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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Frog Energy!

Very interesting! Today I pulled one of the Amulets of the Goddess to post on my LadySpell Artes facebook page. What did I choose? The Frog amulet!

If you read my post about our Ops ritual, we had a frog chorus raising voice through the invocations and then a frog jumped and clung to the glass terrace doors during the ritual.

Last night, actually early this morning, I was playing on Pinterest - love that - and I kept coming across frog and toad images! So I added a new board, Frogs & Toads.

Now, here frog is again! Time to speak out, my sisters. What have we all to say?

Blessings nine! 


  1. What a great picture! Speak out? Hmmm ... you tempt me to be political but I'll just remind everyone that it's important to use that vote our foremothers fought to gain.

  2. I'm going to skip the politics - tired of it, to be honest. ; )