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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving, Catching Up With the Truth & Some Stitching!

Well, back to business here, I need to get caught up on my Thirty Days of Truth. But before I do that, I have a few words to say about Thanksgiving. It seems there are folks among us who think we shouldn't celebrate such a day - Angelina Jolie, being the most famous, she thinks it's a day of murder. Even in the Pagan community there are many who believe that because the people who came here hundreds of years ago were invaders (I thought they were looking for freedom) we shouldn't celebrate this day. There are others who say that because of what was done to the indigenous American Indians, we shouldn't celebrate. Well, folks, I celebrate Thanksgiving because I am grateful to live in this wonderful country, I am grateful for all I have, my wonderful life and all the people who love me and are part of that life. I can't undo what was done hundreds of years ago - hell, my people weren't even in this country, but that is neither here nor there. No one alive now did any of what happened then. Yes, you have the right to speak out, voice your opinion and  there is still prejudice and horror in the world; yes, we should certainly work for peace and healing, but if you have a problem with a day of giving thanks, too bad, we need that day of thanks, we need our holidays. Celebration is good for us all, it's a day to be thankful people! Focus on the good, the generosity of our country and its people and put away your politics for at least of day. Make blessings and give thanks instead of spreading negativity, criticism and, yes, grumpiness! As for Angelina Jolie - that girl can just stay in France as far as I'm concerned, although she ought to consider that she should be thankful that she has the right to say what she feels, at least in America! OK, rant over.

I spent Thanksgiving with my husband's cousin and his wife and Aunt at Mizner Country Club in Delray Beach. Magnificent buffet, very traditional, turkey and all the fixings as well as prime rib and fish. The dessert table was also fabulous and the company, of course, was wonderful. We had a great day. I really love my husband's Aunt Harriet, she's a darling. I did miss cooking though, even as much work as it is.

On to my thirty days, for which I am also thankful because it has been such a healing, searching process!!! I am going to catch up with a few here today - rather easy ones.

12.  Something you never seem to get compliments about.

I can't answer this. Everything I've ever thought I ought to be complimented on - and those I never thought to be - I am. I don't think about not receiving compliments, to be honest. A compliment is a gift, I take them as they come and if they don't, well, it doesn't occur to me to give it a second thought. The other issue might be that, for me, I have an abundance of self-worth -  most of the time, so don't worry about this. I honestly can't think of anything.

13. A band or artist that has gotten you through touch times.

Oh, easy peasey!!! Carly Simon, hands down! That lady has seen me through it all, I adore her and her music. I've been listening to her music since she started out, when I was a teenager. I've been singing and playing her music on guitar for years. I well remember sitting on the grass on our front lawn, friends gathered around me, all of us with our guitars, singing her music. I have an old book of her music with lots of her family photos from the 70s that is just falling apart, held together with a rubber band!  My wedding song was Forever My Love. I can't tell you how often she's gotten me through tough times - and... good times too.

14. A hero that has let you down.

I don't know that she was a hero really, but Anne Sexton's poetry was very inspiring to me as a poet myself. I learned a great deal from her work. Then... she committed suicide and I just couldn't believe it. How I felt she wasted her talent and betrayed me! Of course, I was very young then, I didn't understand mental illness, nor were some of the things she did known then. Now, of course, I have compassion for such a tormented woman. Of course, I didn't have to grow up with her in my home, still, I regret her loss

15. Someone or something you couldn't live without.

Again, easy peasey  - my husband, I love him madly, and my freedom.

16. Someone or something you could definitely live without.

Again, easy - negativity in the world. What's the problem with live and let live? I'm going to leave it at that because otherwise, I'll be here all night!!!

OK, that's that for now. The next one, a book that changed my view about something, is going to be tough; so many books have inspired, gifted me with wisdom and provoked thought .

And now for some needlework!!! Over the past week and a half I've finished stitching two little ornament and very pretty they are, if I do say so myself! I also had finished a little witch stitch over the summer which I hadn't posted, so here they all are!

