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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Stirring of the Seed

artist unknown

This painting represents the personification of The Stirring of the Seed, my celebration instead of Imbolc or Candlemas. My tradition doesn't resonate with these common Pagan sabbaths, so instead I celebrate something a little different. Unfortunately, the two posts where I found this beautiful image did not have an artist credit, nor could they find one. I wish I could find the artist. If anyone knows or finds it, please do share.

The Stirring of the Seed represents the coldest time of the year and the deepest withdrawal and reflection. It is the time of building our restorative energies, our self-healing at its most intense, and the strengthening of our energies to manifest and live fully.

In this painting, I see that the woman is within her power animal/totem, surrounded by other power animal spirits who assist her. Roots are, based on my intuition and experience, our deepest connection to earth, the stabilizing force of our physical lives, the richest nourishment for the lower chakras. These roots, in the painting, surround the woman. She sleeps, but is connected to deep earth, her animal and plant guides. Soon she will begin the her ascent to the light of day and evolve into the fecund earth, blossoming forth, giving of her fruit. For now, she sleeps still, but lightly, stirring slowly and gently, coming back to being.

Blessings bright and golden!