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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Walk in the Moonlight

(photo copyright E A Kaufman 2010)

Took a lovely stroll beneath the moon at about 11:00 PM. I walked by my hedge and reached my hand out calling to the spirits there and well, they answered! As soon as my hand entered the area around the hedge I could feel them,a heaviness, heat, tingling. When I pulled my hand away, it stopped - I could actually feel the boundary. It gave me a little something because I feel clear and light. How wonderful it is when this happens. I've had a few little episodes of... I guess validation, this week. Answers to questions, signs, energy being stirred up in a positive way. It must be this moon energy; the full moon along with a grand seven planet cardinal cross, a lunar eclipse coming on the 26th and a solar eclipse on July 11th! Whew - major stirring of the cauldron!

In Beth Owl's Daughter's newsletter, Wings, she passes along this info:
Astrologer Rhea Wolf writes, "The Summer Solstice chart, which sets the tone of things for the next three months, holds a Grand Cardinal Cross – a major gateway energy in astrology. Yes, it’s big. Yes, it’s intense. Yes, it’s time to change. Those who argue for continuing on our current path of overconsumption and violence are delusional and out of synch."
Now that the Solstice has passed, there is no going back, and it is important that we all hold on tight and access our most heroic, Divine selves. 
First, we will be dealing with the powerful Full Moon this Saturday, June 26.  Renowned astrologer, Dan Furst explains this is, "an alignment of terrific power, and harbinger of what is to come within 3 weeks, on July 14.  At this Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse, Pluto in Capricorn conjoins the Moon, both opposite Sun and Mercury in Cancer, while Uranus and Jupiter are conjunct in Aries, both opposing Saturn in late Virgo.
"Thus a seven-planet grand cross forms. At the same time, Neptune and Chiron are conjunct, and Mars in Virgo is trine the Dragon’s Head in Capricorn. Venus in Leo is quintile the two Aries planets in the grand cross, so that all the planets and the Moon’s Nodes are linked in one tremendous configuration."
Folks, this is rare, and deeply challenging stuff. I am certainly not joining what Dan calls the doom pimps of astrology (and this event has sure brought some of them out of the woodwork!).  
But such a dramatic and rare alignment challenges us to ask ourselves  - who are we and what role have we agreed to, in the sacred work of awakening the world? 
"This is not a time to be afraid – doors are opening now and it’s time to walk through them.  Our world is in a state of terrible dysfunction and a rebalancing is necessary. Any fears and areas of discomfort that arise now are emerging so that they can be seen for the shadows that they are rather than the experiences of reality that we believe them to be."
Dan Furst heartily agrees, emphasizing, "Those who will have the hardest time with what is about to arrive will be those who fiercely resist change, most of all in their own beliefs and behaviors; who are endlessly engaged in attacking the ones whom they see as having caused the problems; and who refuse either to accept any responsibility for what has gone wrong, or [refuse] to propose any positive steps toward solutions, least of all those that might benefit people whom they perceive as their enemies."
Fear not, but do keep your seat belt buckled. This Summer is going to be a major turning point and it's all hands on deck.  Cultivate compassion, take exquisite care of yourself and each other, keep the faith, and live into the changes you want to see in the world.  

You can read more at Beth's site and sign up for her newsletter here: 

Everything is shifting, moving, taking us along for the ride. I am hearing many stories from women I have read cards for and others whom I discuss metaphysics with. Me? I'm going with the flow, not letting myself get worked up - change has always been an issue for me, but now... well, I seem to be adjusting just fine. An old friend that I've reconnected with recently said it was good to read a positive take on the summer's energetic shifts when I shared Beth's newsletter on my yahoo group. She's right, that is the way to approach this, seeing the good and being excited about the possibilities that await us. So, with this in mind I  have drawn a tarot card.

King of Wands - well! Wands are all about fire, growth, creativity, inspiration. Fire also has it's negative associations, but we're looking at the positive here so I think the keyword is growth. The King of Wands represents confidence, ambition and leadership qualities, knowing. Possibilities are before us without much in the way of obstacles - we're ready to leap. Tempered by moderation, whatever our passion is, it is there waiting. Along with the astrological energies surrounding us, I would say we are all ready to fly. But it is up to us. We can remain where we are or we can take the chance. What are you waiting for? Where is your creative passion trying to take you? Indeed the doors are opening. Now is the right time. Yes, step carefully, but follow the path. 
So, fasten your seat belts, it's going to be the mother of all rides!

