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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Feast of Epona

Epona, Goddess

Epona, the Great Mare, is a Gaulish goddess of horses. Adopted by Roman soldiers, they spread Her cult throughout the world. However, She is also a fertility goddess, a goddess of the moon, a goddess of abundance and prosperity. She is sometimes shown holding bread or other foods of the harvest. She also may be depicted wearing keys, a possible connection to the Underworld, dreams and nightmares. For myself, She assists in crossing into the Otherworlds, Her white horse the vehicle.

Make offerings of seasonal fruits, such as berries, and bread; honeyed milk has always seemed a perfect libation to me. A white candle,  statues of horses, and the offerings, make a fine altar for Her.

Epona, Divine White Mare,
Open the way for me,
Bestow dreams and visions
As I ride along with You
Through the long night and
Into the places of Mystery.

Hail Epona!

Blessings nine!


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  1. Hail Epona! I have always been interested in her but I have never made the time to work with her, someday...