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Monday, October 31, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 31

I wish you
The brightest of blessings
in the deep and beautiful dark
of this Hallows season.

Hail the Crone!
Hail the Dark Goddesses!
Blessed be!

Blessings dark and deep!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 30

Art by Ron Byrum


witches witches everywhere
how many do you see
there's witches in the garden
hiding in a tree

there's witches playing football
witches having tea
witches walking down the beach
witches swimming in the sea

all around us witches
some are hidden 
some are not
i have discovered lately
of witches....there's a lot

witches drinking coffee
witches at the store
witches at the doctors
witches sitting on the floor

witches flying broomsticks
and witches driving cars
witches riding bicycles
witches hiding in the stars

there's witches having picnics
witches playing in the park
witches lighting fireworks
witches dancing in the dark

witches running races
and witches playing games
witches riding horses
with funny witchy names

on hallowe'en the witches
get together, one and all
and while the kids are trick and treating
they watch movies at the mall

there's witches almost everywhere
you have to look and see
now, count up all the witches
did you get the same as me?

by Roger Turner

Blessings dark and deep!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 29

...All things change and pass in the end, 
and when they are past we must rest and forget. 
That too is the law of the gods.
When the Summer is over, the land must sleep,
root and stone and water and earth:
the seed in the furrow, the beast in the hole,
the leaf on the tree giving itself to the air,
lightly -  lightly - no weight staying it 
- to fall to the ground and to rest.
To rest and to rest, safe on the ground, 
deep under the snow,
with nothing to trouble it, only to rest.

...Rest, rest and forget.
The seed to the furrow, the beast to the hole, 
the leaf to the ground,
and all to rest and forget.

- from The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope

Blessings dark and deep!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 28

Grandmothers Rising Up For Mother Earth by Gayle Sinclaire
facebook @: Gayle Sinclaire Art Studios

A Call to the Ancestors
A Poem/Song

To blood and bone

We sing in stone, 
In dirt and tree and root
We pray to know
 In flame and snow

The breadth of all our birth.

We seek your words 
In food and mirth,
In story and in myth,

The ways that you, O Ancestors
 lived in love and frith.

We seek you high, 
We seek you low
In Earth and Sky and Life.

We seek you in the utter dark, 
And seek you in the light.

We seek you from the Void’s old home

From Ice and Flame combined
From the Tree, Breath and Body
Our bloodlines are defined.

So come to us O Sacred Ones, 
Dance and sing and speak
So long we’ve been without your voice
, So long we have been weak
Come fill us with your blessings
 Come fill us with your songs

And when we die accept us in

To join the Odal throng!

Welcome me, O Ancestors
, Holy Ones New and Old.

And through your guidance, 
Your grace, your gifts
Let the paths of wyrd unfold.

by Sarenth   

Blessings dark and deep!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 27

Hearth - Happiness in our hearts and homes
The Halloween Oracle by Stacey DeMarco

There is no place like home... for most of us... or at least the home in our hearts, that place we long to have as our sanctuary, our place of comfort. No matter how large or small, no matter how rich or poor we are, we can certainly make that place, because that sweet home is not made with money and possessions, it is made with love. 

With this card we are nudged to look at what makes our sanctuary. It tells us to look to our relationships with family and friends. We build that place of love - our hearth, our heart of the home - by bringing in the loving fires. We need to make our relationships the priority in our lives, not to the exclusion of all else, but healthy relationships are maintained by being nourished. We nourish with love, freely given and received, compassionate and unconditional.

Now some may think that they will lose when relationships become the priority, one person cares more and most no longer want to risk being the person who cares more, who struggles to keep the heart of the home, the loving fire, burning. The truth is that without love, there is nothing to hold the home together and there is nothing to hold us together. Even if one lives alone, or a couple has no children, love is still what holds it all together, it is that which creates the sanctuary. And that sanctuary, that loving home, is just the best place to be. We must begin by loving ourselves, warts and all; that is unconditional love. Next, accepting who our families are, again unconditionally. This does not mean accepting abuse of any kind, it means filling the home with love that will heal.

