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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Traveler's Charm & New Additions

For the third week in a row, I have had to travel four hours, each way, to my mom's home due to some medical issues she has been having. After a  cardiac catheterization, we now know what the problem is and no surgery will be needed, thank the Lady, just some new meds. Ahhh, what a relief! No matter how old we are, we want mommy happy and healthy. She was off to bingo tonight, her usual pursuit on Wednesday evenings. 

Whenever we travel, we always take a stone from around our land, awaken and connect with its spirit and ask that it protect and bring us home safely. We've been doing this for some time. Funny, the same two stones are always in the same place, waiting for us.

If you want to add this little ritual to your travel plans, just find a stone near your home, on your land; nothing fancy is needed, just a stone directly from the land. Awaken it in whatever manner you like; call to it, ring a small bell, whatever, then ask the spirit of the stone to lend its protection while you travel and return you safely back home. Place the stone just under the driver's seat, not so far that it can't be seen - you want to be reminded that it's there. When you return from your travels, and this is very important, thank the stone and return it from whence you found it. A small offering or libation would be a nice way to say thank you.

 We also have some new additions to our family of wild life and they are just adorable! Their little peeps outside the window call to me twice a day, morning and late afternoon, as they make their rounds with mommy and aunts. OK, so they like the seeds and bread we can't seem to help giving them!
The end of another busy day and back to the comforts of the nest, wherever that might be!

Blessings nine!


  1. Oh, I REALLY like that tradition! I am definitely going to use this one. Thank you.

    Oh, I love the ducks. Years ago I lived near a little pond and the mother duck would come show off her little ones to my little ones.

  2. I love the idea of finding a stone wherever I go- thanks for sharing ...

    and I really love the sweet little ducks x

  3. Glad to hear that your Mom's medical issues can be resolved with new meds.
    The stone is very interesting and I will share it with my family. Thanks.
    Darling babies, makes me want to hear the cheeps. Have a wonderful day, The Olde Bagg

  4. They were just little puffs the day before I took these photos. Each day I could see them growing.

  5. Ahhh -- of course a stone. Like an anchor as it is part of the land -- bringing you back to your place. Great tradition -- will include it in my trips -- Thanks -- barbara

  6. Exactly Barbara! It is a very good charm.