This one is from, I believe, Raise The Roof designs, although I left off the right side which said, Screech and  you screech alone. There was a major meeting about this, LOL, and it was decided that it was a more positive message without the other side!!!

This little beauty is from the December, 2010 issue of The Gift of Stitching e-zine, a really terrific stitching magazine (www.thegiftofstitching.com) which you should take a look at if you stitch and haven't seen it. I ADORE blackwork and just fell in love with this. I thought this design would look wonderful on this new linen, called Cognac, which I found at my LNS, Cross Stitch Cupboard in Fort Lauderdale. Those women who work there really know how to twist arms, LOL, I was looking for some orange linen for a Halloween ornament (from the September/October 2010 issue of Just CrossStitch) which they also managed to find, but I couldn't live without this - the photo doesn't do the color justice. I see more blackwork designs on this linen even if it isn't traditional!

Now, this little ornament is from the 2010 Christmas Ornament issue of Just CrossStitch, designed by Louise Henderson of Cherished Stitches, my favorite design of all in this issue. I have to stitch it together this weekend so it will be ready for my Solstice tree!

Oh... and speaking of blackwork, I follow a blog, http://practicalblackwork.blogspot.com, where I discovered at her website, www.practicalblackwork.com that she has released ten designs called Small Fancies - I AM beside myself!!!!!!!!!!!! They are gorgeous and this is what I will be stitching this weekend. I was given permission to share her photo of the smalls from the website so you can take a look. Gorgeous! I will have my own basket of smalls soon too!

Here are some photos of my stitching basket, which was made by someone whose name I can't remember. A few of us went to a stitching retreat, I think in the late 80s, in Gainesville, Florida at Sally Cresswell's shop, where these were being sold, minus all the buttons, ribbons, pins, etc. The embellishment work is all mine, mostly done the year I purchased the basket, but updated every so often as a new button or pin is found, over the years. The little crazy quilt block was made by my friend, Zoritza, an incredibly talented seamstress, quilter, beader - you name it. She had a fabric store in Miami for many years, where I learned to sew and gained a lifelong friend whom I love dearly. She is 80 now and partially blind from her diabetes, yet she still sews her quilts. This basket is one of those things I receive many compliments on and, believe it or not, I have to be very careful with it - it is coveted by many, LOL!!! 

So there I am, all caught up! This weekend will be spent stitching, reading and decorating the Toadstool for the Solstice!!! I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine.

Blessings nine!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Many blessings to all.
May you know gratitude, abundance and joy!

I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, 
the old and the new.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Blessings nine!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sun Goddesses For The Winter Solstice

If, like me, your spiritual practice is very goddess oriented, perhaps all the solstice/sun child focus just doesn't resonate. May I suggest celebrating the goddesses of the sun, those who banish the darkness? Celebrate them all or choose one. 

Here is a list, by no means complete, but it will get you started. Some goddesses have very little information other than that they were sun goddesses. Notice that many attributes/themes are shared by these goddess: for example, spinning, driving the sun across the sky, banishing darkness.  

Saule (pronounced Sew-lay) - The greatest goddess of the Baltic peoples—the Lithuanians and Latvians—is the shining sun, the sky weaver, the amber goddess. She rules all parts of life, from birth, into her light, to death, when she welcomes souls into her apple tree in the west.  Saule is worshipped each day when her people bow to the east to greet Mother Sun. Saule loves all people and shines on all equally and unconditionally.  The sun is represented as a jug of golden light from which Saule pours her warm light and blessings onto all.  It is also a golden thread which Saule spins on her spinning wheel.  Her love for humanity is likened to that of a mother.  She is a compassionate goddess who cares for orphans and other lost or forgotten individuals.  Good women are often compared to Her.  In Saule's shining presence, people feel safe to go about their businesses and tasks, but once She leaves the skies, certain work must end.   All spheres of traditional women's work are under her guardianship, including laundering and spinning. (from A Kitchen Witch's Book of Shadows)