We have come to a time where family and friends mean less than money and possessions. Conflicts are not dealt with to resolve them, relationships are discarded because there is no sense that they are more important, necessary to creating and nourishing a healthy environment in which to live. It seems today it is easier to walk away than work to nourish that home fire.

At this time of year, it is the perfect time to build that merry home fire, to make our homes the sanctuary they ought to be. We need to take stock of our relationships and give them love. As fluffy as it sounds, the fire in the heart and our lives, is love. When one has love, wherever it comes from, and that includes the self, one has everything. The love of self is where it all begins, creating the initial loving flame that spreads throughout our lives and making the hearth fire burn strongly, overcoming all.

A few times a week, or every night if you can, light a special candle designated as your home fire. As it burns merrily recite this little prayer, perhaps three times if you feel so inclined, with real feeling and visualizing loving energies flowing and filling your home. Allow the candle to burn for an hour or so, then extinguish.

I ask my Ancestors, those who love me,
Come and fill my home and family
with all that is loving and good.
May we be surrounded and filled with
 that which is nourishing to us in all ways.
May we know love and kindness and happiness, 
good health and prosperity.
May the flame of our home burn brightly always
bringing all we ever need.
So mote it be!

(c 2016 E A Kaufman)

Blessings dark and deep!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 26


Word Magic

hag (hag) n. an ugly old woman, esp a vicious or malicious one.
2. a witch

hagio-, a learned borrowing from Greek meaning "saint," "holy,"
"sacred," used in the formation of compound words
hagiology, hagiocracy

hagiocracy (hag' e ok' r se) n.  1. government by a body of persons
esteemed as holy

~ Burleigh Muten~

Blessings dark and deep!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 25

Black Cat - fortune meets opportunity.
The Halloween Oracle by Stacey DeMarco

The mysterious but beautiful black cat makes its appearance today. This cat, sleek and black, tells us that good fortune and opportunities will be knocking at our doors. However, we must keep a look out and grab them while we can.

It used to be that black cats were a sign of evil, hunted down and killed because they were associated with witches and the dark aspects of the supernatural. Historians believe that the massive killing of cats in the name of stamping out this evil led to the spread of the bubonic plague which killed millions. The cats kept the rat and rodent population down, rats spread this dreaded disease. We know better now.

 This card is a sign that good fortune is waiting for us, but we must grab the opportunities when they present themselves, those opportunities flash by quickly. One can do all the money or love spells that they can, but unless they go out, seeking opportunities, their spells will fail. We must always do the work in the mundane world when working magick, because this is where we are now, this is where we manifest our desires and dreams.

If you truly wish for something, you must be aware of the possibilities. Go where the action is, so to speak. Nothing comes to us without investing in the dream.

Blessings dark and deep!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 24

Three Sisters
by Frank Howell

We are the bones
of your grandmother's grandmothers.
We have returned now
We say you cannot forget us now
We say we are with you
And you are us.

Patricia Reis
from The Ancient Ones

Blessings dark and deep!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 23

... a glowing caldron full of jewelled fire;
the emerald earth a dragon's eye,
the poplars drenched with yellow light
and dogwoods blazing bloody red.

Margaret Walker, October Journey    

Blessings dark and deep!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 22

Prayers For the Autumn Evening

(light a candle)
Candle brightening, flame's own flower,
harbinger of daylight's ebb;
Light the pathway to the bower - 
find the way to spirit's web.

(after your evening ablutions)
I cast off the garments of today
and ask my Goddesses to bless me
with healing, nourishing, restorative rest
as I sleep this night. *

 (before going to bed)
I quieten my soul with the chimes of the silver branch:
great gladness in my heart, no sadness in my mind,
rich rest within my soul.
May these three clear notes, gifts of the Goddesses, *
resound through all beings,
bringing peace and rest at this Autumn day's end.* 
(extinguish your candle)

Vessel of Healing, Cup of Transformation,
I am but a drop of your draught
as I sink down to sweet sleep.*

prayers from
Celtic Devotional, Daily Prayers and Blessings
by Caitlin Matthews
Blessings dark and deep!

