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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Greening & The Flowering

For those celebrating Beltane, many blessings. For me, I celebrate the Greening of the Land and the Blessings of the Goddesses, most especially Persephone and Demeter, who, reunited, bring all that is fruitful back to our lives.

My ritual tonight will honor both of these goddesses to whom I am dedicated, as well as Hekate, of course. I feel a very strong pull from them at this time. My creative endeavors have been at a standstill and I think my Ladies are telling me to get busy. So... a calling upon them, honoring, along with special libations and offerings to celebrate the season and, this weekend, the Full Flowering Moon.

I very much enjoy brewing up libations for the goddesses. It is a very creative process for me; wine, cider, teas; which herbs and spices; what other special additives. This can take days or minutes, but it is always from my heart and that is exactly where it needs to be from. It is the same for offerings - bake, cook, meat, barley, fruit, chocolate, etc. - what will it be? Again, the ideas come as they will and they are always just what they need to be.

The full moon on the 5th is known as the Flowering Moon, for me, and perfect for this time of year. Demeter is back to Her normal self, blessing the Land with growth and plenty, greening and flowering. Persephone inspires Her Mother and adds Her own magick to the Flowering, for without Her, it would not be. She has left behind, albeit temporarily, the songs of the Dead, their need for Her, and returned to us, the living, to bestow Her blessings and get Her Mother back to business! She may be Queen of the Dead, but we need Her too. Persephone is the Sacred Daughter, the Flowering One. Demeter Herself needs Her daughter in order to go on about the working of the Land, the magick that makes all things, including us, grow and create.

As a Dianic Feminist witch and priestess who does not follow a Celtic path, I have had to make adjustments and create ways of celebrating the seasons along with my sister priestesses. It all works out as we honor, not only the Goddesses, but ourselves and each other.

Whatever you celebrate, may the Goddesses bless you and bestow growth, greening and flowering in all you do.

Demeter, Lady of Fruits and Grains,
Of Ripening Sun and Harvest Rains,
I call to You, Mother, to hear my plea,
Bestow Your blessings here upon me!
Beautiful Lady, whose love runs deep,
Who banishes growth during Winter's sleep,
And causes the seeds to stir in Spring,
Attend my circle and blessings bring!

by AutumnRose

Blessings nine!


  1. Beltane Blessings....
    So good to hear that you too are being called to "action". I have certainly felt the urge to get back at what is important.
    I wanted to share with you that my granddaughter will be 12 this year on the flowering moon and is beginning her "search" in the craft. She will be in study all summer. I am looking forward to taking the advisor position in this year of hers.
    Love and light, Oma Linda

  2. I think, energetically, many of us are being called to "action" - a good term for it.
    How wonderful that your granddaughter is being drawn to the old ways and has you to advise and teach. She could not have a better teacher than one of her blood who loves her so much. XO