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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Witches, stitches, books & the color red!

Well, last week I turned 53 and my friends made sure I celebrated. While Mike and I celebrated quietly - my choice - I was taken out by friends for dinner & lunch four times!!! I am very blessed with my buds. My Mom sent some cash with which I bought a new witch for my collection - fell in love with this and couldn't resist. Thanks Cross Stitch Cupboard and Mom!

On the Everything Austen front, I have read Mr. Darcy, Vampyre, which I enjoyed very much; very different and perfect for those of us who love Jane Austen and vampires! I know, it's a heck of a combination. I also read Jane Austen Ruined My Life and What Would Jane Austen Do? - both good reads too. I have yet to start the Austen sampler, but will get to it soon. So there I am with the challenge!

Stitching update: Haven't taken a stitch on the Nativity, but I am planning to work on it later today. The Strawberry House is coming along and it is very pretty indeed. So much to stitch and not enough time!

Stash Alert!!! New charts - Sampler Sisters of the Thread, which I am ready to start. I will be stitching it on 40 count pearl barley linen - love this! - Witches Nine and Cape Cod Girls, all three by The Primitive Needle, my favorite designer. I love that primitive look. I am making a small change color-wise on Sampler Sisters. The dresses for the three ladies with be stitched in red, old reds to be sure, keeping that primitive look, but I wanted some color. There is also another reason which I will discuss below. Received Witches Stitch Too by Homespun Elegance and Spellbound by Monsterbubbles which I will stitch on dark purple linen - yeah!!! Another addition for the witch wall.

Now for the color red. Tonight, well actually last night as it is three AM, the Sisterhood gathered for our Blood Mysteries class. All priestesses are required to attend this class along with the students so off I went in the Strega-mobile. We watched the film Bloodtime, Moontime, Dreamtime by Roberta Cantow followed by wonderful discussion and sharing of moonblood memories. Here is a link to watch a six and a half minute sample of the film: http://originaldigital.net/bmd/index2.html#
All women ought to watch this beautiful film. No matter if one still bleeds or not, it is inspiring and empowering. Most of the women in the film wore red as they were interviewed, many danced in red dresses and stunning red cloaks, reclaiming moonblood as something beautiful, sacred and powerful - NOT a curse or something dirty. As I sat pulling skeins of thread for the Sampler Sisters, looking at the subdued, primitive colors, it came to me that I should dress the three women in red, in honor of all women, our power and our sacredness.
Blessings nine!

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