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Friday, August 27, 2010

Late Night Musings & Magick

Well, my mother has had her back surgery and her pain is gone, thank the Goddesses. Many people sent healing energy and prayers, we are very thankful, many blessings to all of you. She is on the road to recovery! She really suffered from terrible pain before the surgery and had gotten to the point where she could not walk. The surgeon said he's never seen such a bad case in twenty years, it was a mess. So... now she just needs to get back on her feet and back to her active life. 

As for me, I have a batch of peaches waiting to be turned into peach butter which I always enjoy making. There's something soothing and cozy about jam making, well, about home cooking in general, at least for me. It is a magickal experience, imbuing love and healing into every bit. If we all cooked our own food from scratch, we'd all be a lot healthier according to the Real Food movement. I get my info about this from The Weston Price Foundation, the book "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon and various blogs and articles. My goal is to have home cooked, real food everyday. The jam, while it contains sugar, is healthier than anything you will buy in the store. I use organic sugar and fruit. I prefer fruit butters as they need no added pectin and it is simply fruit, sugar (which can be adjusted to use less) and spices - just keep cooking it down until it is the right consistency - very easy. The canning part is really very little trouble and I love to listen for that little ping as the jars cool after processing and the lids seal. One of life's pleasurable and useful activities.

Another thing I love to do as September rolls in, is make pomanders. I'm talking about the real thing - oranges studded completely with whole cloves, then dried in a mixture of aromatic spices. I have a huge bowl that I put the powdered spices in and just sit the clove studded fruit in, turning them and sprinkling them daily. Toadstool Condo is scented with the warm aroma and these pomanders last for years! I have some that are twenty or more years old. Of course my fingertips are a bit worse for wear after studding the oranges (I use an old  fine knitting needle to pierce the fruit, it doesn't stop a bit of staining) but they smell heavenly. I love the scent of cloves and it has many fine healing and magickal qualities.

Cloves are a most favorite spice. I use clove and lemon essential oils in my homemade vinegar cleaner, it smells wonderful, is antiseptic and germicidal, lifts one's spirits while calming as well as attracting good energies.  The best part, aside from the fact that it works well, is that there are no harmful chemicals. It is very inexpensive to make. I use a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water, but you can use less vinegar if you like. I find the 1:1 ratio makes a better grease cutting agent. For two cups of liquid, I use about 10-15 drops of each essential oil, but this too can be adjusted to your liking. Shake well before spraying surfaces. Also, this is for countertops, sinks, tile - not wood. Test on the surface to be sure it won't damage it.

Magickly speaking, cloves are very useful. They repel negative energies, attract good ones, good people and can be used in protective ways. . Cat Yronwode, recommends studding a red candle with cloves, then burning to stop lies, malicious gossip and slander. This will also make your enemies friendlier. I find that having some cloves in a pot pourri or clove oil in an aromatherapy lamp, keeps visitors happy and feeling good.

Cinnamon and clove tea will help sooth an upset digestive system as well as taste divine. The scent will give an emotional lift while the spices do their work internally. Any medicinal tea is best made from scratch. Simply break up a cinnamon stick, bruise a few cloves, add some chamomile if you like , then pour boiling water over and steep 10 minutes, then add some black tea if you like and give it another 5 minutes to brew. Strain and serve as you like. I prefer my tea with a little cream, but to each her own!

It seems that August has just sped by and it is time to stitch a few holiday ornaments for my own Solstice tree and to give as gifts along with the jam and shortbread. Did I mention how delicious the merest smear of jam is on shortbread? Again - homemade is best, but in a pinch, Walkers makes theirs with just butter, sugar and flour, the best way and will do in a pinch.

All of this chatter about tea, jam and shortbread has stirred my appetite. I'd best be off to sleep so I am well rested for my various activities tomorrow.

Blessings nine!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Baker Witch

The Goblin Baker

by Elizabeth Creith

The goblin baker with his cart
Cried "Cricket pie and tadpole tart!
Spider strudel, newt éclairs!
Children, come and taste my wares!
Shortbread made with butterfly,
Scarab wafers, who will buy?
Praying mantis petits fours,
Pismire patties by the score!
Macaroons of dragonflies,
Gingerbread with insect eyes,
Pie of newt and scone of frog,
Pasties filled with polliwog,
Beetle biscuits, moth meringue!"
So the goblin baker sang,
And goblin children ran to buy
Tadpole tart and cricket pie.

Baked yesterday afternoon, a sour cream pound cake with special ingredients. What are they, you ask? A witch has her secrets! But I promise you, there were no polliwogs or butterflies.

Blessings nine!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Think Like A Tree
By Karen Shragg

Soak up the Sun
Affirm Life's magic
Be graceful in the wind
Stand tall after a storm
Feel refreshed after it rains
Grow strong without notice
Be prepared for each season
Provide shelter to strangers
Hang tough through a cold spell
Emerge renewed at the first signs of Spring
Stay deeply rooted while reaching for the sky
Be still long enough to hear your own leaves rustling.

