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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Lovely Morning

This morning as I sat at the computer, I heard the chirping of the baby ducks that visit us almost daily, both morning and evening. Of course, we generally give them some bread so they do like to visit. They are getting bigger every day. This morning the mother duck was not out there with the babies and I was a little worried. However, after a few minutes, I looked up and across the sky, rather low to the ground, is a duck flying toward us - the mommy! All is well in their world.

I also heard the screeching of a squirrel - this is not unusual either as the squirrels and birds are constantly arguing. This morning, one of the birds was dive-bombing one little squirrel, pecking at her repeated as the squirrel ran. Later, after our ducks left for their daily wanderings, the squirrel came right up to where I was standing and just stared at me. I got her some nuts and she was very pleased. This one is very brave and doesn't run from people.

Other items on today's agenda - the making of apricot butter. Every June I make this lovely, golden fruit butter which is so simple and delicious. Just sugar and fruit cooked over a low flame for about two hours and then put in jars and processed in a water-bath. Delicious all through the year on toast or shortbread or even chicken! The apricot butter is a very welcome gift at the Winter Solstice.

And... stitching my mother's solstice gift. Only time will tell if she gets it this year or next. I am stitching the Victoria Sampler's Heirloom Nativity Sampler. Yes, I know - a witch, married to a Jew, stitching a nativity sampler for her Catholic mother!!! They've burned women for less! What can I say, I love my mom and she loves Madonna images and related items, so I want to do this for her.I have also been working again on the Salem Remembered sampler which I started last year, but put down and never got back to. I love that sampler, but I've got to get the nativity done. I will take a break now and then to take a few stitches on this piece.

Blessings nine!

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