* a few adaptions were made to these prayers to reflect my own practice.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 21

Prayers For the Autumn Morning 

Upon Rising

I kindle my soul from the Autumn sunlight,
(light a candle)
glow of life, glow of light, glow of love,
be upon my being, my heart, and my soul
this Autumn day,
from break of light, till fall of night.

(choose a small pocket stone from your collection to carry on this day)
From the treasury of  my soul I draw forth,
gem of light, gem of life, gem of love
to preserve my soul from to darkness,
On this Autumn day.

Before Leaving You Home In the Morning

I mantle myself in the covering of creatures:
stillness of owl, perception of eagle,
humility of wren, speed of horse,
strength of bear, courtesy of deer, repose of serpent,
silence of mouse, courage of salmon.
Nine creatures about me to clothe and protect me, 
on the ways that I walk.

(extinguish the candle, place the stone in a pouch 
and tuck into your bra, over your heart)

prayers from 
Celtic Devotional, Daily Prayers and Blessings
by Caitlin Matthews

Blessings dark and deep!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 20

7 - Steampunk Priestess
Divine Circus Oracle by Alana Fairchild
Artwork: Miss Red by Monique Tulp

They eye of love in my heart
and the eye of light in my head
show me the truths most helpful for me to see
at the perfect time and in the perfect way.
I feel relaxed and comfortable,
trusting in what I see, when I see it.

At this season, with the veil between the worlds so thin, we sometimes cannot believe what we may see or what our own intuition tells us is true, for whatever reason. This card, the Steampunk Priestess, tells us there is more than what meets the eye, be it contact from the other side, or something hidden in a person or situation.

What is needed here is trust, trust in ourselves and our own intuition, trust in our guides and guardians, trust in the Ancestors. A deep and closer look to understand and discern what is happening, what we perceive, even when we have doubt or it seems so fantastical. Trust what you already perceive, even when we see, on the surface, that our intuition is at odds with what is before us in the mundane world. We need to trust our insight no matter how strange or startling it may be. No matter how confusing, all will come into right focus and we will easily understand. 

Healing: To help us take the wisdom offered, the following technique will assist to clear obstacles while putting true guidance into place.

We will place our dominant hand (the one we write with) over our hearts and place our non-dominant hands at the third eye. We then will close our eyes, relax and take a few breaths. When ready,  we will open our eyes and say the following:

My intention is clear, I see all I need to see.
I free myself in heart and mind,
to look beyond the surface of things,
to witness the deeper reality.

When ready, we relax and come back to the present. If there is something in particular we need clarification about, or we just would like to receive a message, this is a good time. We make our intention clear: 

The unconditionally loving heart of my eye
shows me the truth in the matter of _____________ .
I receive the insights I need for understanding and resolution.
In the name of the Mother of All, so mote it be. *

 Now we gaze at the oracle card above and allow ourselves to relax. We focus gently on the circle at the Priestess's third eye, between and just above the frames of her spectacles. We feel, visualize, imagine that it becomes a beam of light that is sent to our own third eye. We strongly, but gently feel a circular light shining in our heads. That light feels cool and clear, open and bright, but relaxing too.

Now we trust in the insights that come to us, we allow them to drift across our intuitive vision, even when they simply come into our minds, seemingly from nowhere. We trust what we see.

Blessings dark and deep!

* I adapted this line of Alana's affirmation to be more in tune with my spiritual path with the goddess. Here is Alana's original sentence which you may use if this feels right for you: 
"According to divine grace and divine timing, so be it." 

  Divine Circus Oracle
by Alana Fairchild

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 19

Souling Song - Samhain Version

Soul, soul, soul cakes!

We come hunting for soul cakes!
We are dead, but like we said,
On this night we'll take your bread
And while you're out of your abode,
Lighting fires of Samhain old,
Think of us, out of body
As we are, you, too, shall be.

