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Monday, September 13, 2010

2 AM Musings

I have a very strange sleep cycle sometimes. If I go to sleep too early, I tend to wake up a few hours later and can't get back to sleep. Even my famous sleeping potion, while it certainly relaxes me, doesn't put me back to sleep. So... here I am, at two AM, listening to Peg O' My Heart by Buddy Clark, while I write.

I love big band music. I don't think I've ever mentioned it, but I believe I was Glen Miller in a previous life, LOL! Actually, my mother always had music playing in our home when I was growing up - a wide variety, classical, big band, her favorite 1950s hits, folk, bluegrass, easy listening, even our, then, modern favorite pop - it has given me very eclectic tastes in music. I have a friend of many years, whose husband, now passed, taught me a lot about big band music and introduced me to recordings I'd never heard before.

Nostalgia - but can one be nostalgic for a time one never experienced? Perhaps that's where past lives come in. (now I'm listening to Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition - WW ll!) Do my feelings of nostalgia for certain periods in time come from having lived at that time? I've read that some people believe so. I think I'm inclined to believe that. (now, I'm listening to Buttons & Bows, Dinah Shore) I can only think that those past lives must have been very nice indeed because I feel cozy and good when I think of those times. I also know that every period in time had bad times, but perhaps we only remember the good times. I must have been very lucky to have peaceful existences.

Well, whatever the reason, I'll just enjoy the feeling and get on with the business of THIS life, because that's the one I'm living right now. Oh, now one of my favorites - You Belong To Me, Jo Stafford! That calls for a cup of tea and some stitching. So sweet dreams and...

Blessings nine!


  1. I love this time period of music also. So does my husband. It is a special thing that has drawn us closer. I remember the first time I ever sang for him it was a torch song from the forties, it was like putting him under a spell. Pasty Cline does a beautiful version of You Belong To Me. It is one of my favorite songs and if we ever meet in person I would be happy to sing for you. I have unusual sleep patterns also. I am often awakened at 3:33 a.m. exactly. I figure the other side wants to talk so I start listening. It is well documented that this time from 3:00 a.m to 6:00 a.m is fourth watch and the veil between the world s is thinner. May you have sweet dreams and lovely melodies. I love your blog.

  2. Hello: and thanks for becoming a follower of mine on Ye Olde Crone. And now that I have found you I must say Merry Meet. You and kat smith and I must have the same charge from the Goddess at this point in time as far as the 4th watch is concerned. I too have sleep disruption and listen. You are a very fortunate one to be able to listen to music at a lovely hour. My household is full and I feel I need to be quiet so no computering, musicing, only listening for me.
    I look forward to a new getting to know you time.
    Blessings, OmaLinda, The Olde Bagg

  3. Kat - thanks for reading my blog. I will have to check out Patsy's version - she had a wonderful voice. Ahh - now I know why I'm awakened many times at those late hours! I do most of my most creative and "psychic" work in the wee hours!

    Linda - Love your Olde Bagg title and your blog!!! I actually use my iPod so I don't disturb my husband at night. Listening leads to interesting experiences so it's good you don't have any to keep you from it.

    Look forward to getting to know you both as well!