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Friday, June 24, 2011

To Obtain A Lover

To Obtain A Lover Who Will Be Forever True

You will need a red candle in the shape of a witch
A thimble
A small square of red cloth
A nine inch length of pink ribbon
Three drops each of the essential oils of rose and jasmine
added to a thimbleful of finest olive oil.
A small bowl with nine dried rosebuds, nine dried jasmine flowers, 
and nine whole cloves,
each as perfect a specimen as you can obtain. 
To these, add a thimbleful each of cinnamon, damiana 
and scrapings of dried orange peel.
 This will be your offering with a bit taken later to make a sachet
to keep for yourself.

Beginning just after you see the first crescent of a New Moon,
anoint the candle with the perfume oil as 
you call upon one of the Hidden Company to assist you.
Be respectful. Do not be greedy. 
Request the help of only one, 
one who is sympathetic to those longing for love.

 To the small bowl of flowers, spices, herb and fruit peel, 
add some of the perfume oil as well. 
Light the candle each night and burn for 13 minutes 
chanting the following charm over and over,

Red Witch of flame, burning bright,
Hear my request upon this night.
An offering sweet I make to you
To bring me a lover forever true.
For me to hold and me to keep,
One whose love for me is strong and forever deep. 

Extinguish the candle by pinching or snuffing after 13 minutes. 
Do not blow the candle out.
Continue burning the candle for 13 minutes each night 
until it is spent and will burn no more.
From the offering bowl, remove a thimbleful of the offering 
and place on a small square of red cloth. 
Gather the cloth into a sachet by bringing the corners together, giving a little twist,
then tie up the cloth with a pink ribbon, nine inches in length, making nine knots.
Gather any remnant wax and add to the offering bowl.
Take the bowl to some private place, better a hedge or crossroads, 
and scatter the offering there, saying:

Red Witch who was of the flame,
Accept this gift from a daughter of the Dame!

Turn three times widdershins while looking at the night sky, 
then walk away without looking back.
Hide the sachet of red cloth in some secret place, 
such as the drawer that holds your undergarments or stockings. 

~ from the forthcoming "A  Book of Artes & Charms"
copyright E A Kaufman, 2011

Blessings nine!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Merry Midsummer!

Midsummer Magick

As the longest day of Summer fades into memory,
So comes that shortest and blessed night.
At the witching hour, as the bell chimes longest, we call,
Midsummer magick come alive!

We've spent the warm day in forest and meadow,
Gathered our John's Wort, vervain and rue,
Plucked trefoil and roses too, and seeds of fern.
Midsummer magick come alive!

Then we crush the seeds with herb and flower,
Blandan well wax from the bee and tallow fat.
Dancing, we chant the great charme of power,
Midsummer magick come alive!

Into the woods we once again travel,
A pinch of rue, not forgotten, in our pockets.
With magick fat we anoint our eyes, our legs and bellies.
Midsummer magick come  alive!

We languidly lay beneath the willow's branches,
  With a glimpse of dreams and instructing visions,
There before us, the Horde rides and sways,
Midsummer magick has come alive!

copyright E A Kaufman 2011

Blessings nine and Merry Midsummer!

Friday, June 10, 2011


I have a stack of finished needlework projects that need finishing - it never ends, or so it seems - doesn't stop the needle from flying though. Some are being stitched into little goodies and a few others were taken to my LNS, Cross Stitch Cupboard in Fort Lauderdale, for framing. They do a wonderful job and are a great shop, always helpful and so knowledgeable - if you can't figure out a stitching issue, they certainly can! I also photographed some other witchy stitches that hang around Toadstool Condo; I thought you might enjoy seeing them. Some are from a number of years back, all are dear to my heart!

Most recent framing: 

A little freebie design from an alphabet found on line, that I adapted and changed into something a little witchy!

