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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Deep Into The Waning Time

 October, my crone-self is much closer to the surface of my being. I contemplate and remember more. I sit and wonder how I got here so quickly. Honestly, in my head I still feel 20, but much wiser. If only I knew then what I knew now.

However, that is a waste of time. My goal is to simply enjoy the magick of each day and get the most out of it. I feel closer to the Ancestors at this time of my life and know they are around me. It’s not just the season, but the season of my life. And not just the bloodline Ancestors, but those of my breed. My breed? Yes, the witches and healers, the women who were ahead of there time - they are also sisters, mothers, grandmothers of who I am. 

I honor them with candles and incense, offerings that are taken to their Underworld. But the best way I know to honor them is to remember them. I think about them, their struggles and tears, but there joys too, their magick, their sense of accomplishment. 

Some of these Ancestors were very alone in their work, their magick, but no longer. Now they are all together, celebrating, teaching with thoughts that they share. Most of the breed, we didn’t know them or even know about them. They weren’t famous or even remembered anywhere but in the hearts of women like me. And so, I honor them.

Remember those woman who did secretly what we do openly. Open your hearts to them. Tell them, I don’t know your name, but I remember you. No, we do not forget them for they live on within us.

Blessings dark and deep.

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