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Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice Blessings!

Brightest & most sacred blessings
of the Summer Solstice to all!

Dark is the night, far is the dawning,
Sing for the shining light on the way.
Harken, be ready, attend to our calling,
Sing all you guardians who wait at the door.

Sing, sing, sing for the dawning,
Sing for the midnight, the noon and the day!
Sing, sing, sing for the morning,
Sing for the glory of MidSummer Day!
(Caitlin Matthews)

And so the year turns and we begin the descent into the waning of the year. The seeds are sown, the fruit blossoms, soon we shall reap the Mother's harvest. In the meantime, embrace summer's beauty as it bursts to fruition. Enjoy the beach, the lake, picnics and your garden. Stitch outdoors, walk in the early morning and the late afternoon. Eat strawberries and all the fresh veggies you can find. Drink iced tea kissed by mint to refresh and cool. Let the Sun shine upon you and give you a boost of vitamin D; let Her heat warm your heart and soul. Allow that which you wish to release to flow from you as you sweat in the Summer's heat.  Embrace all that is the Mother's, beneath our feet, beside us, above us and, yes, within us for we are part of Her sacred Land.

Blessings nine! 


  1. Merry Meet and Happy Solstice. I was looking around for other witchy blogs and happened upon yours. So glad I did! It's beautiful and I can't wait to check out some older posts. Blessed Be!

  2. Thank you so much. My blog is a labor of love and it is a blessing when someone else enjoys it too.
    Blessings nine!

  3. Beautiful post! And Solstice blessings to you as well!