Samhain Night, at long last,

We parade from ages past
A journey from the Otherworld
Oh, the hairs that we have curled!

Winter's Eve surrounds us,

Its open portal astounds us.
We creep into the living sphere,
And see where memories summon here.
Find us in this coldness,
Visiting with much boldness.
Share your food; we'll share our power
To discern a future hour.

Summer's End, Summer's End

Will the sun return, vital warmth to send?
Summer's End, Summer's End
Darkness lengthens in its stride across the sleeping land.

Little Jack, Jack sat on his gate,

Offering goblins and demons his cake.
Up with the chill and down with the sun,
Waning and waning, the Dark Half's begun.
All this night as boundaries untie,
Visitors friendly and frightful stop by.
Up with your mask and down with your feet,
Marching and marching to lead out the fleet.

How about this dwelling?

Its offerings are compelling,
With drinks and cakes and porridge,
And cherries and berries from storage.
Rattles at your door!
Don't be scared, but give us some more!
A banshee or a fershee might delight by new firelight.

Songwriter & Singer: Kristen Elsie Lawrence

Recipes for Soul Cakes

Blessings dark and deep!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 18

2 - Self-Renewal
Soulful Woman Oracle
by Shushann Movesessian & Gemma Summers

This is a new deck I just obtained and this is the first card I have drawn; perfect for this season. 

As I clean out old energies
I have more space for that which
wants to be birthed into my life.

Time to do some clearing work on ourselves, in our homes, work, even the car. When was the last time we smudged any of these places? When was the last time we took the time to really focus and bless our spaces, ourselves? This card reminds us that this is the perfect time to take stock of what is around us and how it affects us. Perhaps some decluttering and autumn cleaning is in order too. 

When we keep our spaces and selves clear of stagnant or unhealthy energies, we are more fully able to release what doesn't serve us; the energy that is fresh, healthy, and energetically enriching and nurturing is more easily available to us. Our minds, on an intellectual level as well as a psychic level are clear and open to receiving the messages that will assist us on our spiritual path.

Sort through the physical, emotional, and psychic debris, letting our intuition guide us as to what we want to keep - that which aids us, and that which needs to be let go of. Whatever it is that is ready to be released will go effortlessly if we allow ourselves to be in that place of openness to the goddesses' wisdom and healing. This will become a rebirthing for us, while letting us make room for new blessings, ideas, new life.

Blessings dark and deep! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 17

Witch's Brew Pumpkin Squash Soup/Stew

This recipe is a sort of hodgepodge, very forgiving, adjusted over the years, adding this, one year and that, the next... so just go with it. It is very, very yummy! Read through the entire recipe before cooking since it is a hodgepodge and you want to make sure you have everything you need.

2 large butternut squash or whatever squash you like
29 oz can of pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling)
fingerling potatoes - or any other small potato
2 large apples, peeled, cored, quartered
3 sweet onions, nice and large, chopped
4 stalks of celery, sliced
6 cloves of garlic, peeled and coarsely chopped
2 quarts rich stock - veggie, chicken, or beef
olive oil
barley (quick cooking is fine)
real maple syrup - grade B if you can get it
apple butter or sherry
salt, ground cloves, cinnamon, and allspice
optional: ground beef, stew meat, chicken, or pork - shredded
sour cream or heavy cream

Wash the squash and poke some holes in them, then bake, along with a handful or two of fingerling potatoes and a couple of large peeled, cored, and quartered apples, all having been tossed with  some olive oil, in a 350 degree oven until just tender, about an hour. I cool and then cut the squash in half, scrap our the stringy stuff and seeds, peel off the skin and place in a large dutch oven or soup pot, then use a potato masher and mash the squash a bit, leaving it somewhat lumpy. I add the canned pumpkin, mix it well with the squash, then add a good chicken or vegetable stock; I start with a quart to a quart and a half, depending upon how thick I want the soup - I want it nice and thick. I then add the potatoes whole or halved and the apple which I coarsely chop.

