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Friday, June 24, 2011

To Obtain A Lover

To Obtain A Lover Who Will Be Forever True

You will need a red candle in the shape of a witch
A thimble
A small square of red cloth
A nine inch length of pink ribbon
Three drops each of the essential oils of rose and jasmine
added to a thimbleful of finest olive oil.
A small bowl with nine dried rosebuds, nine dried jasmine flowers, 
and nine whole cloves,
each as perfect a specimen as you can obtain. 
To these, add a thimbleful each of cinnamon, damiana 
and scrapings of dried orange peel.
 This will be your offering with a bit taken later to make a sachet
to keep for yourself.

Beginning just after you see the first crescent of a New Moon,
anoint the candle with the perfume oil as 
you call upon one of the Hidden Company to assist you.
Be respectful. Do not be greedy. 
Request the help of only one, 
one who is sympathetic to those longing for love.

 To the small bowl of flowers, spices, herb and fruit peel, 
add some of the perfume oil as well. 
Light the candle each night and burn for 13 minutes 
chanting the following charm over and over,

Red Witch of flame, burning bright,
Hear my request upon this night.
An offering sweet I make to you
To bring me a lover forever true.
For me to hold and me to keep,
One whose love for me is strong and forever deep. 

Extinguish the candle by pinching or snuffing after 13 minutes. 
Do not blow the candle out.
Continue burning the candle for 13 minutes each night 
until it is spent and will burn no more.
From the offering bowl, remove a thimbleful of the offering 
and place on a small square of red cloth. 
Gather the cloth into a sachet by bringing the corners together, giving a little twist,
then tie up the cloth with a pink ribbon, nine inches in length, making nine knots.
Gather any remnant wax and add to the offering bowl.
Take the bowl to some private place, better a hedge or crossroads, 
and scatter the offering there, saying:

Red Witch who was of the flame,
Accept this gift from a daughter of the Dame!

Turn three times widdershins while looking at the night sky, 
then walk away without looking back.
Hide the sachet of red cloth in some secret place, 
such as the drawer that holds your undergarments or stockings. 

~ from the forthcoming "A  Book of Artes & Charms"
copyright E A Kaufman, 2011

Blessings nine!


  1. A much lovelier spell than the practice of secretly introducing a bit of the would-be loved one's menstrual blood into the object of her affections food or drink...

  2. Yes indeed! Or the spell which instructs a woman to insert a live fish into her vagina until it is dead, remove it, then cook it with special herbs and feed to the one desired.
    All that being said, "personal concerns" make the spell much more potent. I guess it depends on the level of desire/desperation!