When suffering from a headache or other body aches, sit beneath a willow and allow yourself to release pain to the tree's roots and the earth beneath. The Fae can assist with healing.

When troubled by emotional concerns, sit near or beneath an evergreen of some sort. Allow yourself to release to the tree's roots and the earth, all feelings that distress you. 

Learn the lore of flowers, plants and trees and you will know which ones to use for specific purposes. Each plant has its own spirit, these spirits can be the Fae. 

Where to find faeries:

The Fae can be found almost anywhere - in flowers and plants, trees and stones, hearths and hills, forests and lakes, streams and meadows, gardens and barns, your home  - every place has its spirits, its Fae.


Faery Stones:

Quartz - clear, rose and blue (celestite); selenite, amethyst, amber, flint.

Elemental Fae:

Earth Spirits: an element most dense, represented by the Night and Winter, the Hag. Found in either the North or South, depending on craft tradition. Goblins, trolls, gnomes and Ladies. A green and receptive energy, but very strong and dominant.

Air Spirits: Intelligence, represented by Dawn and the season of Spring. Generally found in the east or north, again, depending on craft tradition. Sylphs and the Wind. A translucent light yellow, the scent of rain or a pond.

Fire Spirits: unpredictable, both creative and destructive, represented by daylight and the Summer. Found in the South in many traditions, but also in the North as well as the East - where the sun rises. Salamanders and dragons. Courage and imagination. A projective and dominant element, red/orange and the scent of burning wood or herbs.

Water Spirits: Healing, transformation, represented by Sunset and Autumn. Found in the West. Nymphs, Nereid, undines, water goblins, these spirits are found in the seas, rivers, lakes, brooks, ponds, the rain. Blue, aqua and teal, receptive.


Old Fairy Dust Recipe

Required items:

Contents of three ripe foxglove seed pods
pinch of stone from volcanic granite (Rhyolite)
pinch of pollen
seven vervain blossoms
pinch of lavender blossoms
pinch of sand (west shore)

On the night of the full moon, mix the foxglove sees with the sandand the Rhyolite grains. Then sprinkle the tiny vervain and lavender blossoms over the mixture. It is now ready.

Hereditary Witchcraft
by Raven Grimassi


What if you'd rather not encounter the Fae? Here are some protection charms:

Turn your clothing inside out

A piece of cold, pure iron, supposedly because it is said to represent movement away from nature.

Rowan & red thread

Oak, Ash, and Hawthorn twigs tied together

A sprinkling of fax seeds on the floor of your home

An infusion of clover and holy water is thought to break the glamour


The Song of The Queen Of The Meadow Fairy

Queen of the Meadow
where small streams are flowing,
What is your kingdom
and whom do you rule?
"Mine are the places
where wet grass is growing,
Mine are the people
of marshland and pool.

swift-flashing, beautiful,
Dragon-flies, minnows,
are mine one and all;
Little frog-servants who
wait round me, dutiful,
Hop on my errands
and come when I call."

Gentle Queen Meadowsweet,
served with such loyalty,
Have you no crown to wear?
"Nothing I need
for a sign of my royalty,
Nothing at all
But my own fluffy hair!"

~Cicely Mary Barker

Blessings nine!