Alectrona/Alectrone: (Greek) Sun goddess. Alectrona was called Daughter of the Sun. Her center of worship was at Rhodes. Invoke Alectrona for solar magic and banishing darkness.
 Aega: (Greek) Sun goddess. Aega's title was Daughter of the Sun. She was so beautiful that Gaia hid her in a cave while the Titans were assaulting Olympus. Aega forms a triple with her sisters, Circe and Pasiphaë. Invoke her for beauty spells, solar magic, and safeguarding beautiful things.
Amaterasu Omikami: Sun/rising sun/East (Japanese) Sun goddess. Amaterasu, Heaven-Radiant Great Divinity, is the chief deity of Shintoism and the protector of the Japanese people. Also called The Heaven Shining, and Great Shining Heaven, she is the ruler of all deities. Her symbols are the rising sun and a mirror, which is placed centrally in her simple shrines. Amaterasu brought winter to the world when she hid in a cave because she was angry with the outrageously destructive behavior of her brother, the storm god. The gods and goddesses despaired as the world grew dark and cold. Finally the goddess of joy performed a bawdy dance which brought such applause that Amaterasu cracked open the door of the cave to see what was happening. The other deities had a mirror ready, and the gorgeous sight of her own reflection drew Amaterasu forth. She once again assumed her proper place in the heavens, cast her brother out, and had all his nails pulled out (yikes!). Amaterasu is depicted jeweled. December 2 is her feast day. Invoke Amaterasu for fertility, protection, solar magic, and cultural unity.

Hebat/Hepat/Hepit/Hepatu: (earth mother) Sun/Earth (Hurrian, Hittite) Sun goddess; Earth Mother. (Comparable to HEPAT) Hebat, Great Goddess of the Sun, was also called Mighty Mother of the Gods, and Sovereign of Heaven and Earth. She is the wife of Teshub, and the mother of Sharruma. The lion is her sacred animal. In a myth of Hebat that survived, she was forced from her temple by a giant, and lost communication with the other gods for a time. Hebat is best invoked in high watchtowers for earth magic, solar magic, banishing darkness, and reestablishing communication.

Mor: Sun/Water (Celtic: Irish) Dark Goddess of death and rebirth; sea goddess; Sun goddess.
Mor, Queen of the Island of Woman, is associated with Corco Duibne, Ireland. Her symbol is a throne. Invoke Mor while the sun is setting, for sea spells, rebirth, and solar magic. Her power over rebirth makes Her an appropriate goddess to honor at the Winter Solstice, a time brimming with the energies of rebirth.
 Perchta/Percha/Perchte: (Faery) Sun  (Germanic) White Goddess; elf goddess. Perchta, the Elf Woman, is a sun goddess whose titles include Shining One and Bride of the Sun. She has long white hair, and wears a white cloak. Perchta can be seen moving through fields, like mist. She is the the matron of spinning, and cannot tolerate laziness or wastefulness. Perchta punishes lazy and the wasteful people by scratching their faces, or by scratching their stomachs open (again, yikes!). The last day of Yule is sacred to Perchta. Pancakes are traditionally made in her honor then, and the remains of the meal left as an offering to her. It is said that anyone who tries to spy on Perchta when she comes for her offering will go blind that year. Invoke Perchta for fertility, spinning, knot magic, and the fertility of cattle and sheep.
Sol: Sun (Norse) Sun goddess. (Comparable to SUNNA)Sol drives her chariot, which carries the sun, across the sky each day. She is the charioteer who drives the sun across the sky.  She is Mundilfari's daughter, and Mani's sister. Invoke Sol for solar magic and banishing darkness.

Xatel-Ekwa: Sun (Hungarian) Sun goddess. Xatel-Ekwa has three horses, which she rides simultaneously across the sky each day. Invoke her for solar magic, equestrian skills, and banishing darkness.

Helia: Greek, Sun Goddess, Daughter of Helios. Invoke Her for banishing darkness, bringing the light.

