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Friday, February 28, 2014

Charge of the Dark Goddess

Charge of the Dark Goddess
by E. A. Kaufman 

She is stillness and silence.
Her voice older than time, yet young and sweet.
She is knowledge of the ages and Mother of Rebirth.
She is the heart at its deepest core,
and desire and need.
She is the the Dark Lady, the Dark Goddess, 
the Darkest Mother of the Seed. 
She is who we long for, never truly understanding,
Yet full to overflowing with need and fear all at once.
Listen to Her speak, hear Her words,
Let them seep into you like the night, 
The night that spills and stains the day.

I am the darkness and shadow beneath the night sky.
I am the absence of awareness in your deepest sleep. 
I am the Ending and the Beginning, 
the decay that feeds and enriches. 
I am the endless cave, the hidden hollow, the moon unseen.
I am all that is hidden, dark, and deep. 
Yet, I am the key, the torch, the lost dream remembered. 
Come, be with Me on the night of the Dark Moon.
 Walk with Me along the Ghost Roads, 
Know that which is seen, See that which is unseen. 
Face your fears and know that you are not alone. 
Walk to me through the blackest night,  
to the center of My Mysteries, 
 I will hold the torch and light your path. 
Find your way to Me through those fears, 
and yours will be the understanding of My Mysteries. 
Think of Me and know that I am the shadow at your back. 
And at the time that is proper and right,
When you have accomplished the tasks I have set for you,
Then shall we meet at the Crossroads betwixt and between,
and then, shall we begin again.

copyright E A Kaufman, 2014

Blessings dark and deep!

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