In a frying pan, I add a couple of good sized pats of butter and a splash of olive oil, heating over medium heat. I then add 3 chopped onions and 4 celery stalks, sliced, cooking until the onions are browned a bit and the celery is cooked. I then toss in 6 cloves of garlic, chopped coarsely but not minced and let that just cook until fragrant - don't brown the garlic, it will get bitter. Add these veggies to the soup pot and bring to a simmer. Add ½ - ¾ cup of barley (quick cooking is fine) when the soup is very hot. Cook over medium low heat for about an hour. Check the thickness, add more stock if the soup is too thick for your taste. Taste the barley to make sure it is chewy but not hard.

Season with salt to taste, as well as about a 1/2 cup of real maple syrup, grade B if you can get it. Add ¼ teaspoon of group cloves, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, ¼ teaspoon of ground allspice, then mix well. Take a taste and adjust the seasoning and maple syrup to your liking. I also add about a ½ cup of apple butter and blend in well. This is a very forgiving soup, adjust it as you like, add anything extra including more stock to thin if too thick. I have left out the barley and added cooked ditalini instead, but the barley gives it a very nice, traditional flavor. You can also add browned and cooked stew beef or ground beef, shredded chicken or pork, or all three. If you decide to add beef, use a good beef stock for a very rich flavor. I've also added cup of sherry instead of the apple butter and that was quite good too. Do as you will, cackle - just a little witchly humor! ;)

And there you go... a lovely seasonal soup/stew, full of autumn flavors, very easy and very satisfying. I like to serve it with corn bread and plenty of butter. A dollop of sour cream or a splash of heavy cream adds a nice touch too.  I would love to hear from anyone who tries this recipe, how you liked it, and how you made it your own.

Blessings dark and deep!

This design is from an old magazine, no clue who the designer is.
Please advise if you have info.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 16

Gabriel de la Riva, 2008

Samhain brings forth the mysterious dark
when spirits walk the night,
The forces are strong and powerful
As autumn takes its flight.

Janet Thompson: Magical Hearth, Home for the Modern Pagan


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 15

I found this somewhere, credit says it comes from ArcaneMysteries.tumblr.com and thought it was appropriate for the season and some of you might like to try this spread. I would love to hear from anyone that tries the spread and would like to share your experience.

Blessings dark and deep!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 14

Ten of Keys
The Hekate Tarot, A Tool of Transformation
by T. Bebout & H. Ezerins

This card, from the Hekate Tarot, is the "Know Thyself" card, the Ten of Keys. At this time of year, we make the descent within, we strive for introspection, withdrawing into ourselves, and begin a period of spiritual and physical reflection. This card represents the mirror, truth, and oracular work; again, all appropriate for the season.

As much as it is a time for this reflection, many of us will avoid it. It is not easy to know and acknowledge our true selves. Who are we really?  When we catch a glimpse, sometimes it is uncomfortable, but that discomfort will pass, we can release the judgement. We need to unlock the doors that block that release, hold tight those secrets. And we must remember, whatever else there is, there is beauty, love, deep peace.

This is the time to seek the Goddess within us, for She is always there,  residing with us. See the tender and sometimes frustrated beauty of the Inner Child. Look and see the Mature Mother, She who knows all things and nurtures us, even when we don't believe we are capable of receiving that nurturing. Acknowledge the wisdom and beauty of the Wise Old Crone, the Grandmother who will teach us all we need to know and how to get on with the business of life and our spiritual paths. Look deeper still and find the inner wild spirit self and allow her the freedom to dance, sing, create, love. Merge with them all and BE, with full awareness and knowing. Know thyself, indeed.

Mirror Work: This card encourages us to physically stare into a mirror and see who we are. Similar to mirror gazing for divination, a soft light, some incense such as Dragon's Blood, and a large mirror, full length, if possible. Remove your clothing and stand naked before the mirror. Stare into your own eyes with the intention to see who you truly are in this life, the here and now. Emotions will surface, let them come, feel them; release them without judgement and with love. Ask, "Who am I, who is my true self?" 

