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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Making Music - A New Instrument

But the wise daughters of the Mousa
bring too their healing balm,
the soft embrace of song
Pindar, Nemean Ode

Will you just look at this beautiful girl - she is my new mountain dulcimer, Little Bessie. Her name is taken from a song by the same name, which I love. She arrived this afternoon and tonight I was playing - not wonderfully, I've only owned her for a few hours, but playing and delighted all the same. I love the sound of the mountain dulcimer and this one sings a very sweet song.

Little Bessie has four pretty hearts with vine-like scrolls carved into her and she is made of black walnut, red cedar and has a rosewood inlay. The headstock and fingerboard are maple overlay with rosewood over that. Just gorgeous and we seem to like each other very well. Many will understand this, that there can be an energetic connection between a person and a tool of art. As soon as I picked her up, I felt that connection, strong and alive.

Tomorrow I shall make appropriate offering to Hekate, for She brings creative energy to those who honor Her, for this wonderful gift. In addition, offerings to the Muses, especially Kalliope (Beautiful voice), Melpomene (Celebrating with song) and Polyhymnia (Many hymns) also seem quite appropriate. Perhaps even a dedication of this instrument to all of Them!
I just love these sweet hearts and vine-like scrolls!

My friend Susan and I are working at guitars and the dulcimer. She teaches music in her own little music school and is very talented. I go back and forth with music, but I seem to have found my perfect instrument with Little Bessie. Perhaps you'll hear us singing some night in a coffee shop or bar! Sirens strumming and singing their magical songs!

Trusting in it and in the Mousai of the crimson headdress,
I, for my part, display this gift of songs.
Bacchylides, Fragment 13

And on the immortals' hearts,
Your shafts, poetry & song
Instill a charmed spell...
Pindar, Pythian Ode

Blessings nine!

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