Aimah: Celtic Sun Goddess. Invoke Her for banishing darkness and bringing light.

Danu: Celtic Mother of the Gods, Ancestress of the Tuatha de Danaan; Invoke Her for overcoming darkness.

Frigga: Scandinavian, North Teuton, Norse, Germanic; Sun & Day. She spun golden threads of Sun. 

Grainne: Celtic Sun & Day; the sun overcoming the moon.

Ashirat: Mesopotamia, Akkad, Ugarit, Sun & Day; A sun goddess worshiped by the people of Ugarit; she was Venus, the evening star to the Akkadians.

Shapash: Canaan, Palestine, Syria, Arabia, Ugarit, Hittite: Sun & Day: "Torch of the Gods."

Holda/Frau Holle: Holda appears chiefly in the winter, around Yuletime (winter solstice). In Germany and Holland it was and still is a common saying that if the snow falls, Frau Holle (Vrouw Holle) shakes her feather bed (or feather pillows). As a weather-goddess she can also bring fog. The most notable version of the voyage of Holda is that during the twelve days following "Christmas," She travels the countryside in her wagon with her host, unrecognised, bestowing gifts to those who have been generous and punishing those who have been greedy or lazy. Variations have Her flying over fields promoting fertility to the crops. The last of the twelve days was apparently sacred to Huldra. This Goddess, under her various names, was
also commonly associated with Witches by Christian writers in Mediaeval Germany. Huldra in particular was considered to fly about with Witches on brooms, and often was identified with Diana in this respect. Other accounts describe her host as specifically including the spirits of un-baptised  children: could these be the forerunners of Santa's elves? (copyright Wyrd 1996)

I remember reading, some time ago, and have never been able to find the information or confirmation of this lore, that the ancients who worshipped Asherah brought a tree into their homes and decorated it to honor Her. When they did this is lost to my memory, but it is another way to honor Goddess at the Winter Solstice.

As you can see, there are many goddesses to include in your Winter Solstice celebrations for banishing the dark and celebrating the return of light, the growing Sun and the waxing of the year.

Blessings nine!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Favorite Magickal Stones for Winter

Citrine geode from Nature's Emporium in Coral Springs, Fl.

We've turned back the clocks and Hallows Eve has passed, here now we welcome the winter of the year. November begins a time of introspection, journeying within and remembering. While all the preparations for the holidays begin, it is important to take time for one's self, not only to rest and restore on a physical level, but especially on spiritual and emotional levels. The energies of this season, Winter, help us journey down deep into ourselves to remember and find answers.

When journeying, I like to either hold stones in my hands or enclose myself in a stone grid. Pocket or palm sized stones work very well for this. Stones can be held in the hands while sitting in a comfortable, cozy chair or lying down in soothing surroundings. Placing stones in a circle, at four points (head, feet, right hand and left) or even in a triangular pattern  (head, side of left foot and side of right foot) around you, works very well for making an energetic boundary that focuses energies, intention and also protects. There are many ways to surround yourself with stones, use your imagination.

As a certified crystal healer and Reiki Master, I use various crystals and stones in my healing practice. While there are many stones to choose from, I have found, over the years, that many people are drawn to a select few. It is not necessary to have every stone. Even a stone from one's yard or garden, from a place in nature, can have powerful energies. Listen to hear the spirit of the stone. 

Here is a bit of information about three favorite stones I like to use for my personal healing work. 

The first is quartz crystal, either points or smooth polished pocket stones. The points are great for directing energy, but the polished stones, especially when used in a circle or four points grid, make a gently swirling, encompassing energy vortex. Crystal quartz is an energy amplifier and willingly programable, but it is also a stone of memory, helping us to "remember" on a spiritual level. In meditation it can enhance one's journeying experience by bringing back to us details and information long forgotten from other lives, dreams and spiritual encounters. One can also gaze into the crystal for divination.

