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Friday, December 16, 2016

21 Days of the Winter Solstice 16

For your Winter Solstice ritual place a large red candle in your cauldron, better it have three wicks if you can find one. During the ritual, in darkness with the exception of the altar candles, sit or stand at the cauldron. Peer into its dark depths while contemplating the past year and your dedication to your Arte and the goddesses. When you have finished your contemplations, say these words:

I sorrow not, though the world is wrapped in sleep.
I sorrow not, though the icy winds blast.
I sorrow not, though the snow falls hard and deep.
I sorrow not, this too shall soon be past.

Now light the candle and some Winter Pine or Pinon incense. Gaze briefly into the flames and then above at the night sky. Say these words:

I light this fire in Your honor, Great Crone,
You who watch over all who rest in the Winter's depths.
You welcome the dead and then
You fill the Mother's womb with life.
Warmth to cold to warmth again,
Around and round the cycle of life flows.
We welcome now life and light,
The gifts of the Goddesses.
Hail the Maiden, born this night.
Hail the Mother, who births the light.
Hail to the Great Crone, 
She who guides all through the cycles of life. 
So mote it be!

Now dance, drum, shake rattles, and sing as you circle the cauldron and pay homage to all of the
Goddesses. Chant this while circling until exhausted:

The wheel turns, power burns!

Continue your ritual, feast and make merry!

Adapted from a Yule ritual by Scott Cunningham,
in Wicca, A Guide For the Solitary Practitioner

Blessings dark and deep!

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