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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Web of Silk!

This is so incredible - a cape, as well as another garment, made of actual spider's silk - millions of female Golden Orb spiders and not one injured - they are released back into the wild after the silk is collected. This fabric took thousands of hours to weave and embroider, three years. Amazing and beautiful.

The spider is one of my totem animals and plays an important part in some of my magickal workings. Of course, I also weave - wouldn't I love to get my hands on some of this silk - oh the possibilities!


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Blessings nine!


  1. Lovely music on your post. Don't understand how the orb spiders were involved with the cape -- wouldn't it require some human involvement?
    It must be a masterpiece to see this lovely piece. -- barbara

  2. Without the spiders, no thread. From what I've read, their silk, which they produce for their webs, is incredibly strong. The folks involved in the production of the cape gathered the webs and spun it into thread. Amazing. There is a lot of lore about spider webs - such as its use as a bandage for wounds and its amazing healing properties - or so the legends say.
    Music is Mediaeval Babes singing Tam Lin. They are wonderful.