Citrine can assist in opening the third eye and clearing heavy, burdensome energies, making it a perfect helper stone for journeying work. It works to open the way to clearly seeing and accepting information in a positive light, as a mother energy gently guiding. The beautiful citrine is also a stone of manifestation, helping us bring thoughts and desires to fruition. It surrounds one with a golden, healing, positive energy. Magickally, it is a stone for prosperity, all that golden energy, drawing good things, drawing abundance. It is also extremely protective.

Selenite is another stone helper that assists in opening the third eye. It also opens the crown and soul chakras as well, making it a good companion for journey and meditative work. Selenite is perfect for reinforcing energy grids, an amazing stone to be surrounded by. It can assist in clearing the blockages that keep us from "remembering" and moving forward with the information received from spiritual realms. It enhances our inner vision allowing us access to past lives and assisting during divination. I keep pieces of selenite with each of my divination tools.  Placing two selenite points at one's front door re-enforces protective energies in the home. Gridding with selenite forms a profoundly powerful circle when practicing the artes of the witch or healer. 

These are just three of the many stones that can assist one, on all levels and in many ways. Each stone has a spirit within, just as we do, as plants, animals, all beings do. Does this sound too new agey? Perhaps, but, as I have found, it is very true. Those plants, stones, animals, they are waiting for us to make contact and connection.

Amethyst from Nature's Emporium in Coral Springs, Fl.
Blessings nine!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 11 The Truth

11. Something people seem to compliment me the most on.

This is an easy one to help me gently step back into Thirty Days of Truth. I felt a little like I'd been through the wringer dredging up all that stuff! It did me a lot of good though, I have to admit. I needed a few days off from the blog entirely - so I haven't posted any photos yet of the current needlework finishes or my Hekate's Night ritual. I'm buzzing around the house this week with pre-holiday cleaning AND I'll be working one day a week at my friend's metaphysical shop now!!! That's a dream come true, I'll be right in my element as she already introduces me as the resident witch!

OK, on to the thirty!!!

I get many compliments about two things, actually, my hair- which is very long, past my waist, and my eyes, which are green. This is a photo from a few months ago while I attended beauty school and had two little blond streaks put in - very witchy! But I've since done away with them because the bleach was taking a toll. My hair is very fine, in fact baby fine - my husband calls it angel hair - and  is rather delicate. When I get my bangs trimmed or just a general trim, I don't let anyone other than myself shampoo my hair, I do it at home and arrive at the salon with damp hair. I do wear it pinned up a great deal, but when it is down, people tell me how lovely it is all the time, in the grocery store, in the book store, etc. The only thing I don't like is when strange men (and occasionally a few women)  actually touch my hair, telling me how soft it is - a little creepy and I can't imagine why people think it is OK to touch a stranger in such a way. Yes, I am well aware of what my hair feels like, thank you. I'm a fat gal in her mid fifties, for goodness sake, you'd think that would put them off a bit! Ah well, the magick of hair! 

I worked for an ophthalmologist for almost 16 years and when colored contact lenses became available, yes, many years ago, people would point at me and say, I want the color of HER eyes. Of course, Dr. S would shake his head and smile, apologizing and telling them my eye color was real! My husband always looks into my eyes and tells me how beautiful they are. In fact, perfect strangers tell me how lovely they think my eyes are. Now that is not creepy, it is very nice! No boundaries violated!!!

So there is my day eleven - much easier than past posts! And hopefully, I will have a couple of photos of very nice needlework finishes to share, including two ornaments for the Solstice tree. However, for now, back to scrubbing, dusting, fluffy, smudging, sprinkling of herbs & such and other general cleaning mayhem!!!

Blessings nine!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 10 The Truth

(artwork by Jane Ward, Persephone's Womb)

Day 10 Someone you need to let go or wish you didn't know.

As I have mentioned, over the last year and a half or so I have been doing the releasing thing - letting go of the need to control all aspects of my life, letting go of the pursuit of perfection, attempting to let go of fear and allow my vulnerability to show, letting go of folks who don't fit in with where I am going. Truth be told, I'm a mush inside, a softie for a sob story, fighting for the underdog, - you get the idea. And I kind of like not having to be the strong one all the time anymore, being able to talk about my fears, anxiety, my mushiness, which I have come to embrace. 

