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Monday, May 3, 2010

May Blessings

May blessings to all. I celebrated May Day by making offerings to Aphrodite of chocolate, strawberries & blackberries and a lovely little sea shell, as well as a sweet libation. I also read tarot and drew some Amulets of the Goddess and Crone Stones after some meditation/journeying. A lovely evening.

Everyday I honor my goddesses, but there are many days through May and June that are or have become associated with various goddesses of many cultures. I present a calendar drawn from The Goddess Book of Days by Diane Stein, compilation by DeAnna Alba and various other sources.

Goddess Days for May & June

May  1   Beltane, May Day, Tana's Day

May  3   Day of Bona Dea (Roman) women's festival for the public welfare

May  4   Irish holiday honoring sacred wells. Fresh water should be placed on your altar

May  6   Day of Dedication to the Star Goddess

May  7   Day of Anukins, Goddess of Fertility of the Nile

May  9   Feast of Artemis

May 11   Rumanian Festival of the Russalilor (Fates). Make an offering to insure Their              
                 blessings and good will

May 12  Day dedicated to the Wild Spirits of the Forest. Leave an offering at the forest's
                edge, at a grove of trees or other sacred or wild place with trees. A spell for the 
                protection of wild things would be welcome

May 13  New Moon

May 14  Festival of Isis, Panagyric of Isis finding Osiris

May 15  Day of Maia (Greek - originally a star goddess) Day of Vesta (Roman)

May 16  Day of Changing Woman - make an offering of sage and honor the changes within
                yourself and a woman's life cycle

May 17  Festival of Hathor - drink and make an offering of milk to honor Her Mother                 
               Goddess aspect and nurturing ways

May 18  Dedicated to Hera - Goddess of Women and Wives, their sexuality and life cycles

May 19  Kallyntara - Nurturance  and purification dedicated to Pallas Athena

May 20  Dedicated to Sekhmet

May 23  Rosalia, Roman Rose Festival. Make gifts of roses to those you love, fresh rose,
                rose scented sachets, etc.

May 25  Day of Fortuna - a good day for luck or success spells

May 26  Day of the Amazons - honor the Feminine Warrior

May 27  Full Moon, birthday of Artemis

May 28  Purification of the Pythia - cleanse & bless your divination tools, as well as yourself

May 29  Festival of the Corn Mother

May 30  Blessing of the Fields 

May 31  Feast of Stella Maris, The Star of the Sea. Place a bowl of salt water on your altar
                in Her honor.

June  3  Festival of Pax, Goddess of Peace. Light a blue candle in Her honor, for peace

June  4  Old Maid's Day - Reclaim this day and honor The Crone Goddesses and crones in 
                 your life

June  7  Vestalia begins

June  8  Feast of Bendis, Thracian Moon Goddess - She may be a previous aspect of Hekate

June 12  Hebrew grain festival dedicated to Ashtoreth
                 New Moon

June 13  Feast of Epona

June 17  Day of Eurydice. Make an offering and request a vision or dream.

June 18  Dedicated to Danu, the Celtic Great Goddess

June 20  Day of Cerridwen

June 21  Summer Solstice

June 23  Day of Anu

June 24  Dedicated to Arianrhod

June 26  Full Moon

June 27  Festival of the Amazons

June 30  Day of Aestas, Roman Grain Goddess of Summer. Bake and make an offering of

Blessings nine!


  1. Ty for a great post :) so very pleased to meet you :) im not sure how i managed to find my winding way here but am really glad i did XX Beltane blessings x x

  2. Well, I'm glad you did! Thank you and blessings nine!