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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

To Banish the Pain of Unrequited Love

Elizabeth Pepper was the creator and publisher, beginning in 1971, of The Witches Almanac. The almanac continues, since her passing, to be a interesting, educational, and helpful  little book for many witches. She also published a number of small books of various lore and magick, "Love Charms" being one of  them. 

With Valentine's Day in the very near future, but a waning moon upon us, I thought this little spell, one of Elizabeth's creations, would be appropriate as not everyone enjoys this holiday of romance and love. Some are dealing with break ups, divorce, or just caring for someone who doesn't return their feelings. This simple, but powerful spell can assist one in moving on. She advised that this spell be performed during the waning moon. 

To Banish the Pain of Unrequited Love

Make a fire on a hearth or in a brazier. 
Crumble dried leaves of vervain in your major (dominant) 
hand as you concentrate upon your intention. 
Toss the herb, all at once, on the fire and say:

“Here is my pain,
Take it and soar,
Depart from me now
Offend me no more.”

from ‘Love Charms’ by Elizabeth Pepper  
(published by The Witches Almanac LTD.)

Blessings nine!