When you open yourself up like that, some folks embrace you because they love you and that's that - that's been my experience 98% of the time. Now, there's that other 2% who throw your vulnerability in your face. I have known someone like that. A volatile and angry person that I know has been damaged by abuse and naturally, I felt great sympathy for this person. But, you know, sometimes there's so much anger and negativity that nothing you do will make it better, nothing you do CAN make it better. It's just not your job, it's theirs; not your business. That energy just takes you down with them.

Truly, as much as I consider negative things lessons learned, I certainly could have lived without some of them. This is a person I wish I had never met. It's too hurtful to watch someone in that kind of pain all the time and know it will not get better mostly because that person doesn't want to, will not accept their warts and that's just the name of that tune. 

I don't run, I just walk on past, walk away and try not to take a wrong turn off the yellow brick road. OK, some of those side trips are pretty darn interesting.

This weekend I'll post some photos of a few stitching finishes, the best apple butter I have ever made and I'll leave behind the Thirty Days of Truth for a couple of days. At the moment, I'm looking at a vase of twenty five roses my husband brought home to me today and remembering him on the phone at around five while I was visiting Macy's getting a head start on my holiday shopping. He told me to just take my time and enjoy myself. Left over really yummy chicken casserole was in the fridge, no stress, he could take care of himself. What a guy!!!

Blessings nine!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9 The Truth

Day 9 Someone you didn't want to let go but who drifted.

I might have to take a day or two break from this challenge; it sure has stirred my cauldron. So much thinking, contemplating. But the feedback I've gotten, here and privately, has been rewarding and helpful. And... I've really connected to some of the women participating in this - don't really know them, but they don't seem like strangers anymore. But onward as the witching hour approaches.

I think we all have people who come in to our lives for a time and then drift away, it's just meant to be. I have one friend, we were very close for many years, but she and her husband moved away about, oh, almost 18 years ago - can it be that long??? He has since passed away. Actually, we were a foursome, two couples separated by a good many years, but so close, with so much in common.  We still keep in touch and even visit occasionally, but we don't talk the way we used to, although we do have good, long conversations when we do speak. And when we visit, well it's as if time hasn't even passed by. Of course it has, we are both much older - she is elderly now, but still sharp as a tack and a tongue like a whip - ah, that's where I get it from! I still learn from her and I love her very much. I wish we weren't so far apart. Think I'll give her a call tomorrow.

Apropos of this post, I found this quote at 

"The secret to life is to enjoy the passage of time."

What choice is there really if one wants to be happy?

Blessings nine! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 8 The Truth

8. Some who made your life hell or treated you badly.

Well, as a blog buddy said before me, I don't believe in hell. And really, I never allow anyone to make my life hell. I'm very good at walking away and not holding on to things. Someone who's treated me badly - yes, of course. Someone who, after years of taking it, I let go of. The relationship was always a struggle. And I can say that we had many, many good times too, but there were always those jabs - in the nicest possible way, to assist me, because this person knew better. 

This  person will say I was rude the last time she saw me and I was, in her home, due to anger over yet another idiot incident. Not something I'm proud of, that old reactivity. We seemed to move past it, but those jabs again. And then the final jab over my not liking a certain singer. I remember thinking, who the hell are you? Once again, in this person's opinion, my feelings were not what they should be. I decided I no longer need a person who does this in my life. I hung up the phone and that was the end.

This final incident came about at a time of shift for me. About a year or so before I began a process of re-evaluation, letting go of what is no longer useful to me and figuring out what I really need; choosing to accept myself, warts and all, love myself. And... I have made some good progress. What I knew with complete clarity, at that moment, was I didn't need  a friend who didn't treat me well, who didn't accept that my feelings and opinions were valid even if she didn't agree. She didn't have to agree, I never expect anyone to always agree, just allow me my say. It wasn't worth the struggle anymore. It was a very freeing moment to allow myself to say "no more of this!"

