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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Marjoram in Magick


Most people have this herb in their spice cabinet. For the kitchen witch, it is a wonderful herb to cook with as well as an excellent herb for magick. It will help in spells for a variety of issues. Named after a city in Sicily, it is a common plant found everywhere. 

For protection, marjoram is quite powerful. Sprinkling the herb into corners or on window sills and at doorways, about the house or work place, will keep away bad luck and protect the inhabitants from harm or malicious intent. One should vacuum or sweep away each month at the new moon and replace with fresh.

Sicilians believed marjoram could banish sorrow. For grief, sadness or even mild depression, place some of the herb in a small pouch or square of cloth, add an apache tear and tie up. The buds of Balm of Gilead can be added to enhance the charm.

Around the home, add to food along with basil to ensure peaceful, happy energies for the family. It is especially useful for keeping love strong. Drink as a tea to gain love, happiness, healing, wealth and all good in general. Add to pot pourri with rose petals or tie up in a square of cloth and hang on the connubial couch to keep marital relations harmonious.

copyright 2011 E A Kaufman
Blessings nine!


  1. I just feel such comfort from you writings, no matter the subject. I have the book you sent me on my work bench at all times....blessings, Linda

  2. Thank you Linda, I love reading your adventures too. This is why we do this, isn't it, because it gives us comfort, friendship and we know there is someone out there who "gets" it. Love ya! XO