I was reading the above poem, jotting notes and contemplating its message when I remembered the photo of this huge tree, I believe in Clearwater or Largo, near my mother's home. I suddenly began to remember many meditative journeys where trees, their roots and branches, became part of me.  Those notes became the following poem.

Me, A Tree

I love trees, they seems a part of me and I of them.
My roots, deep in the soil, grow from my hands and feet.
Branches sprout, reaching from my head, 
Long and glorious, beautiful in the wind.
I feel the sap journey inside, feeding, refreshing, 
Nourishing, renewing.
I feel the earth, warm, moist, dark and deep,
When someone hugs me, they hug a tree.
A laughing Willow,
An old mother Elder,
A mysterious Yew,
Yes, that is me, all three.

copyright 2010, E A Kaufman

Blessings nine! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Monday!

Another beautiful week begins and I am busy at Toadstool Condo. Intense studying for my state board, finally. I sent my paperwork to the state in June, went off to care for my mother, no word. When I got back last week I called - oh, I was approved for my exam on June 28. Why didn't they notify me? Oh, the testing center does that, but sometimes they don't. *%&#? And how was I to know this? Well, anyway, that's the way it is and so I move on from here. Since I will have to go back to my mother's next week for her surgery, I have scheduled my exam for early September.

In any event, it is a lovely day. I sit with a cup of tea contemplating what else to do today, a little stitching, a little reading and how about sharing a spell? Some Monday magick!

Spell of the Sea Shell
Author Unknown

To perform this spell,  find a suitable sea shell in shallow water or use one you have had in your possession for some time. Take the shell, wash and dry it thoroughly. Draw a symbol of your desire upon the surface of the shell or write your desire or wish upon it. This must be done with something that will easily wash off in water. No Sharpies - they are permanent, but a water color pen would work perfectly.

Place the shell upon the shore (the sea shore is best, but any body of water large enough to have natural tides will do), so that the Tide will bring waves across the shell. The symbol or words written upon the shell must be facing upwards (toward the Moon). Be sure to note the phase of the Moon (waxing moon for the gain of something, waning for the dissolving of something). When the shell is in place, draw a triangle in the ground/sand, enclosing the shell completely.

Chant the following while looking up at the moon:

Goddess of Moon, Earth, and the Sea,
My wish in Thy name now comes to be.
Powers and Forces which Tides do make,
Now summon Thy waves, my spell to take.

The spell is finished. Walk away from the shell and do not look back. Once the waves come, then your wish will be taken out to the Old Ones. 

Blessings nine!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Give Away at Blue Ribbon Designs Blog

As an obsessive stitcher, I enjoy bringing others into the stitching fold. Belinda, the designer behind Blue Ribbon Designs, a favorite designer and also an obsessive stitcher, is having a giveaway at her blog: http://blueribbondesigns.blogspot.com/

While you're there, take a look at her designs - they're just wonderful!

In other news, dinner with Lucky and the old dude, then tarot reading. We were supposed to stitch, but got caught up in the cards. We did however have a brief show and tell - very brief, those cards were calling! Stitching and tarot - OK, how many spend evenings with these two pursuits - at the same time?

Blessings Nine!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back Home At the Toadstool

Well, I am finally back home at Toadstool Condo after almost a month away. My mother is having terrible back problems and will be having surgery on the 23rd. She was barely able to move until a new pain management specialist gave her new meds and injections that have seemed to help. Of course, she won't be turning cart wheels anytime soon, but then she wasn't  before either! However, she did have a rather active life which has come to a screeching halt. My aunt has taken over her care to give me a break. The old man and I haven't ever been away from each other for more than a few days so we're happy and cozy once again. Gods, I did miss him and the Schmoodle terribly! We'll head back up to my mom's next week to be there for the surgery, staying a few days - Wendy Rule and Hecate's Wheel just happen to  be in concert there the day after her surgery - talk about luck!

And speaking of that concert, it will take place at a wonderful witch shop in Dunedin, Enchanted Earth. The owner, Kim, a most delightful witch, recently acquired a cauldron-load of used metaphysical books. I acquired about... I am almost, but not quite embarrassed to say, approximately fifty-five books! More about those as I wade through them, but one that I did read already, King of the Witches, a biography of Alex Sanders was pretty interesting even if much of it may be BS!

I attended a beautiful healing circle at the shop with Alania, a healer and angel messenger reader. Interesting and darling gal. We had some great discussions and I look forward to seeing her again. The circle was beautiful, ringed with chunks of rose quartz and pots of pink and white flowers. I helped by giving Reiki to about twenty five women. I happened, by chance, to be wearing pink and white that day. Some of the women told me I looked like an angel across the circle. Well, it's back to the black for me!!!!!!!! I'm about as angelic as Medusa - alright well maybe not Medusa, but angelic??? Me??? Please!

I celebrated Hekate's Night last evening with Raven, a wonder ritual. I will post a photo of the altar soon. Right now, the Toadstool requires dusting and tidying. I think I'll leave the cobwebs in the corners, they are a delightful addition to my Victorian Witch decor!

Blessings nine!