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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Universal Love Healing Oracle Cards
by Toni Carmine Salerno

Because I work in a metaphysical store, I get to see a lot of tarot and oracle decks... in addition to all the crystals, candles, incense... need I go on? I order the books, decks, and other goodies so I get to read about the decks and research reviews. This deck, The Universal Love Healing Oracle, is not really something I thought would resonate with me, but the art was so beautiful I ordered a deck for myself. Was I ever wrong about the deck not resonating! From the first shuffle I knew there was something important for me. The first pull of the cards, a simple three card spread, assisted me in dealing with a painful issue which had left me feeling betrayed. My guidance was just perfect. Despite never being able hold a grudge for anything, I was holding on to the hurt and anger. With the guidance from these cards, I was able to work through it and let it go. Shuffling the cards to clear them after the reading, the main card in the spread jumped out again. 

Today, I pulled a card for my husband. Again, the cards addressed an issue for him that, while not any big deal, was something that would benefit him if he followed the guidance. I never know how he will react to this type of advice, but he found it helpful and thought it was "on the mark" so to speak.

Shuffling again, I pulled a card for myself, Creativity. I recently have begun painting and stitching again after a creative dry spell. This card advises that an aura of creativity surrounds me and Life's universal force fills my soul seeking expression through me. I need to open my heart, let go of self-judgement and doubt, and let the Divine flow through me. Expressing my emotions through my creativity will allow me to be true to myself, love unconditionally, and know my metaphoric voice is being heard. My creativity, anyone's creativity, is much more than the product produced, whatever it may be - art, embroidery, music, dance, poetry, etc. It occurred to me that perhaps this wasn't a message just for me, perhaps it was meant for all of us. This expression of the Goddess/Divine through creativity leads me, and all of us, to heal.  

Sounds very new age for a witch who practices as I do, I thought... at first. A little cogitating brought it all together for me. Divine love is truly the answer to all things. Love itself is the answer for all of us if we truly wish to heal and live life fulfilled on all levels.

My practice has been undergoing some changes, shifting, and evolving. I encounter many practitioners who are experiencing similar changes. It is good to discuss, exchange ideas, and receive and give validation. The world is a wild place right now, we need to work toward healing as much as we can. It begins with our own healing and then radiates out toward the rest of the world. I felt the need to share all this and so I do.

In Hekate's name, blessings nine!

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