Painful? Yes, but it is what it is. Lesson learned, moving on, wiser. No more having  someone around who, instead of giving support, chose to play devil's advocate all the time. Trust issues? Oh yeah, but I'll get by, I always do. As some wise person once told me, it's a process. I'm processing, I'm processing!

Blessings nine! 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 7 and the Weather!

Day 7 Someone who had made your life worth living.

My husband, because he has taught me so many things. He encourages and supports me, believes in me and helps me believe in myself.  He allows me the freedom to pursue what is important to me. He is my  best friend and I know, no matter what, I can count on him. He loves me unconditionally. Almost thirty one years of marriage, which, BTW, few thought would last, and we have a stronger love than ever. Better and better every year is not a cliche for us. I know I would be a different person, missing something, if I hadn't been with him all these years. He's made my life well worth living!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Weather report for South Florida - yeah, it's chilly! I think it is in the mid fifties right now. Just lovely! Tomorrow likely won't reach seventy. I had a nice little fire tonight (ventless fireplace - what a great invention!) which made life even more cozy in Toadstool Condo, along with stitching and tea. Then on-line to watch an episode of Masterpiece Mystery's Sherlock. 

I honestly thought I would not like it, I am a loyal Jeremy Brett fan and  love all things Victorian. Of course Jeremy (may he rest in peace) is the gold standard for Holmes as far as I am concerned, but I am enjoying this modern Holmes. The stories are well crafted and the actors' interpretations of the characters are very good. Most enjoyable! Very nice that PBS has the option to watch on-line.

This weekend, a little dark moon magick! 

Blessings nine!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 6 The Truth

Day 6 Something you hope you never have to do.

I hope I never have to make a decision about someone's life - taking them off life support. With my beliefs in other realms and the Underworld, I have to wonder if someone considered "brain dead" by the medical establishment, is just in another place or truly dead and left the body, since the brain no longer functions. Do we know for sure that they are not experiencing something, someplace, that pulling the plug would interfere with?  Are people in this condition lingering between the worlds, hoping for someone to pull them back? Help them move into the place of the dead? Are they suffering in some way?

The thought of being responsible for that decision, most especially for someone I love, terrifies me. There is so much that is unknown. It is definitely something I hope I never have to do.

Blessings nine!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 5 The Truth

Day 5  Something you hope to do in your life.

This is darn near impossible for me to answer - I have SO many things I hope to do! I can't even begin to narrow it down. My big list - and it really is big - keeps me going, keeps my spirits up, encourages and makes me laugh. One thing it never does is make me feel like I can't or won't do most of it. I'll share a few.

I hope to live past 100, and like Don Corleone in the movie, The Godfather, pass gently in an Adirondack chair in my garden. I hope to have a nice big garden - flowers and food to feed us. Oh... and I want to have bees, just enough for honey in my tea and a little on toast. Of course right now I can't have honey - I have diabetes, but I more than hope to cure that!

I hope to finish that huge reproduction sampler, EK 1653. It's as long as I am tall, mostly double running stitch and so far, reversible. It used to be important that the whole thing be reversible, but with Laura Standish waiting, I've decided to just do the best I can. Most of my double running stitches are reversible so I'm not worried. I hope to finish Laura Standish as well, along with a few thousand other designs. Yes!!! Thousands!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I hope to totally release the need to be in control - I'm doing well, working at this over the past two years, but I still have a few issues to go. I hope to be known as kind and generous. I hope to always have the kind of love in my life that I have now and that all those I love know I really do love them to bits.

Oh... and I hope that when I finally leave this earth, those who know me and are still here will say, gee, I'm going to miss her, she was a lot of fun. I hope that those who went before me and are waiting on the other side say, get ready, she's here!!!!!!!

Blessings nine!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 4 The Truth

Day 4 -  Something you have to forgive someone else for.