This would be a good practice throughout the season, Autumn, Winter, the time of going deep within. Try this once a week or more if you can, and certainly on Hallows. May you find your true self and love her.

Blessings dark and deep! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 13

A Technique to Remember a Past Life

Cleanse you space with whatever you usually use, such as white sage, palo santo, etc. Place a white candle next to a mirror that will stand on its own. You can place the mirror so it securely rests against something to hold it. Also, any stones and crystals that may assist in opening the third eye and journeying, may be held in your hands, or place between you and the mirror. Lapis lazuli, Herkimer diamond, hematite, carnelian, and amethyst, are excellent stones for connecting the past and present, while protecting and grounding. In addition, and most importantly, they assist us in “coming back” from the journey at any time we feel the need. You are in control, if you choose to end the journey, simply make the intention and move around, turning on lights, bringing yourself back into the present. Quiet is best for this journey, no music, phones turned off. This is best done at a time when no one will disturb you or make noise in another part of your home.

The candle’s light should be set just behind and to the side of your mirror. It should illuminate your face gently, but the candle itself should not be visible in the mirror. A few sheets of paper with pen or pencil near at hand will be of help if you want to make note of anything you wish to remember particularly later. Turn off any other lights in the room and sit in front of the mirror. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, gradually slowing and deepening them, bringing yourself into a light trance state. Use whatever technique to bring this state about that works for you. Now, gaze into the mirror, looking deeply into your eyes and say the words:

“With my guardians’ and guides’ protection surrounding me, 
I open myself to receive information about a previous life I have lived.
Let the memories flow, let the memories come.
Let the memories come now.
I remember, I remember, I remember. ”

Repeat and concentrate until your reflection begins to blur; the edges whitening slightly. Gradually you may notice that your face changes, becomes that of someone else. Look at the face,  the body, clothing and surroundings. These images may be accompanied by memories. Alternatively, you may receive only the memories of this past life, but no images in the mirror. This is fine, you are receiving the information you need. Maintain your trance and let yourself float while continuing to gaze into the mirror. Let any memories come to you. Make the intention to remember all the information and make notes after returning from your trance.

When you have completed your journey and received all information that is available to you, bring yourself out of trance by allowing your breathing to return to normal. Move fingers and toes, allow the rest of the body to come back to awareness. Blow out the candle, turn on the lights and make any notes you wish to. Ground and center yourself, have something to eat and cleanse your space. 

Copyright 2013 E A Kaufman

Blessings dark and deep!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 12

Crone Goddess
by Wendy Andrew

Samhain Eve

Now, Queen, farewell, for Samhain Eve is come.
Farewell your flower fields and insects’ hum.
There is an edge of frost with airy blade
Sharpening the night and troubling the glade.
In velvet sky the stars are crystal bright.
Come, Halloween, prepare the witches’ night!
The fallen leaves are crisp beneath our feet,
Ready for dancing at our merrymeet,
And bonfire waits the spark.
Now stealthily gather by dusk around
the leafless tree,
Join hands and dance, 
invoke the Winter Queen. *
Let power arise within the circle’s ring!
At summer’s end the gates are open wide
Into the other world at Hollantide,
And souls may come and go,
Strange things be seen
Ere pales the dawn,
The night of Halloween.

Doreen Valiente
* changed from King to Queen

Blessings dark and deep!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 11

unknown artist

Ancestor Prayer

When you were born,
The earth became your  body,
The stone became your bones,
The sea became your blood,
The sun became your eye,
The moon became your mind,
The wind became your breath.

When you passed to the Otherworld,
Your breath became the wind,
Your mind became the moon,
Your eye became the sun,
Your blood became the sea,
Your bone became the stone,
Your body became the earth.

When we were born, you did the same for us:
You called forth the earth and rocks;
The sea arose and the sun descended;
The moon shone down and the winds sang.
For those who come after, 
we shall do as you did for us.
When we are gone, 
we shall do as you did before.

