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Monday, April 26, 2010

Charms & Such for Beauty

First and foremost, whilst in pursuit of beauty by enchantment, one must call upon those goddesses so disposed to assist in such endeavors. These Blessed Ladies are know for guidance and assistance in this realm.

Aphrodite - beauty & love
Aglaia - one of the three Graces, the youngest, rules specifically over beauty
Cliodhna - an Irish goddess of beauty
Euphrosyne - another of the three Graces, gracefulness & charm
Hebe - Greek goddess of eternal youth
Idun - Norse goddess of eternal youth
Lada - Slavic goddess of beauty
Sif - wife of Thor, long beautiful hair, Norse goddess of beauty
Venus - Roman goddess of love & beauty
Xi Shi - Chinese goddess of facial potions & perfumes, known for Her great beauty
Ziva - Slavic goddess of longevity

Ask for assistance with respect and make offerings to honor and give thanks.

A charm for youth & beauty: On the night of the full moon, go outside with a cup filled with blessed water, a bit of salt and vervain. Take some petrified wood, dip the wood into the cup, then pass through the flame of a candle. Touch the wood to the face, hands, shoulders and head seven times, whilst asking for the blessings of youth and beauty.

Thread nine berries of the rowan tree upon a red thread, tie with nine knots. Wear beneath your clothing to obtain the blessings of beauty, within and without.

Crush dills seeds and steep in boiling water with petals of roses and apple blossoms. If you cannot obtain apple blossoms, bits of chopped apple will do. Add a bit of apple cider vinegar and rose water. Anoint  the skin with this potion daily and, it is said, it will make one irresistible to men.

And don't forget to gather the dew on May Day morning to add to your potions!

Blessings nine!

(I need not say, but I will anyway, that no guarantees are made for these potions.)

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