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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Rite of Her Sacred Fires

On this full moon, I joined with almost two thousand other devotees to Hekate all around the world and performed The Rite of Her Sacred Fires. This rite was written by the author Sorita d'Este for all those wishing to honor the Goddess Hekate and to celebrate Sorita's newest anthology, Hekate, Her Sacred Fires.

I performed the rite, which you may read here:  http://sacredfires.co.uk/?page_id=64 , and then took offerings and a libation to the hedge circle, as is my usual practice. As I stepped outside my door, there on the walkway ahead was the big toad that lives beneath this area, sitting and waiting. I felt it was a bit of a message. We spent a little time together and then I moved on to the hedge.

Some years ago there was a tree in the center of this hedge which was damaged beyond saving during a hurricane. Today I came home from school to find that a new, young tree, a Poinciana - a lovely and favorite tree, had been newly planted! I was delighted. After my offering and libation, I made a blessing for the tree and dedicated it to Hekate.

A lovely ritual with an especially magical ending.

Blessings nine!

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