A design by Lisa, may she be on a wonderful journey, of The Primitive Needle. She passed away a few months ago when swept away in her car by a flash flood. I have many of her designs. I was working on this when it happened and so have dedicated it to her memory.

And some old favorites including the witch wall, not a great photo, but there's no other way to photograph it as it is a hallway between the front door and dining/living room area. It is very narrow. All witchy designs - and a few pieces of Jewish art for my darling dear! We mix it up at the Toadstool!

Mike gave me another Jim Shore witch, this one called Wicked, with a flying monkey, a few years ago for my collection. I then found this little stitch to go with it - just perfect! Instead of stitching the broom, I added a silver broom charm. There's also an old, very old,  Cricket Collection design of a cute little witch next to it, to which I added a little crescent moon button - can't seem to stitch anything as designed.

And this is the work I designed for my article, The Ritual of Stitching, which was published with the chart in The Beltane Papers in 1997, I believe. Again, not a great photo due to the hallway, but you get the idea. I am planning to self-publish the chart in the very near future, so if you are interested in obtaining the chart so you can stitch this little blessing, let me know. There are a few specialty stitches as well as some leaf charms, but you could use small leaf buttons - or anything else you like!
A little stitch in a great frame from Cross Stitch Cupboard, to show I am a member of:
And a necessary caution:  

And finally, another designer's work which is changed, if not beyond recognition, then not exactly what she had in mind and too long ago to remember which one! Blackwork, cross stitch, specialty stitches and a verse from Lucius Apuleius, I believe - my contribution to the designs, which is a favorite.

So there we have it, witchy stitches! Most, except for the first three photos, have been framed for many years, but I thought I'd share them anyway. The last was an offering for Hekate, our Great Lady!

Here's hoping you have a lovely weekend. I am at the shop tomorrow with all our wonderful crystals and stones, and other magickal paraphenalia. We now have a Facebook page! If you'd like a virtual tour of our magickal shop, go to the link below and "Like" our page:
Gorgeous amethyst heart with baby calcite points and some smaller amethyst specimens. Wonderful pieces, great energy. After years in medicine, this job is a dream come true!

Blessings nine!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Vestalia!

(ClipArt Etc.)

Comes Vesta,
To live in this beautiful home!
Come with warm feelings of friendship.
Bring Your intelligence,
Your energy and Your passion
To join us with Your goodwill.
Burn brightly at my hearth.
Burn always in my soul.
You are welcome here.
I remember You!

( Hymn to Vesta - unsure of source)

I am in the midst of my annual Vestalia celebration. The hearth has been cleaned physically and spiritually, and will be re-consecrated tomorrow evening. As for our stove, it has been scoured within an inch of its life; the oven burns away - self-cleaning! The ashes will be strewn in the wind during Friday night's ritual and re-consecration will follow. The altar also has received its share of dusting, rearrangement, additions of new items and removal of others. Each goddess statue has been bathed physically with a special brew, the base of which is rosewater followed by spiritual cleansing; re-consecration will take place during tomorrow's ritual as well. 

Why this celebration? The hearth and stove really are the heart's flame of the home, any home and especially mine. The stove is where I prepare our food, to nourish and nurture, many tinctures, infusions and decoctions are prepared there along with other magickal brews as well as baked offerings. The hearth brings warmth of heart, contentment and it is a place of many magickal workings as well. It is also the center of our home. Sacred flames are lit there many times during the week and my daily devotions are performed there. Naturally, I will honor one of the goddesses who is keeper of this place; the other being Hestia.

I have prepared my version of the mola salsa and will use it as an offering tomorrow night as well as a dusting for the pork roast that will be prepared, offered and eaten over the weekend.

(Priestess of Vesta, Lord Leighton)

I also honor, at this celebration, the Vestals themselves, who kept the flame alive and the temple sacred. They gave a great deal of their lives and incredible dedication, so I include those priestesses of long ago in my veneration.

May Vesta's flame burn brightly in your heart and keep your home alive with love and warmth, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Blessings nine!