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Friday, January 7, 2011

Goddess Days for January

Various celebrations to enhance our Goddess spiritual practice. I have found these in various places. Some of the celebrations overlap, some are found a few days apart. Take what feels right for you.

January Goddess Days

January 2   - Birth of Inanna, Summerian Queen of Heaven. Make offerings of crescent shaped almond cookies - crescent for the moon, almond for wisdom.

January 3   - Pueblo Deer Dances, a women's fertility ceremony. Honor the deer, Artemis' sacred animal.

January 4   - Day of Isis & Hathor. Offerings of milk and other dairy products.

January 5   - Day of Befana, possibly an offshoot of the goddess Strenia. Ask for the gift of good health, vigor and strength.

January 5 or 6   - The Day of the Fates - needlework of any sort makes a fine offering.

January 6   - Day of Freya. Honor Her by wearing amber jewelry or perfume, burning amber incense and pampering a cat.

January 7   - Sekhmet's Day. Honor Her as the Sun, make offerings of spiced red tea or juice.

January 9   - Day of Antu, a goddess of Akkad, Babylon. She later was subsumed into Ishtar. Make offerings of candle light and incense as night falls.

January 10  - Dedicated to Rhea, goddess of the Earth, Mother of Demeter and Hera. Her symbol, the labyris or double axe.

January 11  - Feast of Carmenta, a Roman goddess of birth and midwifery, She foretold the future of newborn children. Divination is appropriate today.

January 15  - Day of Vesta. Light a fire in your hearth or with candles and ask Her blessings upon your home and family.

January 17  - Felicitas, Roman, a day of peace honoring Felicitas, Pax and Concordia.

January 18  - Theogamia of Hera, honoring women as wives.

January 20  - Day of Baba Yaga, the Russian Crone Goddess who became the old wicked witch. Also Baba Den, Bulgarian Crone. Celebrate the wise crone, the grandmother, the life cycle.

January 21  - Feast of Cybele, Phrygian Great Goddess. Her primary symbol is the bee, the Queen Great Mother. Make offerings of honey.

January 23  - Day of Pax, goddess of Peace.

January 24  - Hungarian Candle Blessing of Happy Women. Light a candle that all women, all over the world, may be blessed and protected by the Goddesses.

January 25  - Day of Lilith. Honor Her and invoke Her strength and independence.

January 26  - Day dedicated to Cerridwen and also Copper Women, goddesses of inspiration, creativity and shamansm. Tend to your cauldron. Ask either or both for creative inspiration and dream divination.

January 27  - Sementivae Feria, Roman, the seed time, dedicated to the goddesses of Grain & Harvest, Ceres, Demeter, Spider Woman, Cybele and Inanna.

January 28  - Scottish Fire Festival to honor Sun Goddesses in preparation for the coming of Brighid. Offer fire at hearth, by candle or outdoors.

January 29  - The Concordia, another date for celebrating Concordia, Pax and peace.

January 31  -  Imbolc Eve/Candlemas Eve. The ending of darkness, dedicated to Underworld goddesses, Hekate, Hel, Rhiannon, Persephone, Mother Holle, Erishkegal. Triple Goddess Rite. Honor the Maiden, Mother and Crone by lighting white, red and black candles and honoring the cycles of women's lives.
compiled from various sources including The Goddess Book of Days by Diane Stein, RCGI website, DeAnna Alba. 

Blessings Nine!


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