Blessings nine!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chakra Connecting & The Rite of Self Blessing

This chakra connecting technique is based on the one found in the book, Healing Touch, A Resource for Health Care Professionals by  Dorothea Hover-Kramer, Ed.D, RN. She states that one should follow the basic outline and personalize by adding one's own variations - which is what I have done. I use it  before every ritual to bring the energy systems of my body into a state of alignment and balance, which radiates out into the space where I am. I also do this each morning and evening; sometimes I use it during the day if things get stressful or I need to strengthen my connection to the Lady.

Begin by grounding and centering yourself; feel roots slowly flowing from your palms and the soles of your feet, pushing into the ground. Actually feel your hands and feet sinking into the earth as if you were pushing them into soil for planting. Feel the roots tugging a bit, gently, keeping your body connected to the earth.

Sit toward the edge of your chair, back straight, but relaxed and comfortable, feet flat on the ground/floor. 

Breathe in deeply, rub your hands together, clap three times and bring the palms of your hands close together, but not touching. Slowly move them away and together, away and together, but not touching, feel the energy building. You should feel a tingling or warmth and a pull  from your hands, similar to two magnates pulling together, as the palms get close to each other. Draw the hands apart, then in, then apart, building a collection of energy. When you have the energy fully formed, place it in your heart and then the third eye. 

Now place your hands at the root chakra. Feel the energy of the Mother in the Earth below; pull this energy up. If you like, you can use four fold breathing - inhale to a count of 4, hold for 4, release to a count of 4 and hold for 4. You should feel a warmth in the area of the root chakra and your hands, perhaps some tingling. 

Move one hand to the sacral chakra keeping the other at the root. Again, pull the energy up, use four fold breathing. 

Next, move the hand from the root to the solar-plexus - repeat the above breathing as you draw the energy up. 

The hand that is on the sacral chakra now moves to the heart, the hand at the solar-plexus remains there - draw the energy up and use four fold breathing. 

The hand at the solar-plexus now moves to the throat, the hand at the heart remains - continue drawing up the energy and four fold breathing.

The hand at the heart now moves to the third eye, repeat drawing the energy further up and four-fold breathing. 

The hand at the throat now moves to the crown, repeat  the breathing technique. You should feel a definite "flow" of energy, a sense of movement up and through the body, the root "flashing" warmth or some other sensation, as well as strong awareness of the other chakras.

Open the hand at the crown and bring the other hand from the third eye to the crown area, holding it open \__/ so the energy can flow. Hold for four fold breathing.

Again, you will sense the energy flowing up and down through your body. Now, reach up and out with your arms in a modified goddess pose. Hold for a few breathes then lower the arms very slowly and gently.

The Rite of Self-Blessing (to follow chakra connecting)

This is from Mysteries of Demeter by Jennifer Reif with slight modification. The movements should be slow and gentle as you recite the blessings softly with sincere feeling.

Bring finger tips of both hands to the third eye, eyes closed and say:       
Eye of Spirit where wisdom enters,

Extend the right arm out to the side, slightly lowered , say:                                                                     
May Her good enter from the right hand,

Extend the left arm in the same manner, say:                                                                            
May Her good enter from the left hand,

Bring both hands to your heart and say:                                                                        
For She dwells within

Extend arms straight out in front of you, palms up, arms at heart level and say:                                                                
And without

Bring hands back to heart, say:                                                                                          
 In beauty

Bow head and say:                                                                                                                           
And honor

Raise arms up and out, modified goddess pose \ / and with great emotion say:
Hail Great Mother! (or whichever goddess you choose.)

You should feel at peace, connected to spirit and prepared for whatever awaits, ritual, healing work and/or meditation - or simply the day or night ahead.

Mysteries of Demeter, Jennifer Reif
Healing Touch, A Resource for Health Care Professionals, Dorothea Hover-Kramer
The Psychic Energy Codex, Michelle Belanger

 By E. A. Kaufman (copyright 2008) 
(I am unable to locate the name of the artist and title of the painting used, but will add the credit when I find it. I am grateful to the artist for this beautiful work.)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice Blessings!

