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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dark Moon Blessings

Another dark moon ritual lasting into the wee hours. No, it isn't the new moon, not yet, at least for me - that will happen when the first crescent appears in the sky. We dedicated our ritual to Hekate, of course, did a little divination and left offerings at the crossroads. Raven's partner prepared a lovely cassoulet, some of which served as our offering to Hekate - meat, beans, onions, garlic - along with a libation of Strega liqueur. Yes, of course we had our little nip too. We were even given a little omen - a frog jumped right across our path as we made our way to the car. There are reasons why I think this is a good omen, but I will not elaborate. I drove home in a haze, tired after a long day, reeking of incense and oil and feeling that our divinatory session was helpful and motivating.

August is around the corner. My Festival of Demeter the Bountiful on August 1st, a birthday, my 55th (can't believe it) later in the week, Hekate's Night on the 13th along with the Full Moon - how lovely! I am a true ritualist at heart so, as busy as I will be, it will be labors of love.

I would love to hear from you about how you celebrate the dark of the moon vs. the new moon.

Blessings nine!


  1. Hi, I hope you'll have some great rituals and a wonderful birthday.
    Have a magical week.

  2. Hello E,

    I'm still learning about the Wheel of the Year and all the Esbats.
    But I am very aware when it's Hecate's moon. The Great Horned Owl who lives near here turns up, I come across owl images everywhere, and my hot flashes get more numerous.
    I would love to have someone mentor and teach me about the Wheel.
    Oh, two days ago a little frog has shown up in my window well. My studio and altar is in the basement of my home. The room has deep full length windows so there is plenty of light. The windows face true north and that is where I have my altar set up. I am able to look up and see the night sky.
    I need to find out which Goddess's or God's symbol the frog is.

    Have A Happy Birthday! Turning 55 was very momentous for me, I hope the coming year brings you much happiness.


  3. Thanks Paulette - yes 55 is momentous! I've been looking at lists of things I can now get discounts on, hehehe!
    I may be posting a bit about frogs and toads very soon. For the past two years, when I have done the Rite of Her Sacred Fires for Hekate during the Full Moon of May, a big toad showed up each time. I do believe the toad and frog are totems for me.
    Nancy Blair, in her Amulets of the Goddess, talks about frogs. When one chooses the frog amulet it means that it is time to speak out and speak your truth. More later.