This is a tough one for someone who can't hold a grudge. Certainly I get angry at people, I am disappointed, I am hurt, but they pass fairly quickly, leaving only a wisp of whatever hurt it was. I make an attempt to look at it differently. The short answer is I don't have anything hanging about that needs forgiving. Is that really true? Yeah, I think it really is.

There's a reason for this. Some years ago, I read a couple of Louise Hay's books. I don't usually read self-help books, but someone recommended her and what I  read made a lasting impression that helped me very much. In fact, it changed the way I approached life. She spoke about her parents and how, despite abuse, she had forgiven them. She looked into their childhoods and realized they did the best they could with what they had. That sentence made all the difference for me. I think most people do the things they do to others because, at their deepest core, it's all they know. They do the best they can with what they have. Now, this doesn't excuse the pain people cause each other - Louise says forgiveness has nothing to do with condoning behavior. But if I spend my life dwelling on hurts given and received, what kind of life would I have? And not that I don't dwell on things sometimes, but for the most part, I consider them and let them go. I do try not to forget the lessons learned though. There's also those sayings;  being happy is the best revenge; don't let the bastards win. You get the idea. At some point you have to get up, dust yourself off and proceed with life, stop letting someone else control how you live and feel.

The past can never be changed, it happened and we can't go back. If I have done something or someone has done something to me, what I can do is acknowledge it, think about it for a little while and how I feel, then move on. I try to change the way I think about it if I am in a wacko place with it. And believe me, I get into those wacko places with emotional stuff - I contemplate it, toss it about, but... ultimately, I just let go. It did take a long time for me to get to this place though.  

I keep going and TRY to leave behind what doesn't do me any good. If you keep carrying everything around with you, it sure becomes a heavy load. Some days are better than others for this, but I just keep going, looking at the stuff that makes me happy and letting the rest of it drift away. It is all up to me. 

Forgiveness means giving up, letting go. It has nothing to do with condoning behavior. It''s
just letting the whole thing go. We do not need to know HOW to forgive. All we need to do
is be willing to forgive.

~ Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life ~

Blessings nine!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November, Hallows & Day 3 - The Truth

November comes
And November goes,
With the last red berries
And the first white snows.

With night coming early,
And dawn coming late,
And ice in the bucket
And frost by the gate.

The fires burn
And the kettles sing,
And earth sinks to rest
Until next spring.

~ Elizabeth Coatsworth ~

Happy November! Our Hallows ritual was lovely last night. I managed to crawl home by a quarter to four! We had a lovely remember for those who have gone by and our hazelnut charms are made and hung. I brought the offerings home to my hedge, my friend's dogs have taken to raiding the crossroads near her home for them, LOL. My Spirits welcomed them and a libation of cider, milk and Strega Liqueur. I am very much at peace this morning, good things are on the horizon.

Day 3 Something you have to forgive yourself for.

I try not to dwell on past mistakes and misjudgments. We are all human and really, nothing can change the past. My motto (I know, I have many) is to learn, accept and move on. That being said, there is something I haven't been able to forgive myself for and I keep working at it. The fact is I am not yet at that place where I feel I deserve forgiveness - it is such a painful memory - is the reason, I am sure. The good that came out of it is that I will never do something like it again, I am careful to consider what another may be going through. I certainly don't take any crap from someone because they can't manage their anger, but I try - sometimes successfully, sometimes not, to remind myself that there are reasons why people do what they do - painful reasons. 

I had a relative I was close to, now passed, who was an alcoholic. One day, when I was about 20 or 21, she called me and sounded drunk. I asked if she had been drinking and she denied it, but I believe she had been. Instead of talking to her, I hung up the phone, judgement passed. I cringe at this memory, even now, 33 years later. What was I thinking? How unkind and lacking in compassion I was. What would it have hurt to talk to her, even if she had been drinking? I loved her then, I love her still and I will regret it the rest of my life. A lesson - love them while you have them, warts and all. Make sure they know it - always make sure the people you love know that you do.
Blessings nine!