Brightest & most sacred blessings
of the Summer Solstice to all!

Dark is the night, far is the dawning,
Sing for the shining light on the way.
Harken, be ready, attend to our calling,
Sing all you guardians who wait at the door.

Sing, sing, sing for the dawning,
Sing for the midnight, the noon and the day!
Sing, sing, sing for the morning,
Sing for the glory of MidSummer Day!
(Caitlin Matthews)

And so the year turns and we begin the descent into the waning of the year. The seeds are sown, the fruit blossoms, soon we shall reap the Mother's harvest. In the meantime, embrace summer's beauty as it bursts to fruition. Enjoy the beach, the lake, picnics and your garden. Stitch outdoors, walk in the early morning and the late afternoon. Eat strawberries and all the fresh veggies you can find. Drink iced tea kissed by mint to refresh and cool. Let the Sun shine upon you and give you a boost of vitamin D; let Her heat warm your heart and soul. Allow that which you wish to release to flow from you as you sweat in the Summer's heat.  Embrace all that is the Mother's, beneath our feet, beside us, above us and, yes, within us for we are part of Her sacred Land.

Blessings nine! 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It seems like I just celebrated this festival and here I am again. I would like to share a beautiful invocation by C. Maria Caeca that I am including in my rites this year. I will light a candle each day from the 7th through the 15th in honor of Vesta, while reciting this and other prayers.

Hail Vesta, may She bless you and yours!

Vesta Mater,
When I must walk through mists of uncertainty,
When I become lost in the fog of doubt,
When the tiny, sharp claws of fear
Tear at my will, and savage my spirit,
When the harsh flames of anger
Threaten to sear me from within,

When the seeming fair false rectitude of arrogance lures me on to dangerous paths,
When I become careless of the hurt I may do to those I love,
When darkness hides my knowledge of right ...

If I can stop: wait: be silent:
If I can turn my regard inward,
deep into my center, to that place where I
am connected with all that is,

Your steady flame reveals itself, calling me,
Drawing me gently and surely
back into the balance of your brilliant silence
Back to the shelter of your quiet, steady strength,
Back into the light of your eternal flame,
Back to you ..where I may abide,
without uncertainty, doubt, fear, anger or arrogance,
Held in balance and protected by your living light.

You, who have always been, and will always be, 
so long as 1 hearth burns, so long as one flame is kept for you in one heart, 
to you, Vesta Mater, I now freely offer
Those few things I possess;

My mind, that I may serve you with diligence and learn of you;
my voice, that I may sing your praises,
my hands in your service:
my heart ...in simple, wordless, joyous love.

C. Maria Caeca

Blessings nine!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Lovely Long Weekend

This past weekend was a lovely, but busy three day mini-vacation. We celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary (oh my goddess, I can't believe it is that long!) on the 31st which I commemorated with the above little stitch designed by Beth Twist at Heartstring Samplery (http://thetwistfamily.blogspot.com/). I made a little cushion with it to hang on the connubial couch. I love reading Beth's blog and her designs are wonderful.

However, before the anniversary I had other adventures. On Saturday an old friend, Ruby, brought a , now, new friend, Sabrina, to visit. We went out to lunch, visited a couple of the local metaphysical shops and then went back to  Toadstool Condo for tea and lots of chatter. Sunday was spent finishing both the little anniversary cushion and the "At Pemberley" piece designed by The Sampler Girl. That will also be stitched into a cushion - I'm running out of wall space! In the evening I was off in the Strega-mobile to Miami to Ruby's home for a dedication ritual. A lovely evening, a lovely ritual.

Tomorrow night, tarot reading for a few of the girls from school - everyone has love issues, sigh! I only have another week and I will graduate, then just studying for my state board in about a month. I'm definitely ready to finish although I will miss being with everyone I've grown close to over the last nine months.

As for this week - more magic, mayhem and a little potion brewing then off to the hair show in Orlando, another three day weekend! 

And that is what's happening at Toadstool Condo!

Blessings nine!

Witches three!