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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In The Garden At Toadstool Condo

We have mushrooms in the garden at Toadstool Condo! Actually, we found them under the hedge along the walkway. They are the tiniest mushrooms I've ever seen in the wild, as you can see. They are pure white, very round and have a tall stalk. This is the mushroom forest - quite pretty. No luck yet identifying them, although I browsed quickly through my mushroom field guide and two other old picture books. And here is Ms. Nips, our resident squirrel. I was watching her as she tried to scare off the ducks and egrets and noticed how much bigger she's grown. Well, then, as she ate a cashew, I could see that the reason for that is she's pregnant! Baby squirrels on the way! Ms. Nips will come up to the walkway, but if we try to get near her she runs away - as it should be. She will wait nearby though for bits of bread, sunflower seeds and nuts. She also likes the duck scratch we put out for our duck families.

Tonight I will be celebrating the Autumn Equinox with a ritual of course. Here is an excerpt from one of the invocations which is adapted from a ritual by Stormwing:

The Wheel of the Year turns on and on,
What will be is, what was will be.
In this moment, between time,
I come to praise the bountiful, aging Goddess.
I give thanks and feel myself as a part of the
Relentless turning Wheel of Life, Death and Rebirth.
O Blessed Demeter, Lady of the Harvest,
Be with me here and witness my Rite.
Grant me strength and understanding
Throughout this season and always!
O Blessed Persephone, Queen of the Underworld,
Be with me here and witness my Rite.
Let me understand the changes, the mysteries
Of Life, Death and Rebirth.
O Great & Blessed Hekate of the Crossroads,
Be with me here and witness my Rite.
Teach me the secrets of Your Mysteries,
The ways of magic and knowing.
The time of change is upon us again,
The Equinox comes, the Wheel turns.
May I see and feel the presence of the Goddess within,
Though without, the Earth begins Her slumber.

May your harvest be abundant! Blessings Nine!

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