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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

An Oath to Mother Earth

 Despite having Sun and moon fire signs, I am so deeply of the Earth. The feel of soil in my hands or beneath my feet is comforting. All plant life, animals, stones, rivers, lakes, the seas, I find beauty and connection to all. Mountains call me, plants talk to me as does the land itself. And… I do what I am able to help this world.

So… I saw a prayer today that started out With a Wiccan heart and a witch’s might. I am not Wiccan so it wasn’t right for me, but the prayer was to honor and protect Mother Earth, an oath. It inspired the following which made my heart and soul feel so good. I share it here with you.

Oath to Mother Earth

With a Witch’s heart
And a Witch’s might,
I swear an oath 
Of magick bright,
To honor and protect
Our Mother Earth.
To believe in Her magick
With all my worth.
To love and protect
Her children of all kinds,
To Plants, animals, 
To Her’s I am entwined.
From air, fire, water, earth,
I bind myself to all She births.
For I am Her’s and She is mine,
This oath i make,
In blood I sign.

EA Kaufman c 2022

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