Ancestors, we honor you.

Rev. Michael J. Dangler

Blessings dark and deep!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 10

Cauldron, Synergy and Healing
The Halloween Oracle by Stacey DeMarco

The cauldron, the womb of the goddess, the vessel of transformation, the symbol of the witch. There is something about a cauldron that draws us close, inspiring us to peer within. What brews there? What magick is in the making?

Just as we add a variety of ingredients into the cauldron to make a potion or brew, different techniques combined in a way that blends well, will assist us in celebrating Hallows/Samhain, developing a fulfilling practice for our devotional, magickal, and healing work. There is no need to choose just one way. Try all sorts of workings, keeping those that resonate, discarding those that don't. If your practice has become stale, this is a clear indication to add something new. Go ahead, try whatever calls. All of this blending and working with new or different energies will bring the best result.

At this season, we are heading into the deeper realms, into our darker selves. We are also choosing the seeds to bless and bury so they may open and come into being later on. Those seeds need a soft, rich healing medium that doesn't restrain, but allows movement, flow, spreading of roots and sprouts.

There is nothing you cannot try, no path you shouldn't walk down to see what is there. Let go, release anything that binds you, follow your spirit, your curiosity. Go freely where you are inspired to go, because you can always return. When you return you will be wiser and free.

Blessings dark and deep!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 9

Re-Member Us

Re-member us,
You who are living,
Restore us, renew us.
Speak for our silence.
Continue our work.
Bless the breath of life.
Sing of the hidden patterns.
Weave the web of peace.

- Judith Anderson, 1990 -

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 8

The Lamp - Remembrance
The Halloween Oracle by Stacey DeMarco

Interesting, remembrance seems to be the theme so far. When I first shuffled the deck this morning, the same card from the other day, The Underworld, stuck out to the side. I turned it over and thought, well, I need to re-read and perhaps think about the Underworld a little more. For me, I am pretty sure I know what the reappearance of that card is about. Each of you will have to decide for yourselves.

I reshuffled and made clearer my intention, a message about this season for any who read this blog as well as myself. The Lamp - Remembrance. Again... interesting.

For almost all of my years involved in Paganism and Polytheism, I have left a light in one or three of my windows for the spirits. I dedicate special candles for my Ancestors. Stacey calls the lamp a symbol of remembrance, leaving the lights on for those who wish to come home. It also soothes our own mourning spirit within, sad over the loss of those who have passed. Lights at night, candles, lamps, small flames in the dark, are exactly that, very soothing.

The Lamp also represents Hekate for me, with Her torches, in Her aspect as Soteira. She lights the way for us, brightens our lives. That lamp is also a call, I feel. She is saying, "come, be with Me, immerse yourself in the Mysteries I have to offer. Time for some journey work.

The Lamp card also tells us that there is no need to continue to be sad when remembering those who have passed. Certainly we must mourn, release that sadness, experience it and let our feelings release in an appropriate manner. But, in the end, we will be reunited with those we mourn. They are on a new journey, and they do come to visit now and again. When we need them, they are there, we simply call to them. This is why an Ancestor altar is so important, in my opinion, it becomes a strong connection. 

Light your lamps or candles, call them home. They await your summons with love and blessings.

Blessings dark and deep!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 7

Today, a couple of freebie cross stitch patterns for Hallows, as well as some links to a few special designers who have lots of witchy patterns. Enjoy!

Witch by Sub-Rosa Cross Stitch

Another little witch:

Here are some links to my favorite witchy designers:

The Primitive Hare

Fairy Wool In the Wood

Notforgotten Farm

The Little Stitcher

Wickedly Wunderful

Primitive Acorns

Homespun Elegance

For some really complex designs, try these:

Mystic Stitch:
for witches: http://www.mysticstitch.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=62&zenid=allstcja2l811hgutemobdmh33
This link goes directly to all the witch designs. If you look on the left side, there is an index - fairies, Pre-Raphaelites, etc.

Blessings dark and deep!