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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Baker Witch

The Goblin Baker

by Elizabeth Creith

The goblin baker with his cart
Cried "Cricket pie and tadpole tart!
Spider strudel, newt éclairs!
Children, come and taste my wares!
Shortbread made with butterfly,
Scarab wafers, who will buy?
Praying mantis petits fours,
Pismire patties by the score!
Macaroons of dragonflies,
Gingerbread with insect eyes,
Pie of newt and scone of frog,
Pasties filled with polliwog,
Beetle biscuits, moth meringue!"
So the goblin baker sang,
And goblin children ran to buy
Tadpole tart and cricket pie.

Baked yesterday afternoon, a sour cream pound cake with special ingredients. What are they, you ask? A witch has her secrets! But I promise you, there were no polliwogs or butterflies.

Blessings nine!

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