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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flying By & Checking In

So... here I am, still with my mother near Tampa. My aunt, who has been caring for her since the surgery on August 24th, left last Monday to go home. I will likely head home early next week. My mother is doing well. I took her out today and checked out a needlework shop in Largo that I have not visited before.

The Crazy Framer & Cross Stitch Store, located at 9204 Ulmerton Road in Largo, Florida, has quite a nice selection of goodies for all stitchers. They do framing too, as the name implies and they have one of those special cutting machines for mats that can do all sorts of neat designs. I will bring something up and let them frame it next time I'm here - which will likely be sooner than later. Believe it or not, fifteen years ago I designed and then stitched a small sampler for our 15th wedding anniversary. It has never been framed and sits wrapped in tissue paper with some other unframed stitching. High time - another fifteen years has gone by - I got it framed!!!

I am planning to visit Enchanted Earth in Dunedin tomorrow so I can say hello to some favorite folks. Great witch shop with lots of goodies too.

I've been cooking, stitching, reading and chattering away with my mother. I am working on an old Shepherd's Bush design, Pumpkin Stew, which I started YEARS ago and just never finished. It is almost done, don't know why I never finished it. I brought a couple of other old unfinished pieces too, along with two new designs which will be holiday gifts.

Magically speaking - lots of healing work and affirmations - for myself mostly, but my mother and a few others. Healing for the healer - very important!

Hope everyone is well!

Blessings nine! 


  1. It takes a lot of energy to care for someone. My mom has been looking after my grandma since she got diagnosed with brain cancer a few months ago. It tires my mom out a lot.

    So healing and happy thoughts to your mom and your aunt! :)

  2. Healing energy to your grandma, mom and you too. Thank you. It is tiring although I am not dealing with what your mom is - yes, very stressful indeed. But we do what we have to do, at least most of us.
    Be well & blessings nine! XO